"Can I enjoy Spotify Premium without paying any money?"

"Is there any solution to get Spotify Premium Free so that I can get rid of the Ads?"

These 2 questions are frequently asked by the majority of Spotify Free Users, who are fed up with some inconvenient parts of being Spotify Free users like Ads that keep appearing when listening to Spotify, the download function being unavailable, and more.

The monthly subscription fee of $10.99 may not seem particularly high at first, but it can become quite costly over the long term. Don't worry. We've compiled this comprehensive guide to help you navigate through all the available methods to get Spotify Premium for free. And we'll introduce a powerful and trustworthy tool, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to help you get Spotify Premium free forever. Read on to get it!


Part 1. How to Get Spotify Premium Free for 1-4 Months

If you're a newcomer or a free user who hasn't tried Spotify Premium yet, you're in luck! You can enjoy a Spotify Premium free trial for 1 to 4 months now. You can get a free trial of varying lengths from the Spotify official or through other platforms that have special deals with Spotify. We've summarized all the currently available Spotify Premium free trials below. Remember, each person can only use Spotify free trial once, so consider your decision carefully before you sign up.

1. Get Official Spotify Premium Free Trial [1-3 Months]

Based on Spotify's promotional plans, the free trial duration offered on Spotify's website will vary from 1 to 3 months. Since the 3-month offer just ended on May 21, 2024, you might consider turning to other sources to get Spotify Premium for free until Spotify offers the 3-month trial again.

Spotify Free Trial Plans

To get the Spotify Premium free trial from its official website, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Visit the Spotify Website on your browser.

Step 2. Click "Premium" in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Step 3. Click "START FREE TRIAL".

Step 4. Log in with your existing Spotify account. If you have never registered before, click "Sign Up" at the bottom of the window to create a new account. Once you have signed up, go back to log in.

Step 5. Pick a payment method and fill in the blank with the information required. And then you can start the free trial of Spotify Premium now.

Sign Up New Account to Get Spotify Premium Free


Remember that this Spotify free trial can only be enjoyed once. Since it is for limited days, don't forget to cancel Spotify Premium before the next billing date.

2. Become a Microsoft Rewards Member [3-Month Free Spotify Premium]

If you are planning to join a Microsoft Rewards member, don't leave the bonus provided by Spotify behind! You can get a Spotify Premium free trial for 3 months after becoming a Microsoft Rewards member!

Currently, Microsoft doesn't announce the ending date of the activity, so you can join it at any time you want. It is noted that the activity is only available for new subscribers of Microsoft Rewards and valid for 1 person/account.

To get Spotify Premium free in this way, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to the activity page on Microsoft and hit the "Join now" icon on the activity banner.

Join Microsoft Rewards Member

Step 2. You will need to log into your Microsoft account to get Spotify Premium for free.

Step 3. Once it confirms that you have been a Microsoft Rewards member, you will continue to submit the Spotify Premium subscription.

Step 4. Enter the billing info, then you can get the free trial and start the 3-month free music streaming service provided by Spotify.

3. Join Rakuten Viber [3-Month Free Spotify Premium]

To provide a better music streaming experience to users, Spotify has launched a partnership with Rakuten Viber, providing a 3-month Spotify Premium trial for those newly signing up for Rakuten Viber. Take this opportunity to get Spotify Premium free in time as the activity is only valid till July 24. 2024.

Simply turn to the activate page and tap the Start Free Trial button to complete the account sign-up and offer activation, then you can get the 3-month Spotify Premium as a Rakuten Viber member.

Get Spotify Premium Free Rakuten Viber

4. Subscribe to Tinder [4-Month Free Spotify Premium]

Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that allows users to chat if both parties like each other in the app. Recently, Spotify and Tinder occasionally partnered to offer promotional deals. Once you have subscribed to Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum with a subscription duration of one month or more, you can then enjoy Spotify Premium free for 4 months.

Sign Up with Tinder to Get Spotify Premium Free

This promotion will last until August 26, 2024. Eligible users can redeem the offer by following the provided instructions:

Step 1. Create a Tinder account, then check the promotion information within the app or on the Tinder website. Sometimes, these promotions may be displayed as ads within the app or on the app's website.

