Q: "Does anyone know if there's a hacked Spotify for Windows 10 that actually works? I don't trust some random links that pop up, anyone has any luck?"

A: Actually, there are many Spotify cracked versions for Windows on the market.

When you search for a cracked Spotify PC version on the Internet, you can find that there are many cracked Spotify for PC, such as Spotify Premium APK for Android, and Spotify cracked for Windows and Mac versions. With these Spotify mods or APKs, you can enjoy Spotify Premium features without paying a penny.

I have tested some of them and found they have something in common. But overall, the software that can be the best Spotify cracked for PC and Mac should be TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. It's the 100% working and safe Spotify cracked program that can help you listen to and download songs from Spotify without premium.


Something You Need to Know About Spotify Premium Crack PC

What Is Spotify Premium Crack?

Spotify Premium Crack can be referred to as an act to get Spotify Premium functions with a Spotify mod APK. After cracking, you can enjoy Spotify premium features on the mod without subscribing to the Spotify plan.

Is Spotify Premium Crack Safe?

There are mainly many ways for you to download Spotify's cracked PC/Mac version. Whether it's safe depends on the method and the cracked mod you choose.

In terms of cracking premium accounts or installing the cracked tool shared on some suspicious websites, it's a little bit insecure and also time-consuming. You need to spend some time searching for a cracked account or APKs on the internet and your Spotify account and personal information may be leaked by hackers or illegal websites/tools.

However, if you use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to get a cracked Spotify PC, it's absolutely safe. With advanced technology, this Spotify mod offers you an anti-virus program, so that you can protect your Spotify account from being blocked or your personal information being leaked, etc.

Which is the Best Way to Get Spotify Cracked PC?

Here is the comparison of using the methods listed in this article. You can have an overview and pick the one that you like the most.

Ad-free Unlimited Music Skips Download Spotify Songs Stable Compatible OS Safety Guaranteed Success Rate Score
Using TuneFab Mac & Windows 100% Working 4.5/5
Using SpotX-Bash × × Windows × No Guarantee 4.0/5
Using BlockTheSpot × × Windows × No Guarantee 4.0/5
Using SpotifyGuRu Mod APK × Mac, Windows, Linux × No Guarantee 4.0/5
Using LatesProductkey Mod × × × Windows × No Guarantee 3.0/5
Using Onthespot × × Mac, Windows, Linux × No Guarantee 3.0/5
Using Spotifymod × × Windows × No Guarantee 3.5/5
Using Spicetify × × × Windows, Mac × No Guarantee 3.5/5
Using Cracked Spotify Premium Account × Windows & Mac × No Guarantee 2.5/5

From the table, you can easily find that TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the best Spotify-cracked mod for you to download Spotify cracked version on your Windows and Mac. With it, you can enjoy Spotify music with no ads, unlimited skip, and also download features securely. Unlike other Spotify-cracked mods, TuneFab can help you easily download the Spotify-cracked version at 35X faster speed.

Method 1: Download Spotify Cracked Version for PC/Mac (All Premium Features)

In my whole testing project, I found methods to look for a Spotify-cracked account or a Spotify-cracked mod shared on the internet to get Spotify premium cracked are relatively unsafe and time-consuming. By contrast, the best and most reliable Spotify cracked PC program is TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, which is 100% safe and works satisfyingly. With this Spotify-cracked tool, I can easily listen to songs on Spotify web player and even download songs from Spotify to MP3 for free.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, an efficient Spotify DRM removal tool to get Spotify Premium cracked on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, macOS x 10.11 and above, helped me listen to and download music without ads and security issues. After downloading this Spotify Crack PC tool, I can add the download folder to the local resource, and then skip music unlimitedly. As the downloaded songs are in MP3, I can even use Spotify songs as my ringtone and import them to iMovie to make a video clip with my favorite song.

Wonderful Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

  • 100% Safe and Ad-free - Developed by the professional team TuneFab, this Spotify cracked PC program is 100% clean and stable. You can play Spotify songs without ads interrupted and your account and other information will never be used or leaked.

