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Pro Tip: How to Enjoy Spotify Music with Rainmeter Skins

By Iris Holmes

June 25, 2019

Rainmeter is a powerful and free desktop customization utility for Windows, allowing users to customize their desktop with users-created widgets called Skin and administer the hardware shortage and more. But unfortunately, this powerful and free utility is unavailable for Spotify Free users and even Spotify Premium users. Lots of Spotify users keep asking this question on Spotify community and other platforms, like Reddit to seek for the answer. Lucky, we have tested the Rainmeter and Spotify and finally found out a solution for using Rainmeter with Spotify. Let's take a look at the whole solution below.

What'll You Need for Using Rainmeter with Spotify?

Testing several kinds of Rainmeter Skins, we have found out that there is no direct way to use Rainmeter skin with the Spotify desktop app. But luckily, we have found out that some Rainmeter skins allow users to enjoy music through iTunes and the other allows to play music with Windows Media Player. Then here comes a solution: downloading the Spotify Music for on your desktop and then add the music to iTunes or just play it with Windows Media Player to use enjoy Spotify Music with Rainmeter widgets.

However, as everybody knows, the music downloaded from Spotify are under the DRM protection leading to the difficulty of transferring them all to other platforms and even playing them on the non-Spotify app. Under this situation, a Spotify DRM Removal is needed. Here, we highly recommend the powerful TuneFab Spotify Music Converter for your to download Spotify Music to DRM-free music file.

Highlights of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

#1 Download and convert Spotify Music/ Spotify Playlists/ Spotify Albums to the plain music format, like MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV.

#2 Customize your conversion speed, from 1X to 5X for saving your time for the whole conversion.

#3 Fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and even Windows 7.

#4 Adjust the parameters of converted music, like Sample Rate, Bitrate and more.

#5 Keep all the metadata of Spotify and free from the ID3 tags missing problem.

#6 Just go and dig out more by giving it a shot.

Full Tutorials on Enjoy Spotify Music with Rainmeter Skins

Section 1: 4 Steps to Download Spotify Music for Preparation

Step 1. Download Spotify Music Converter and Run it On Your Computer

Click the Button above to download Spotify Music Converter on your PC and then follow the whole instructions to install the whole TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on your desktop. When the converter is fully downloaded and installed, click the icon and run it on your computer

Step 2. Add Your Spotify Music That You Want to Play on Rainmeter Skins

As you can see on the main interface of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, TuneFab offers 2 ways for you to add the music to the Converter. Besides, there are several buttons are available for the whole conversion, like Add Files, Options, Convert and more. Here, let's get started by clicking to Add Files.

When clicking to Add Files, you can go to the Spotify app to find out the Spotify Music and then copy the link of it and paste it onto Spotify Music Converter to add your music for conversion. Or you can just go to the Spotify app and drag the music/ playlists/ albums and then drop it onto Spotify Music Converter.

Please bear in mind that when you have successfully added the music to the converter, click to the bottom right corner button "Add" to confirm the whole music adding progress.

Add Music to Spotify

Step 3. Choose Your File Format and File Folder

Having added the music, now we can move onto the core part, selecting the music file formats and file folder. To make it, let's click to the "Options" button for the whole operation.

Hitting Options button, you can see two different settings are available and they are General and Advanced.

Click to the Advanced button, you can select the file format from the drop-down lists of Format and they are MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC. On the same page, you can customize the conversion speed and the other parameters of the music at ease.

Click to the General button, you can choose the file folder for storing your converted music.

Set Music Parameter

Step 4. Click to Convert for Playing Music with Rainmeter

When you have done all the settings, now you can move onto the crucial part, and that is, convert the music. Let's just do it with clicking on "Convert" and just waiting for several minutes. When the conversion is over, you can easy to get the music that you want to listen to with Rainmeter skins converted.

Converting Spotify Music to MP3

Since your Spotify Music have downloaded on your computer, you can move on to the next section and use Rainmeter to enjoy your Spotify music. Keep reading.

Section 2: Use Spotify Music with Rainmeter

For Users Who Setting iTunes as Default Music Player [Recommend]

When you have got the Spotify Music downloaded on your computer, you can just add the music to your iTunes. With 2 steps, you can enjoy your attractive Spotify music with Rainmeter skins.

Step 1. Run iTunes on your computer. Then you can see the music library of your iTunes.

Step 2. Click to Files > Add File to Library, and then create a playlist named of Spotify Music. Then you can just click to this playlists and then listen to Spotify Music with Rainmeter.

Add File to iTunes Library

For Users Who Setting Windows Media Players as Default Music Player

For those using Windows Media Players as default players, you can multiple select the music and then open with Windows Media Player. After that, you can enjoy Spotify Music with Rainmeter Skins.

See, magic happens, now you can enjoy Spotify Music with your Rainmeter Skins. Just a few steps and you can enjoy whatever Spotify Music on Rainmeter plugin.

Rainmeter Skins with Spotify Music

Up to now, it is all for today's topic "how to enjoy Spotify Music with Rainmeter Skins". Is it easy to make it, isn't it? If you think it helpful for your friends, just share it with your friends. And if you have any problem with the whole progress, just leave a comment below. Just enjoy it!

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