Step 2. Follow the instructions provided to link your Spotify account with your Tinder account.

Step 3. Once you've successfully redeemed the offer, you can enjoy 4-month Spotify Premium free.

Part 2. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever

Once your Spotify Premium free trial ends, you will need to pay for keeping those premium benefits, like accessing your offline music library, or continuing the ad-free music shuffling experience, etc. Hence, some of you wonder, is there a way to get Spotify Premium free forever without expiration? Don't worry! Here we've picked up workable methods for you to get Spotify Premium for free forever on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android!

1. On Windows/Mac

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter offers a smart solution to help you access the whole Spotify music library and download the tracks even if you are a free user. By converting Spotify to MP3, you can enjoy unlimited skip, music shuffle, and extreme sound quality up to 320kbps as Spotify subscribers do.

Besides, all Spotify playlists, podcasts, or albums can be batch downloaded at up to 35X speed, enabling you to grasp the best music streaming experience without subscribing to Spotify Premium.

All the Great Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

• Integrated the official Spotify web player to access music and download it locally
• Download all Spotify Ogg songs and podcasts without a Spotify premium subscription
• Convert Spotify content to DRM-free MP3, M4A, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, AAC, and FLAC
• Customized output quality at up to 320kbps for enjoyable offline Spotify streaming
• Batch download Spotify playlists at 35X or even faster to save your time
• Personalized output settings like sample rate and bitrate to meet your unique music taste
• Full ID3 tags preservation to ensure easier music categorizing after downloading offline
• Auto music classification divides Spotify downloads by tags to different folders

Now, also go through the brief guide for how to have premium-like Spotify music streaming via the help of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter:

Step 1. Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and install it on your computer. Launch the software and open the Spotify web player. Then log in to your Spotify account on the web player.

Log in to Spotify in TuneFab

Step 2. Navigate to the song or playlist you wish to download. Once you access them, click on the plus icon from the side of the software screen, or you can drag them to the button to import the items to the conversion queue.

Drag Spotify Songs to Download

Step 3. You can set the output format for songs to be downloaded in the conversion queue. Or you can navigate to Preferences to adjust other output parameters if necessary.

Select Output Format for Spotify Songs

Step 4. Finally, simply give a go on the "Convert All" icon, then TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will process the download for you in batch at 35X faster speed.

Download Spotify Songs Without Premium

When the conversion is done, you can get Spotify Premium Free forever and enjoy Spotify offline flexibly.

2. On iPhone

For iPhone users, to hack Spotify and get Spotify Premium free forever, you need help from a third-party app, TweakBox. After installing it on your device, you can download the Spotify++ app, which is a hacked version of Spotify Premium, enabling you to enjoy all Spotify Premium features even without subscribing to it. Now, follow the steps and get Spotify Premium free on iPhone without paying a penny:

Step 1. Go to TweakBox website and install TweakBox on your iPhone. Instead of processing the auto-installation, you will be required to go to "Settings" > "Profile Download" to install it manually.

Step 2. Once TweakBox is successfully installed, launch it and search for Spotify++ to access the app. Tap "Install" to get it on your device.

Step 3. After Spotify++ is installed now, you will need to trust the software as you are not getting it from the App Store. Just navigate to "Settings" > "General" > "Profiles & Device Management" to trust "Shanghai P&C Information Technology…".

Trust Spotify++

Step 4. Now, run Spotify++ and you can get Spotify Premium free and enjoy the services forever without paying a penny!

3. On Android

For Android users, Spotify Mod Apk is a kind of tool that performs similarly to Spotify++ to help you get Spotify Premium free forever on devices without a subscription fee required. As you search online, there are many of them provided to select. However, you must be careful and choose a reliable one because they are invented by many unknown developers, and the security is not perfectly verified.

Note: These free tools may be down someday. After you get the Spotify Premium free trial, you'd better use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to download all your favorite tracks in advance. Then on, you can get the benefits of Spotify Premium for free forever on Android.

