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Anyone who has heard Stephen Fry's version of the Harry Potter audiobook or listened to Agatha Christie's impressive books on Audible will know why audiobooks are so special. Many of them are read by the most famous voices in the world and quickly get you immersed in the fascinating story.

However, only some selected devices with the authorized Audible account can play Audible's protected AAX files. Therefore, don't get frustrated when you find your downloaded Audible audiobook files cannot be played on your MP3 players or devices that are not equipped with the Audible app because you are not alone.

Luckily, for those who want to convert AAX to MP3 so as to better organize their audiobook library, here we will offer the best solution. With our pick for the conversion task, it will be much easier to listen to audiobooks on more than one platform. Also, you will get to know some free Audible books for relaxation.

Convert AAX to MP3 Cover


Part 1. AAX Format Explained: What is AAX File Extension?

The AAX file extension is a multimedia digital audiobook format developed by Audible. This file extension is popularly used in Audible Enhanced Audiobook. It is also considered as the enhanced format of Audible AA files.

Features of AAX File

Files with the .aax extension will include images, links, videos, and a timeline. Therefore, children's books that contain multiple graphics and pictures for interactive learning are also commonly employed in this format.

Supported Players

When it comes to the compatibility of the AAX file, the file is supported by iTunes, Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune, Creative Zen, and some selected Amazon Kindle models. To play the enhanced audiobook on supported devices requires an Audible account for authorization beforehand. Additionally, Audible AAX files are DRM protected so it is normal to find that some devices or media players cannot recognize the file.

Given that, problems may arise if you don't have an Audible compatible device. Also, if you are inclined to purchase audiobooks on several different platforms, an audiobook converter seems to be necessary as it helps you organize your audiobook collections in one place for backup instead of separating them on different apps. The following will introduce a convenient tool for converting Audible AAX to MP3, keep reading on for more about that.

Part 2. How to Convert Protected AAX to MP3? (Mac and Windows Compatible)

To convert protected AAX files to MP3, here we recommend TuneFab Audible Converter. It is a professional tool specially designed for Audible DRM removal. Unlike most Audible audiobook converters available, the upgraded TuneFab Audible Converter is able to directly convert Audible AAX files without connecting your Audible account to iTunes.

AAX to MP3 Converter Interface

Preservation of ID3 Tag

The powerful TuneFab Audible Converter also has support keeping audiobook chapter information and provides an in-built ID3 tag editor that allows you to change metadata such as Audiobook cover art, narraor name, and audiobook title.

Function of Spliting Audiobooks

If you desire to keep your audiobooks in small-size files, try out its useful audiobook splitter feature to separate your books into multiple parts by chapter or by time length. Then a large audiobook file can export as different audio files. Besides, if you decide to split audiobook by chapter, the converter will smartly name the output audio files based on the chapter titles.

Compatiblility of System and Playback

Both Mac and Windows computers can run this Audible AAX converter fast and smoothly. You can use it to remove Audible DRM and convert Audible AAX files to high-quality MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC audio for playback on almost any popular device including your Sony MP3 player or car audio system.

Sound Quality and Conversion Speed

It converts Audible audiobooks at up to 60X faster speed without quality loss. If you wish to get a resulting file matching the original quality , you can change parameters such as bitrate, codecs, and channel for it on this tool. Also, if you have lots of AAX files to convert, this AAX to MP3 converter supports batch adding and conversion.

Let's quickly check out how it works. Here are some operational steps about how to convert AAX files to MP3 on Windows. (The conversion process on Mac is quite similar to the steps on Windows.)

STEP 0. Download and install TuneFab Audible Converter

TuneFab Audible Converter works flawlessly on both Mac and Windows platforms. Just select download and install the right version on your PC. You can completely convert 2 Audible books to your desired output format with the free-trial version.

STEP 1. Download Audible AAX Audiobooks

Download your audiobooks beforehand as this audiobook converter is designed to get rid of DRM protections that are attached to any audiobooks from Audible.

If you want to organize your audiobooks more systematically and have no personal issues with iTunes, you may also add Audible books to iTunes to manage your Audible purchases. Here is a detailed guide. >>How to Add Audiobooks (AAX/AA/M4B/MP3) to iTunes

Don't know how to download Audible books on your PCs? You may also need this guide. >>How to Download Audible Books to PC

Import Audible Books to iTunes

STEP 2. Choose the Audible Books that You Want to Convert

Launch TuneFab Audible Converter, and then select the audiobook that you want to convert. Simply click to add any AAX files to the converter. Or, you can locate the Audible download location, and then directly drag and drop the AAX to the main interface. In addition, TuneFab Audiobook Converter supports batch conversion that can save you more energy to get your audiobooks in MP3 audios.

