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[SOLVED] How to Fix "Apple Music Is Stuck on Loading Library"

By Catrina Jones

July 09, 2019

Apple Music is an awesome music streaming service that provides more than 45 million songs for the audience. However, like so many other apps or programs, Apple Music has unknown bugs and errors occasionally and "Apple Music not loading library" is one of them.

"It seems that Apple Music is stuck on loading library. I open the Music app after I restore my iPhone X and it always shows "Loading Library", "Loading Playlists" in the music section. How can I fix it?"

If Apple Music is not loading your music library, Apple Music is freezing or Apple Music is not responding, here are 4 solutions for you to fix these errors.

1. Check Your Network Connection

A stable network connection is very necessary when using Apple Music service, no matter you are connecting to Internet via WiFi or cellular data.

If you are not sure, you can test out your network by opening another app and see if it can run successfully. If you have problems using other apps, then network should be the main reason causing the problem.

You can do the followings improve the network connecting. Here I will take iPhone as an example.

#1 Turn on "Airplane Mode" on your iPhone, and turn it back on after one minute or two.

#2 Restart your iPhone.

2. Turn iCloud Music Library off and on

If you have lots of songs stored in your Apple Music library, it might cause bugs and crashes when loading tons of songs at a time. The fastest way to fix music syncing bugs on iPhone is to turn iCloud Music Library off and then turn it back on. You can also use this method to fix issues like Apple Music Library Missing or Apple Music Item Not Availabe.

Turn iCloud Music Library Off And On

3. Reset Your iPhone

If none of the above methods helps, you might need to think about resetting your device. This can basically fix all issues on your iPhone. But you'd better backup your iPhone data first before you start the resetting process in case of data loss. TuneFab WeTrans is a great tool that can help you backup anything from iPhone to computer.

4. Try Another App

It's a great idea to use an alternative app to listen to music on iPhone. As far as I know, Spotify is the most popular music streaming service around the world and it supports multiple platforms, such as Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, etc. There's no need to worry about how to move the Apple Music playlist to Spotify because there're plenty of tools that can help. You can check out our previous guide to learn how to transfer Apple Music playlist to Spotify for free.


Sometimes, you will get all kinds of troubles when listening to music online, such as music not loading, music not playing smoothly, etc. Even if Apple Music allows you to download songs for offline playback, it comes with many restrictions. For example it requires good and stable Internet to run the app, and you can only listen to the downloaded songs with the Music app on iPhone. 

If you have enough storage space on your iPhone, I highly recommend that you download Apple Music songs to MP3 and save the music on your iPhone, then you can play them whenever you want without bugs or errors.

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