  • 99% Spotify-Like - Spotify web player is embedded in the software. You can do things like you are on the Spotify app.

  • Download Any Spotify Content for Free - This Spotify Premium cracked app lets you download songs, podcasts, audiobooks, playlists, and albums, to your computer regardless of your Spotify account.

  • Output Spotify Downloads to MP3 - Better than downloading songs on the Spotify app with a Premium account, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter lets you directly download Spotify songs or podcasts to MP3 in original quality. If you need other formats, M4A(AAC), FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and M4A(ALAC) are also available for output.

  • 35X Download Speed & Batch Download Feature - This application can batch download multiple Spotify songs and playlists simultaneously at a 35X faster speed, saving you much time and effort.

  • Music Classification Feature & ID3 Tags Preservation - To help you effortlessly manage multiple downloaded songs, TuneFab enables you to classify the downloaded songs into groups based on playlists, artists, albums, etc. You can even flexibly customize the output files based on the ID3 info and create a new folder or rename the song's name.

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You can look at the steps below and learn how to use this Spotify Premium mod on your PC.

Step 1. Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on PC/Mac

Choose a compatible version, then download and install this professional Spotify music converter on your computer.

Step 2. Get TuneFab's Spotify Cracked Program Ready to Use

In the main interface, click on the “Open the Spotify web player” option to enter the web player and log in to your account.

Note: Use the Spotify Mod As You Do on the Spotify App

On the modded Spotify web player embedded in TuneFb Spotify Music Converter, you can easily search for the song you recently know and double-click on it to listen to it. You can also add it to your playlist or like it by hitting the heart icon.

Login Spotify Web Player

Step 3. Choose Spotify Songs You Want to Download

This Spotify cracked app is able to download songs from Spotify to MP3 and other formats. You can drag a playlist to the green Add button and TuneFab will parse it for you. After that, you can select the music or podcasts to download directly.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Select Spotify Playlist

Step 4. Download Spotify Songs for Offline Listening

Hit the "Convert all" button and you can get your Spotify songs downloaded to your computer. If you find some songs you don't want to download, you can click "Stop All" to pause the downloads at any time.

Once the downloads are complete, you can directly listen to Spotify songs offline within TuneFab Spotify Music Converter as it is equipped with a built-in music player. Alternatively, you can also import them to any other music player you like.

SMC Stop Music When Converting


- The best Spotify cracked PC/Mac tool to hack Spotify Premium at no cost.
- Fast download various Spotify music like songs, playlists, albums, and video podcasts with 35X faster speed.
- Enables you to listen to Spotify songs offline without ads and unlimited skip.
- Download all Spotify content to local MP3 or other available 5 formats, so you can save the downloaded files forever for flexible playback.
- Support you enjoy up to 320kbps songs for a delightful listening experience.
- It's a 100% working and reliable program without security risks, so you don't need to worry about your premium account being banned or other security risks.
- Easily manage your downloads with the Music Classification feature and ID3 info kept.
- Ease of use & Stop the cracking process anytime.


- It only supports you with 3 minutes to download songs from Spotify for free.

Method 2: Get Spotify Premium Crack PC via SpotX-Bash (Ad-Free/Unlimited Skip)

Provided by GitHub, SpotX-Bash is an AdBlock for the Spotify desktop client on Linux & macOS. It can help you block all the ads from audio, banners, and video within the Spotify app. With it, you can also get the skip function for the track and hide the audiobooks, episodes, and podcasts on the home screen. Now, follow the steps below to get the approach to getting Spotify cracked on PC:

Step 1. Download the latest versions of Windows and Spotify

Step 2. Go to “Windows Security” > “Virus & Threat Protection”, click “Allowed threats” and tick on “Remove all allowed threats”

Virus Threat Protection

Step 3. Open the GitHub SpotX-Bash web to find the “Usage” part below. Follow its introduction and start to download and run the application.


