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Best Effective Way to Burn CD from Spotify 2019 [Updated]

By Iris Holmes

Updated on June 03, 2019

"Having subscribed as Spotify Premium, but it seems there are no functions available to burn CD, what should I do?"

It is always an intricate problem for Spotify users, free or Premium when it comes to burning a CD from your attractive Spotify music. Even though you have downloaded Spotify Music from the app, you still find it hard to burn a CD since the music are all protected by what we called DRM protection. Encountered with this problem, most of the users, like you, have no idea about how to burn CD from Spotify. But now, you can free from this issue right here from this effective way introduced on this post.

You will get and learn about:

#1 The best way to download your Spotify music to non-DRM music.

#2 2 professional tools on burning CD from Spotify.

#3 The 100% feasible skill to burn the non-DRM Spotify music to CD.

Now, let's get started with the first move: Download Spotify Music to non-DRM music.


Section 1: Download Spotify Music on PC for Getting Ready to Burn CD

To burn CD from Spotify, the first and foremost part is to get the Spotify music downloaded as the plain music file format, like MP3, M4A and more. Here, what you'll need is the best Spotify Music Downloader and the name is TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

Q: Why do we recommend TuneFab Spotify Music Converter? 

A: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter has lots of highlight functions for taking into consideration, see the main features below.

#1 Convert Spotify Music/songs/playlists to the playable music file format, like MP3, M4A, FLAC, etc.

#2 Support customized the parameter of the converted music, like bitrate, sample rate and more.

#3 Adjust conversion speed only on TuneFab, from 1X to 5X at ease.

#4 Easy to operate with a concise main interface.

#5 Find out more when you using TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

4 Steps to Download Spotify Music to Plain Music File Format

Step 1. Download Spotify Music Converter and Run it

There are 2 buttons are available to download above. Choose the right version of Spotify Music Converter and click to the button to download the Spotify Music Converter to your desktop and then install it on your computer. When the whole downloading and installation is over, run it and a large music note will appear on the main interface.

Step 2. 2 Way to Add Spotify Music for Downloading

TuneFab offers 2 ways to add Spotify Music to the Spotify Music Converter. 

Click to "Add Files" and follow the 2 ways below to add the music that you want to burn Spotify Music to CD.

#1 On the Spotify app interface, drag the music and drop it to Spotify Music Converter to get ready for downloading.

#2 Pick up the Spotify songs and copy the link of Spotify playlists and then paste it into the search bar to add them to prepare the downloading progress.

When you have successfully added the music to the main interface, please don't forget to click "Add" to confirm the music for burning.

Add Music to Spotify

Step 3. Choose the File Format and File Folder

When you have successfully added the Spotify music to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, you can move on to the file format and folder step.

Click to Options and then move on to Advanced, then you can choose the file format as well as conversion speed for your conversion. Move on to General, then you can select the file folder at ease.

Set Music Parameter

Step 4. Convert Spotify Music to MP3 for Burning CD

When all the settings have done, click to Convert to get the music which you want to burn a CD from. Just waiting for a few minutes, and you can get the converted music from the selected music folder.

Converting Spotify Music to MP3

Since you have got the Spotify music downloaded from Spotify app, you can move onto the next section: Burn CD from Spotify on Windows/Mac with 2 brand-new tools. Just keep reading and see what are they.

Section 2: Burn CD from Spotify on Windows/Mac with 2 Tools

Warming Up:

To burn CD from Spotify, here what you will need:

#1 DVD Rewritable Drive and Blank CD: The blank CD is for storing your Spotify Music while the DVD rewritable Drive is using for import the CD and exports the written CD. Please make sure that you have imported the blank CD to the DVD rewritable first for burning CD from Spotify.

#2 Software to Burn CD on Windows/Mac: If you are the Windows users, you will need the ImgBurn for burning CD from Spotify. But if you are Mac users, you will need the Burn app for burning CD on your MacBook without iTunes at ease. Both ImgBurn and Burn are feasible for Windows and Mac users on burning CD with few but easy clicks.

Let's see how it work.

For Windows:

Step 1. Download ImgBurn and install it on your Windows.

Step 2. Run ImgBurn and click to "Write files/ folder to disc" on the main interface of ImgBurn to enter the Burn CD mode.


Step 3. Click to Browse for a folder to import the converted music folder to get ready for burning CD.

Add Folder to ImgBurn

Step 4. Hit to the folder-to-disc-shaped button to start to burn CD from Spotify. However, before burning CD, a pop-up window will pop-up to confirm the folder for burning CD. Please make sure to click "Yes" to move on burning CD step.

Confirm Folder

Now, you can just wait for the burning progress finished and then you can enjoy Spotify with CD on your TV or even when driving.

Burn CD on PC with ImgBurn

For Mac:

Step 1. Download Burn on your MacBook and install it on your MacBook for burning.

Step 2. Onto the main interface of Burn, click to the "Audio" and then "+" button to import your converted music folder. Then you can click to the Select button for selecting the CD type from the drop-down list on the top right corner. Here we recommend MP3 Disc or Audio CD for burning CD.

Step 3. Click to Burn and then get ready for burning CD from Spotify Music.

Add Folder to Burn

Step 4. Select your burning Speed from Maximum Possible and 2X on the pop-up window. Here we recommend choosing Maximum Possible for speed up the whole burning CD progress.

Set Parameter on Burn

Congratulations! Is it easy to burn a CD from Spotify without iTunes in this way? You can just wait for a few seconds then you can burn whatever Spotify music to CD at ease.

Burn CD on Mac with Burn

Up till now, you have learned the way to download Spotify Music and then burn them to a CD. Easy, isn't it? If you have any question, free free to leave a comment below. Enjoy your Spotify Music with a tiny CD right here.

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