As these Spotify Mod APKs work almost the same, here will guide you in general on how to use it on Android to get Spotify premium free:

Step 1. Find the Spotify Mod APK you like and get it installed on your Android device. Like on iOS, you need to enable your device to install the apk file from unknown sources first.

Step 2. When the Spotify Mod APK is installed, directly run it and then log in to your Spotify account.

Step 3. Once you log in, you can enjoy Spotify premium features entirely for free! However, when you are not able to enjoy the premium features at all, force-quit the app and open it again to fix the error.

Part 3. Tricks to Get Spotify Premium for Free

Here are some additional tricks that can help you indirectly get Spotify Premium for free. However, these tricks come with certain requirements, and the duration of the free Spotify Premium access you can get through them varies.

1. Be a Starbucks Employee: Free for 30 Days

Starbucks offers its Employees free Spotify Premium. After you verify your Spotify accounts, you will be able to enjoy the premium features of Spotify. However, you should be aware that if you haven't been using Spotify with the verified account for 30 days, your premium subscription will be canceled.

The good thing is, no matter if you are already a Spotify Premium user or a free user, you can get this offer easily. But if your account is a premium one, you need to cancel the subscription first.

Get Spotify Premium Free As A Starbucks Employee

Here's how to get Spotify Premium free with your Starbucks ID.

Step 1. Click "GET PREMIUM" at the bottom of this Spotify partner provisioning page.

Step 2. Log in to Spotify or Sign Up for it if you haven't had one.

Step 3. In "Spotify's Partner Provisioning Portal", connect your account to it.

Step 4. Enter your last name and the Starbucks Global User Name (your 2-character country code + your partner number) to link your accounts, after which you can use Spotify Premium for free.

2. Borrow a Spotify Premium Account From Friends or Family

You can also get a Spotify premium account freely by borrowing one from your friends or family. Though Spotify premium users can use their account on as many devices, they can't stream music using a single Spotify premium account at the same time. Luckily, by turning on the "Offline Mode", you can avoid it.

A step-by-step guide to getting Spotify Premium free by borrowing an account:

Step 1. Run the Spotify app and choose the songs you like to download.

Step 2. After downloading the songs, you can go to "Home > Settings".

Step 3. From settings, choose "Playback" to turn on the "Offline Mode", then you can listen to the downloaded Spotify music with a Spotify premium account for free.

Borrow Account to Get Spotify Premium Free

3. Get a Spotify Premium Gift Card

Another way you can get a free Spotify subscription is by redeeming a Spotify Premium gift card. Many online retailers and electronic stores, including Target, Amazon, and Walmart, will offer their customers some Spotify premium gift cards to award their purchases. These gift cards are valid for a year from the date of purchase and how long they last depends on the price of the item. But note that these gift cards can only be used for Spotify Premium Individual plans, while they can not be used for redeeming Premium Student, Family, and Duo plans.

Follow the tutorial to redeem the Premium gift code on Spotify and get a Spotify Premium free trial period:

Step 1. Go to Spotify's official website and sign into your Spotify account.

Step 2. Navigate to "Redeem" to enter the code provided on your Spotify premium gift card.

Step 3. Click "Continue", then you can enjoy Spotify Premium for free.

However, when the free trial or the premium plan expires, you can not enjoy Spotify Premium free anymore. So, the best way to get Spotify Premium free forever is still using TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

Part 4. FAQ: Is Spotify Premium Worth It

Compared with Spotify Free, Spotify Premium does offer a more friendly music streaming experience to subscribers. The highlights of Spotify Premium are its ad-free shuffle streaming mode and offline download function, giving you full control of the music playback within Spotify. For any of you wishing for an immersive music streaming experience, Spotify Premium is worth trying.

For more details about Spotify Free and Spotify Premium, check this blog: Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Pay for It

The Bottom Line

From this blog, you now get a variety of methods to get Spotify premium free without paying a penny. However, compared with those official methods to get Spotify premium free trial with a time limit, or the risk of getting a Spotify account suspended by hacking it on Android/iOS, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can be a more reliable and efficient way for you to enjoy Spotify premium features in another special way. As the software also offers a free trial, you can install it and give it a try! Just get started now!

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