- Get Spotify ad-free feature cracked for free
- Unlock Spotify unlimited skip function for any track


- Can't crack Spotify Premium download feature
- Low-security guarantee

Method 3: Get Spotify Premium Crack PC via BlockTheSpot (Ad-Free/Unlimited Skip)

BlockTheSpot is also a Spotify premium crack PC provided by GitHub. With this cracked AdBlocker and skip-bypass for Spotify, you can get Spotify Premium for free except for the download feature. Different from SpotX-Bash, this program is for the desktop application of Spotify on Windows only and not the Microsoft Store version. If your system operation is supported, then you can install this cracked Spotify effortlessly.

Note: After I tested these kinds of Spotify crack PCs, I found they are not really "cracked" Spotify, they just work to help you enjoy Spotify music without ad interruption. They cannot support you downloading Spotify music. So, if you want to download songs from Spotify, you need to use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter as an alternative.

Step 1. Download and install BlockTheSpot from GutHub.

Step 2. Or you can get it automatedly installed via PowerShell.
[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; Invoke-Expression "& { $(Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mrpond/BlockTheSpot/master/install.ps1') } -UninstallSpotifyStoreEdition -UpdateSpotify"

Step 3. Once done, you can crack Spotify ad-free and unlimited skip features.


- It can block all banner/video/audio ads within the app.
- It can unlock the skip function for any track.


- They are cracked Spotify only for PC.
- It doesn’t support downloading music from Spotify.
- It's somehow insecure.

Method 4: Get Spotify Premium Crack PC from SpotifyGuRu (Ad-Free/Offline Playing)

SpotifyGuRu Website offers a Spotify cracked version for Windows/Mac/Linux called Spotify-Premium-APK. This Spotify Premium Crack program provides you with full access to Spotify Premium services like offline downloads, ad-free listening experiences, etc. It allows users to enjoy enhanced music streaming by cracking Spotify on PC without paying a monthly fee.

However, it should be noted that this APK is privately developed, hence, its stability and security are not guaranteed. Moreover, just like the official function, it also only supports the internal download and offline listening of Spotify Music. So if you want to unlock Spotify Premium service and even get more than it, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the best way to go for better Spotify Music listening experiences.

Here are the steps for using it to hack Spotify Premium on PC/Mac/Linux. Before starting, please ensure that your computer is running Windows 11/10 or macOS x 10 & above.

Step 1. Download Spotify-Premium APK from its official website.

Step 2. Navigate to the downloaded folder, and click the "App" icon to install it on your computer following the on-screen introduction.

Step 3. Finally, launch the program, and you can easily access the Spotify interface to start your work.

Install SpotifyGuRu Mod APK


- Crack Spotify Premium PC version with free offline playback
- Provide a better music experience without ad interruption


- Need to pay for the full Spotify Premium feature
- Doesn't offer an unlimited skip option

Method 5: Get Spotify Premium Crack PC from LatesProductkey (Offline Playing)

In addition to the above methods, here is another way to hack the Spotify app with Premium features. Spotify Premium PC Cracked from LatesProductkey is a shared package that helps you get modded Spotify installed with a download feature. With this cracked Spotify, you can stream and download an unlimited number of tracks without ads. What's more, not only is it available for PC, but it can also be used on a mobile phone.

Tip: With this Spotify cracked mod for PC, you can download music from Spotify without premium. But it may be insecure for you to use this tool and it can't help you play the downloaded songs on other media player. Therefore, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a safe tool you can rely on to listen to music or download any Spotify songs or playlists easily.

The steps to employ this tool may be a little complicated, you can follow the detailed guide carefully below.

Step 1. To begin with, you are supposed to go to the website of LatesProductkey to get the downloading resource.

Step 2. After getting the resource, you need to copy the download link and paste the link into the new tab.

Step 3. To activate this tool, you need to install the configuration by entering the password it supports you.

Step 4. After entering the password, you can get an installation package. Simply click the package and wait for some time to install. Then you can get Spotify Premium cracked after installation.


- There are no irrelevant ads when downloading it.
- You can access Spotify Premium from anywhere and on any device.


- If you want to use all features, you need a paid membership.
- There are certain download risks, like leaking personal information.

