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Three Simple Methods: How to Save Spotify Songs to Computer

By Tony Moton

Updated on October 22, 2018

"How can I save Spotify songs to computer?"

Have you puzzled about saving Spotify Music to computer? Even when you have subscribed as a Spotify Premium Membership, you just got the cache files but not the Spotify Music files? That is because Spotify is a streaming music app and the music file you have downloaded is DRM-protected files. Knowing your need to save Spotify songs to computer, this article is introduced 2 methods for you to keep Spotify songs on your computer, whether you are a free user or a premium user. Now Let's see how to do it.


Part 1. Traditional Way to Save Spotify Songs on Desktop

Step 1. If you have subscribed the Premium service, songs can be downloaded easily onto your desktop. You have to aware that songs cannot be downloaded individually.

Step 2. First, you need to put them into one playlist then you can use the "Download" function. When you have already created a playlist, just turn on the "Download" button and your playlist will automatically start downloading.

Step 3.  When the downloading process finished, you can find these Spotify songs in your computer folder. Note that the download feature only allows you to enjoy offline.

Turn on Download Button

Part 2. 2 Innovative Methods to Download Spotify Songs to Computer

Method One: Use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to Save Spotify songs to Computer

For free users or Spotify Premium users, you need a tool called TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. This program is specially designed for downloading songs from Spotify even without the premium subscription. And, it outputs the DRM-free audio format such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. So, you are able to use it to remove the device limitations of Spotify and transfer these Spotify songs to any unsupported devices for listening.

Now, see how to save Spotify songs to the computer with 3 steps.

Step 1. Add Songs

Launch the Converter, click "Add Files" and then drag songs you want to convert from Spotify to the Converter. Click "Add" to finish adding.

Add Files Mac

Note: Except for dragging songs directly, you can try another way to add songs. Choose a song on Spotify and click the three dots behind its artist, then share it by copying its URL. After that, paste it into the search bar at the bottom of the Converter. Finally, click "Add" to finish adding songs.

Step 2. Choose an Output Format and Folder

Click "Options" > "Advanced" to select the output format for your songs. Click "General" to choose the output folder to save the converted songs.

Select Output Formats Mac

Step 3. Convert the Song

Click "Convert" to start converting the song. Once the conversion is finished, the converted Spotify song will be saved to the output folder. And now you are able to listen to the song whenever you like.

Converting Spotify Music Mac

Method Two: Use TuneFab Screen Recorder to Record & Save Spotify songs to Computer

Some users may want to record Spotify music for offline listening with excellent quality. Here, I would like to recommend TuneFab Screen Recorder. It enables you to record Spotify music freely and convert them into plain formats like MP3 losslessly. It cannot only record audio but also record videos. It can be used to capture live videos, game process, webcam videos and tutorial videos. Of course, the output quality will never let you down.

4 Steps to Record Spotify Music for offline listening

Step 1. Download & Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

Step 2. Click to Audio Recorder and Turn On System Sound and Microphone

Step 3. Play the Spotify Music You Want to Save and Click REC to Record

Step 4. Stop & Save the Spotify Music and Preview Spotify Music

Screen Recorder Interface

[Comparsion] Difference in Between Traditional Ways and Innovative Methods

The former is for the Spotify Premium Member and the files saved are cache files which can't be transferred from computer to computer. Moreover, the former is needed to pay for months. When you have canceled the Spotify Premium, the files you have saved are invalid.

The later is for all the users of Spotify Music, Premium, and Free. And the files you have saved are able to transfer from computer to computer. You just pay once and you can save whatever music on your computer.

In conclusion, no matter you are Spotify Premium user of the Free user, you can find out how to download and save Spotify music to your computer for offline enjoying this article. Go enjoy your Spotify music offline by means of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and TuneFab Screen Recorder.


We have taught the way to save Spotify Music to the computer with this post, but now we would like to share you with the other way to manage your Spotify Music files, that is saving Spotify Music to your devices.

Since there are 2 different devices is used frequently, we would like to divide into 2 parts below. One is for Android Users and the other is for iOS users. 

Android: Transferring files from pc to Android devices is simple and practicable with USB cable.

Insert USB to Android devices > Open the converted music files folder > Select the converted music and press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to the music folder of your devices > Wait for the whole file adding process finished > Pull out the USB cable from Android Devices.

iOS Users: It is not simple to transfer files from pc to iOS devices even with USB cable.

Turn on iTunes > Sign in with your Apple ID and password > Click to "File" to "Add Files to Library" > Select the converted files to your iTunes > Wait for the whole adding process > Insert USB cable to iDevices > Click to "Device" and "Music" > Click to "Selected playlist, artist, albums, and genres" > Click to "Apply" to wait for the whole Sync process finished.

And now it is easy with TuneFab WeTrans, one of the professional and powerful new-released iOS data transfer, transfer music, videos, photos, contacts and sync message without iTunes at the high-speed transmission speed. Besides, the whole transfer tool have 2 different but useful functions, that is making the ringtone and converting HEIC photos.

Instructions: Download and run TuneFab WeTrans > Insert the USB cable to iDevices > Trust WeTrans on your iDevices > Click "Music" > "+" button to adding the converted music files > Wait for the adding finished and enjoy Spotify Music on your iDevices.

Add Music to iOS Devices

Now, you can easy to shift the management mode in between PC and your devices now. Enjoy Spotify music cover all sides of your daily life. 

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