TuneFab Audible Converter Interface

STEP 3. Adjust Settings for Your Audiobooks

From the "Output" bar, you can change the output folders for your converted audiobooks. Select MP3 as output format for your Audible books from the drop-down menu to save your resultant files. Besides, TuneFab Audiobook Converter is able to keep chapters in your Audible AAX books. However, to preserve chapter information in the AAX file, just remember to select M4A as the output format.

Click on the profile icon on the right side of the audiobook title, you can conveniently change the metadata information.

Select MP3 as Output Format

STEP 4. Convert Audible AAX Books to MP3

The highlighted feature of this converter is its high efficiency. Commonly, an audiobook lasts for hours. 1X conversion speed may take ages to get the resultant file. But with TuneFab Audiobook Converter, you can quicken the process of converting a 2-hour long audiobook within minutes. To help you get quick results, TuneFab Audible Converter boosts the entire conversion process to 60X faster. And the sound quality of the converted files is also nice for playback.

Once you click on the "Convert" button, the process will start and this will not cause any quality loss on your converted audiobooks. Normally, your Audible AAX files are encoded in 64 Kbps. And TuneFab will evaluate the audiobook you added and then choose an ideal encoding method and optimize the entire conversion process. It also delivers a smaller resultant file that will not take up much of your storage space.

Converting Audible AAX Files to MP3

Once the conversion process is complete, your converted Audible books will be saved in MP3 formats in your selected output folder. Open the "Completed" tab so you may find all the conversion history.

View Converted Audible AAX Audiobooks

Lastly, it is worth noted that you don't have to worry to lose the license if you get a new computer once you've purchased the full version. TuneFab will provide a free license retrieving service and give you reliable technical support helping you get the software successfully installed on your computer.

Part 3. Transcode Audiobooks with Online AAX to MP3 Converter (Free)

You may notice that the free trial version only supports converting 2 .aax audiobooks. And it requires you to purchase a license to unlock all features. In this situation, some online converters that need not be installed are really worth a shot.

Popular online converters such as Zamzar, Convertio, and AnyConv offer options to easily convert AAX to MP3. Besides, you may try out Online Audio Converter. As its name suggested, it is a versatile online tool for converting audio files. It allows you to configure output quality, bitrate, sample rate, and channels to get suitable output files. For format options, this converter works with multiple popular audio formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, OGG, and more.

Step 1. Open Online Audio Converter and open your aax file by clicking the huge "Open file" button. Then the file will be uploading.

Step 2. The output format will be MP3 by default. And you can customize the bitrate of the converted audiobook by dragging the slider.

Online Audio Converter Main Page

Step 3. Hit the convert button when the uploading finishes. Wait for the conversion and download the MP3 file to your computer when it's done.

For more customization, it provides audio tools that can change volume, speed, and pitch, which somehow enhances your audiobook listening experience.

Online Audio Converter Customization

Compared with desktop software, online tools enable you to upload files from your Google Drive or Dropbox and even files from a URL. However, the drawback is also obvious, you need a stable and fast internet speed for uploading and downloading files. Aside from that, some online converters may set size limits, which means you cannot upload files that are larger than their preset file size.

This can be bothersome for people who have a large file to convert. Therefore, online tools are more suitable for converting small size audiobooks. For audible books in large size or batch conversion, the TuneFab desktop tool is more recommended.

Besides, if you also purchase audiobooks from iTunes, after conversion, you can import audiobooks to iTunes to manage your audiobook collection more systematically.

Part 4. Convert AAX to MP3 with Free Open Source Software

AAXAudioConverter is a free tool that allows you to convert aax files to plain MP3, M4A, or M4B audio on Windows. It supports batch conversions so you can upload multiple files and convert them effectively. The audio division is also available on this tool. You can either divide your audiobook by chapter or roughly equal length according to your own need. Moreover, all ID3 metadata information as well as the chapter tags can be preserved by it and you can adjust inaccurate chapter marks before the conversion.

Note: AAXAudioConverter is currently not compatible with macOS, if you are not a Windows user, you should try TuneFab Audible Converter or the online converter instead.

Now let's see how it works.

Step 1. Download, install and launch AAXAudioConverter.

Step 2. Hit the "Add" button and open your AAX audiobook.