Method 6. Get Spotify Premium Crack PC from Onthespot (Download Feature)

If your needs are relatively simple, like you're just seeking a way to download songs from Spotify, then a tool on GitHub called "onthespot" might help you. It is a Spotify music downloader, written in Python and based on Qt, which allows you to download Spotify Music for free without a Premium subscription. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, offering comprehensive support for various users.

Unlike TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, this tool only supports downloading Spotify songs, and doesn't include any other functions. Additionally, it is developed by tech enthusiasts, requires complex operation processes, lacks security guarantees, and can be unstable to use. Therefore, for a better and more stable experience, it is recommended to choose a desktop program that is more feature-rich and easier to use.

Step 1. Before installing "onthespot", you need to make sure that "ffmpeg", python3, and Git are installed and available on your computer.

Step 2. On the "onthespoot" directory, navigate to "cd onthespot", open the installation package "pip install -r requirements.txt", and then launch the file named "python3 -m onthespot".

Step 3. Run CMD on Windows or the terminal emulator on Mac, and paste the following commands to clone the repository and build it.
"git clone https://github.com/casualsnek/onthespot cd onthespot"

After all these steps, you can now launch the "onthespot" program to access its homepage, and check for the features to download Spotify songs locally.

Onthespot Spotify Premium Crack Interface


- No ads during the process
- Bypass protections to download Spotify songs locally
- Retain metadata info for downloads


- Only supports downloading Spotify songs
- Requires complicated installation process
- Provides a rudimentary user interface
- Occasionally fails to parse songs

Method 7: Get Spotify Premium Crack PC via SpotifyMod (Unlimited Skip)

For the Spotify Free user, you can only listen to your favorite Spotify playlists in shuffle mode, which will randomly skip through an album or playlist. While if you get Spotify's unlimited skip feature cracked, no such restrictions exist. You can rewind and restart songs at will, and skip as many songs as you like.

Therefore, for those who want to enjoy Spotify with flexible playback control, you can download a cracked Spotify Windows version to get its unlimited skip feature. Here, the Spotify Premium Mod for PC created by SpotifyMod is to help. Supported operating systems including Linux, MacBook, and Windows 8/9/10/11, this version not only allows you to skip unlimited songs, but also helps you hide the song feature and unlock songs you want to listen to for free.

Tip: This Spotify Premium mod version is under test and sometimes you cannot get Spotify cracked successfully. If you want a 100% working program, then you can turn to using TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

If you want to get this mod a try, you can follow the guide below to download this Spotify-Cracked Windows version.

Step 1. Click the "Download For PC" button on the top page of this article, then you will go to its downloading page.

Step 2. Click "Download Now", then you will get the unzipped files. Just tap on the setup file.

Spotify Cracked PC

Step 3. Follow the download guide to install the version on your PC. After you finish installing, run the app to enjoy Spotify's unlimited skip feature freely!


- No ad interruption when using this cracked Spotify for PC.
- Get Spotify unlimited skip unblocked with ease.


- It's just for testing and the success rate is low
- You need to subscribe to its paid plan to get all premium features cracked.

Method 8: Get Spotify Premium Crack PC via Spicetify (Ad-Free)

For those who only want to enjoy Spotify music without ad interruption, Spicetify is the tool that you need. Spicetify is a powerful customization tool for the Spotify desktop client that allows you to crack Spotify Premium for its ad-free function. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems, this program can also make Rainmeter work with Spotify and personalize your Spotify experience by modifying the theme, layout, etc. Now, just follow a few steps below to install this app on your PC to get Spotify Premium crack:

Before installing Spicetify, you need to make sure you have Spotify and Node.js installed on your computer. If you think it's a little troublesome to install so many tools, you can consider using TuneFab Spotify Music Converter instead. With a built-in Spotify web player, you just need to get it installed, then you can get the full Spotify Premium function.

Note: Apart from using Spicetify to crack Spotify ad-free features, you can also get some cracked PC mods from GitHub, like Spotify Crack-Chrome App as well as desktop mod SpotifyPremium, etc. to get Spotify Premium crack PC for enjoying music without ad interruptions.

