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Spotify Ripper - How to Rip Music from Spotify as MP3 (320 Kbps)

By Iris Holmes

Updated on September 29, 2020

Updated on September 29, 2020: Add contents with more tips and details

Listening to Spotify music is effortless except when you want to extract music from Spotify. Assuming that you are a subscriber of Spotify Premium, even though you have fully downloaded Spotify songs, it is almost impossible for you to rip the music from Spotify. The situation goes harder if you're Spotify Free. The reason behind this annoying problem is simple that Spotify has encrypted its music as the protected OGG Vorbis format, making downloading music from Spotify come to a dead end. Luckily, bulks of Spotify rippers are available through the Internet.

Today, we will teach you how to rip Spotify song, playlist or album to MP3 audio by rounding up the best 3 Spotify ripper software, ranging from devices to desktop, including iPhone and Android devices. After a minute or so reading, you can make up your mind to get the preferred ripper for Spotify.


What can Spotify Ripper do for you?

Spotify Ripper, apparently, is a music ripper specially designed for making it possible to extract the music from the Spotify server and recoding the music as the lossy compressed or uncompressed audio formats like MP3, M4A with ID3 tags and more by recording Spotify technology. After ripping Spotify songs, you can put the music to an MP3 player or play it on whatever devices with the audio file.

Best Picks: TuneFab Spotify Ripper (Windows & Mac)

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a professional Spotify music ripper to rip the songs, tracks, albums, playlists from Spotify to frequently-used audio formats such as MP3, M4A with the 320 kbps high quality. There are lots of main features available for both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium users.

Main Features of TuneFab Spotify Ripper

#1 Support to rip: Spotify tracks, songs, playlists, albums.

#2 Various audio formats are available to select: MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV(Windows).

#3 Allow choosing the streaming quality and the highest streaming quality is 320kbps with 48000hz.

#4 Default 5X speedy music conversion speed (Windows Only).

#5 Keep original audio quality with ID3 tags preserved.

#6 Fully compatible with a computer running with Windows 10/8/7 and macOS 10.11 to 10.15.

#7 Many more.

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Download TuneFab Spotify Converter Here

The following guide will take Windows as an example. Don't worry but just keep reading if you are macOS users since the whole operation is the same.

Step 1. Run TuneFab Spotify Ripper

- Install the TuneFab Spotify Ripper on your Windows or Mac computer. After the installation, run it on your computer.

Spotify Music Converter Main Interface

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs to the Ripper

- TuneFab Spotify Ripper allows you to add Spotify songs to it with the following 2 ways by clicking to the "Add Files" button.

- No. 1 Drag and Drop methods.

- No. 2 Copy URL and Paste methods.

- The Spotify URL is available on Spotify playlists, albums, podcasts, tracks and more. You can get the URL from the Spotify at ease.

Add Music to Spotify Converter

Step 3. Choose Output Folder and Output Format

- TuneFab Spotify Music Converter allows you to set the output folder according to your need. To select the output folder, you need to click on the "Options" and "General" tab.

Choose Output Folder

- Apart from the output folder settings, you can move to "Advanced" to select the output format with streaming quality. The recommended audio format is MP3/M4A with 320kbps bitrate and 44100 Hz sample rate.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Rip Spotify Music to MP3

- Once all the settings are done, you can hit "Convert All" or "Convert X Items" to rip Spotify Music. And just wait a few minutes and then you can get the ripped Spotify songs from the destined location path.

Convert Spotify Music to MP3

Pros and Cons of Ripping Spotify Music with TuneFab Spotify Ripper


#1 Rip batches Spotify songs to MP3 and more output format at a time with a user-friendly main interface.

#2 Various formats are available, perfectly meet your needs.

#3 Offer quick after-sale E-mail customer service when you unexpectedly run into some troubles.


#1 Requires to work with the Spotify app.

#2 With the free trial version, you are able to convert the first 3 minutes of each Spotify song for fully evaluating the software.