Step 3. Select the output format as MP3 and the audio division you like from the "Mode" section. Also, you can change the destination folder you prefer.

Step 4. Hit the convert button and wait for it. After a while, you can find you converted audiobook in MP3 in the output folder you selected.

Convert AAX to MP3 on AAXAudioConverter

Part 5. FAQs on Converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3

Can I Convert AA to MP3 on TuneFab Audible Converter?

Yes, you can. AA is the old format for Audible audiobooks and it's also convertible on this Audible converter. You can convert them to MP3 as you do for an AAX file.

How to Get the Exported MP3 Audiobook Split by Chapter?

You can get the audiobooks split during the conversion on TuneFab Audible Converter. To enable the audiobook splitter, just navigate to the settings icon from the upper right corner and then click to select "Output Settings" to open the "Preference" window. Here offer three different modes to break down your Audible books.

Audiobook Splitter

Can VLC Convert AAX to MP3?

Actually, VLC can only convert DRM-free files that are with the .aax extension. If the audiobook is protected with DRM, you can't convert it to MP3 with VLC.

Extra Reading: Free Audible Audiobooks That are Worth a Try

Now that you've known some simple ways to convert Audible audiobooks to MP3, it's a great chance to put it into practice. Looking back to 2020, 2021, and the outgoing 2022, it has been really tough. Our lives have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If it makes you feel anxious and upset, listening to some audiobooks may appease your anxiety. And Audible actually is offering a selection of audiobooks to download for free. And here are some of the free Audible audiobooks that you may be interested in. From funny stories to inspiring speeches, try to select some and start listening.

The Most Wonderful Tales of the Year

By: Audible Narrators

Narrated by: Jonathan Davis, Kate Reading, Michael Kramer, full cast

Length: 1 hour and 47 mins

Categories: Biographies & Memoirs

Essentially, this is a sweet Christmas gift from Audible for all listeners. Each story is told by Audible's favorite narrators. They generously share their own personal holiday memories that will make you laugh or let you feel connected to these narrators. It is sort of a shared experience that makes you feel like you are in a conversation with these brilliant narrators.

Audible Books: The Most Wonderful Tales of the Year

What Happens Next? Conversations from MARS

By: Adam Savage

Narrated by: Adam Savage

Length: 2 hours and 50 mins

Categories: Science & Engineering, Science

In What Happens Next: Conversations from MARS, you will get to know a bunch of new ideas about how machine learning, automation, robotics, and space will shape our future. If you are curious about cutting-edge science and do accept something geeky, you will find a lot of fun and enjoyment from this book. Rather than a proper audiobook, it is more of an NPR style or TED-type presentation or a long podcast, yet filled with inspiration and enthusiasm.

Audible Books: What Happens Next, Conversations from MARS

FREE: The Future of a Radical Price

By: Chris Anderson

Narrated by: Chris Anderson

Length: 6 hours and 58 mins.

Categories: Business & Careers, Management & Leadership

Books about business are not always boring or abstruse. FREE: The Future of a Radical Price, written by The New York Times best-selling author Chris Anderson is a fantastic book that explains multiple actual business examples in a very interesting way. This is an absolute must listen to for anyone who looks forward to promoting their business, which will change the way you see everything and let you draw some innovative ideas from it

Audible Books: Free, the Future of a Radical Price

Funny Amazon Reviews

By: Jane Lynch

Narrated by: Jane LYNCH

Length: 47 mins

Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Entertainment & Performing Arts

If you are looking for something that makes you laugh, don't miss out on this audiobook. Funny Amazon Reviews gathers a group of famous comedians reading real Amazon product reviews that are amusing and well written. These light and hilarious reviews should make you out of a bad mood and somehow narrow down your shopping list.

Audible Books: Funny Amazon Reviews

The Other America – A Speech from The Radical King

By: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Narrated by: Wanda Sykes

Length: 25 mins

Categories: History, Americas

Dr. Martin Luther King's speech is still relevant in today's world. It is an informative book with profound and motivating words that deliver King's compassion, outrage, and insights on the disparity of wealth in America. With Wanda's emotional performance, this book should leave you with an unforgettable listening experience.

Audible Books: The Other America

Final Thoughts

This is all about the best solutions to convert AAX files to MP3. With these easy-to-operate tools, for instance, the TuneFab Audible Converter, you can conveniently convert the hours-long Audible audiobooks into audio formats that enjoy greater compatibility. And while listening to audiobooks, you also can relax your eyes. After all, hope the books can help you combat negative thoughts and feelings.

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