Step 1. You can download Spicetify from GitHub or use npm (Node Package Manager) to install Spicetify by running the following command in your terminal or command prompt: npm install -g spicetify-cli

Step 2. Once you have downloaded Spicetify, open your terminal or command prompt to run the following command to initialize Spicetify: spicetify. Then follow the on-screen instructions to set up Spicetify.

Spotify Cracked PC Spicetity

Step 3. After Spicetify is set up, restart your Spotify desktop app to enjoy Spotify with an ad-free experience.


- Remove ads from Spotify's free music
- Apply custom themes to the Spotify desktop client
- Help adjust the layout of the Spotify interface


- Can't crack Spotify's other premium features except the ad-free option
- Complicated to install

Method 9: Get Spotify Premium Free via Cracked Spotify Accounts

Apart from the above ways, you can also get Spotify’s advanced features for free by cracking Spotify accounts. On the Internet, you can search for some cracked Spotify accounts and passwords. However, you are recommended not to do this, because these cracked accounts are hacked by hackers from those who own Spotify Premium. Under this situation, the account you get may be banned easily and your account information may be leaked by unofficial or illegal websites/tools.

Some Cracked Spotify Premium Accounts for PC/Mac

If you think twice and still want to get Spotify premium cracked in this way, below are some Spotify premium accounts that have been cracked already. You can try them, but we can't guarantee that they will still work.

Email Address Passwords
[email protected] smithkey5143
[email protected] hack9568
[email protected] meisi6895
[email protected] hero5698

Some Following Signs Are Telling You That Your Cracked Account Is Hacked

1. The music you’re listening to stops or some other music starts playing.

2. You recognize some unknown playlists, or you lost yours.

3. You get login emails from Spotify.

4. You cannot log in to your account.

5. Your email address is changed

6. Your subscription is changed

When your cracked account is in trouble, you can not retrieve them because Spotify detected your unusual behavior or deem it violates Spotify’s guidelines, and therefore disable your account. So I do not recommend that you take such a way to crack Spotify accounts.

FAQs About Spotify Premium Crack PC

Q1: Are There Other Ways for Listening to Spotify Without Ads?

If you just annoy listening to Spotify with ad interruption, then apart from using some Spotify cracked version for Windows, you can also use some Spotify ad blockers to hack the ads. With these powerful Spotify ad blockers, you can mute the Spotify ad into the background without affecting music playback.

Q2: Can I Get Spotify Premium for Free?

Yes. Spotify doesn't offer free Premium, but it does offer free trials for new users. Also, you can keep an eye on promotional events, or check if they have any ongoing trials on their official website. Additionally, if you're a high school or college student, you may be allowed to the Spotify Premium "Student Plan" according to the rules in your region/country. If none of the above applies, you can try a third-party tool, such as TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, to get Spotify Premium for free forever.

Q3: Will Spotify Count My Streams If I Use a Spotify Premium Crack PC?

When a track on Spotify is played for at least 30 seconds, it is counted as one stream. Therefore, when someone crosses the 30-second mark of the same song, there will be an increase in the stream count. As a result, the following day, you will get a new stream added to that song on your artist profile on Spotify for Artists.

However, the way Spotify counts for a stream should be the premise that you play the music on the official Spotify app. If you use a Spotify cracked PC version, it will most likely be counted but it will be difficult to figure out if it has been counted as a premium stream. Because the only time you get to see if a stream is a premium is during payout.

Please remember not to buy Spotify streams or fans to illegally make a living, because Spotify can take away your streams and even delete your track and account!


With Spotify cracked PC mods shared above, you can get Spotify Premium for free easily. But remember that most Spotify mods can just provide you with partial features and some may even pose the risk of account banning. So, you need to choose the safest and 100% working program.

After testing, I found TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can meet all the points well. With this Spoitfy cracked PC, you can convert Spotify to MP3 for free, then effortlessly play Spotify music offline, listen to music without ads, and skip tracks you dislike without limitations. Now, give it a try to access to Spotify's premium version free!

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