Recommended: 4.5 Points

Video Tutorial: Spotify Ripper - Rip Spotify Music to MP3

Spotify Music Ripper for Android users: Fildo

Fildo is a streaming music app with built-in downloading features, which allows you to rip the music from Spotify tracks on your Android devices by importing the Spotify playlists to Fildo. All the music will be ripped as an MP3 format. Let's see how it works on ripping Spotify on your Android.

Step 1. Install Fildo on Your Android devices

- Get Fildo from the Fildo official website. Since it is not available on Play Store, make sure to download and install the version between the banners. Once it is successfully installed, run it on your devices.


Step 2. Import Spotify Playlists to Fildo

- Create an account to process the following progress and then hit the "More" tab to choose "IMPORT SPOTIFY". Afterward, log in your Spotify Free or Premium account. When your Spotify account is successfully login, all the Spotify playlists from your library will appear.

Import Music to Fildo

Step 3. Rip Your Spotify Songs on Android Devices

- Choose the playlist that you want to stream offline and then hit the "Three-dot" Botton and tap the "Download" button to rip Spotify songs on your Android devices. Just waiting for a while, you can get the mp3 files on your Android local file folder.

Rip Music from Spotify on Android

Pros and Cons of Ripping Spotify Music with Fildo


#1 Support all the Spotify content, like Spotify tracks, playlists, Spotify podcasts and more.

#2 You can rip Spotify songs to MP3 with 320Kbps sound quality and ID3 tags kept on your Android devices.

#3 When the music is repeatedly ripped, then the tool will skip and proceed to play it on the apps instead.

#4 No need to install the Spotify app for ripping Spotify music.


#1 Some songs if not available in your country will be failed to import.

#2 No more other audio formats are available to select.

#3 It requires to rip songs from Spotify by taping one by one.

Recommended: 4 Points

Shortcuts: Rip Spotify on iOS Devices

Is there any way that iOS users can rip Spotify music on their iPhone since Android users can rip Spotify Music with Fildo? The answer is positive if you are holding an iPhone running with iOS 12. With the iOS 12 released, Apple allows the developer to write a script to get quick actions across the app on your iPhone, for example, rip the Spotify music on your iOS devices with one tab, by some specific algorithms. And Spotifydl shortcuts are such a Spotify music ripper for iOS users. 

Step 1. Install the Spotifydl Shortcuts on your iPhone

- Get Spotifydl on your iPhone and then you will see the Spotifydl on your Shortcuts the main interface.

Install Spotifydl

Step 2. Copy the Spotify link from Spotify to Shortcuts to Rip Music

- Back to the Spotify app to copy the URL of Spotify playlists. Then back to Shortcuts, tap the Spotifydl and the windows of "URL of Spotify Playlist?" will pop up. Paste the Spotify playlists on the Windows and then you will see the songs of your playlist. Select the music that you want to rip, and hit "OK" to download Spotify music.

Paste Spotify Playlist to Shortcuts

Step 3. Open the File Folder under Shortcuts

- When the music is successfully ripped, you can go to the "Files" > "iCloud Drive" > "Shortcuts" to open the file folder named "" where you can find out the downloaded mp3 files. 

Ripped Spotify Music on iOS Devices

Pros and Cons of Ripping Spotify Music with Shortcuts


#1 Support rip Spotify to MP3 on iOS devices with 320kbps high quality.

#2 Easy to use no matter you are a newbie or veteran.


#1 Simply rip a few songs.

#2 No more other music formats are available.

#3 Required to install the Spotify app.

#4 Fail to rip the album from Spotify.

#5 Unable to preserve the ID3 tags and metadata.

Recommended: 3.5 Points


Up til now, you have learned three ways to rip Spotify music to MP3 with high audio quality. You can pick up the preferred one according to your needs of ripping Spotify music. From my point of view, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the best Spotify ripper that can fundamentally decrypt the DRM on Spotify songs then convert them to MP3 format. You can now play Spotify songs on multiple devices more easily, no add interruption and no DRM-restriction. Now, download the trial version to rip music from Spotify for free!

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