We provide a brand new and remarkable way to enjoy music and video. Each day, thousands of people – people just like you, are figuring out the way to get full control over the digital music or purchased videos. Although you can play Apple Music, Spotify music, or iTunes movies easily these days, you might still feel upset because there are all kinds of restrictions when enjoying protected music or videos. We provide all users with a brand new and DRM-free way to enjoy music and video.
We are the professional multimedia software development company.Established in Hong Kong 2016, TuneFab is committed to eliminating the barriers between DRM protection and people who want to get more freedom on their purchased iTunes movies, Apple Music or audiobooks, Spotify Music, and even the DVD videos. We have a professional software team and we will keep developing better qualified and more user-friendly software to our customers.
Where does the name "TuneFab" come from?
"The company name 'TuneFab' is created with the combination of 'Tune' and 'Fabulous'. We intend to provide users with the fabulous experience of listening to music and watching movies, including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and Audible audiobooks, iTunes and DVD movie, etc. Therefore, we offer a solution for those who fight hard against DRM restriction and we hope that all users can get the true freedom they want when it comes to enjoying music or movies in life. We are so proud to build a better future for people living digital lives."
- John Smith, Founder of TuneFab

Our History


TuneFab Founded


Own 60+ Professional Staffs


Apple Music Converter Released


M4V Converter &  Screen Recorder Released


100 thousands Active Users


DVD Ripper Launched


WeTrans Born


1 Million Active Users


Creating more




Active Users
New Users


New Sign-up Users Per Day


Media Site Trusted

Our Goals

Mission & Vision: Keeping our pace with the latest iTunes and Spotify to give users the up-to-date services and digging out more need for more users.
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    "Just want to thank you for a great product. It is very easy to use, a little patience is helpful when it's working. I'm writing my entire music library to an SD card because my new Tesla does not work with my old iPod Classic. I'm converting a lot of files. Again, thank you very very much for this software and its affordable cost."

    Jay Carsman on Solvang California

  • See Our Testimonials
    " I am eager to listen to Music even though my phone is in airplane mode. However, it is hard to download the music since I am a free user. And TuneFab Music Converter comes and helps me a lot, making it possible to enjoy music. Thank you, my dear, TuneFab Music Converter."

    Katie Hailey on San Francisco

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    "A lo convertidor me gusta proque puedo escuchar música fuera de línea. Suelo escuchar música cuando trabajo. A veces, no hay internet, pero TuneFab Music Converter resuelve mi problema. Escuchando música ahora. ¡Muchas gracias, TuneFab!"

    Iona Palomino on Madrid

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    "私はHip Hopクラブのディレクターです。 クラシックなヒップホップの曲を楽しむ私とメンバーたちにとって大きい音楽ライブラリがあるストリーミング音楽アプリはいいツールです。インターネットが使えない場合、 TuneFab Music Converterは非常に役に立てると思います。それでこの製品をずっと愛用しています。"

    夏目孝之 北海道

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