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Full Tutorial: How to Burn Apple Music to CD [Feasible and Updated]

By Iris Holmes

Updated on August 29, 2019

A great many Apple Music lovers keep turning into our support team again and again for one question, and that is, how to burn Apple Music to CD on earth? Having checked all the question that they have met with when burning Apple Music to CD, we have found out that the majority of the Apple Music lovers are used the iTunes as the tool for burning a CD. And that is the main reason why they failed to burn Apple Music to CD. 

Generally, to burn CD from Apple Music with iTunes, all you need to get the specific CD drive from Apple so that you can get the music burned via iTunes. In order to save your time for burning Apple Music to CD, we would like to share the best way to burn CD from Apple with you all. Now, let's move on the first part, the requirement of burn Apple Music to CD.

The Requirement of Burn Apple Music to CD

To burn CD from Apple Music, you should prepare the following details first.

#1 Apple Music Downloader: Due to the DRM protection, the first and foremost thing for burning Apple Music to CD is to get the best and effective Apple Music Downloader. Here we recommend a tool named TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is designed for Apple users to convert Apple Music to music format like MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC and more. In addition, it keeps the original quality with the superfast conversion 16X provided for the conversion. Apart from this, you can choose the sample rate and bitrate (reach up to 320 Kbps) for your converted music. What's more, you can edit your music metadata like titles of the song, the artist name and more, and if you don't make any change then it will be kept as original.

Download TuneFab Apple Music Converter for Windows/ Mac Here

#2 Rewritable CD/DVD Drive: There are various CD/DVD Drive are available on the Internet. And some of them are just for reading the data from the CD but some are used for writing the data onto the CD disc. So please go and double-check if your CD or DVD drive is rewritable for burning CD.

#3 Blank CD: To burn Apple Music to CD, the crucial element is a Blank CD. Thus before you burn Apple Music to CD, please go and purchase a blank CD or erase the data from the CD for getting ready to burn CD from Apple Music.

#4 Software for Burning CD: We aren't going to share the Windows Media Player or iTunes with you at this post for burning Apple Music to CD. Instead, we will recommend a brand new way to burn Apple Music to CD with 2 best and verified feasible software for burning Apple Music to CD. And they are ImgBurn for Windows users and Burn for Mac users. Since you have prepared these 4 requirements for burning Apple Music to CD, go and move onto the next part to following the full tutorials.

Full Tutorial: How to Burn Apple Music to CD [100% Works]

#1 Get Apple Music to MP3 for Burning Apple Music to CD

Step 1. Run TuneFab Apple Music Converter

On the previous part, there are 2 "Try It Free" buttons for downloading the TuneFab Apple Music Converter. Just click to "Try It Free" button and get the EXE files or DMG files downloaded on your computer. When it is over, click to the file and get TuneFab Apple Music Converter fully installed on your computer and then run it.

Step 2. Choose Apple Music Songs/ Playlists/ Albums for Burning CD

Please make sure that you have fully downloaded the Apple Music from your iCloud Music Library to your Local Drive. After that, you can click to "Refresh" to load all your Apple Music to the converter.

Now having catch sight of the music on the TuneFab Apple Music Converter, you can go to the section of "Playlists" and then pick up the Apple Music by ticking the checkbox in front of each song for adding the music to convert.

Select Music from TuneFab on Mac

Step 3. Adjust Output Settings

Move to "Output" > "Output format" then you can choose the output format for the converted music. Here there is various music file format for burning CD from Apple Music, like MP3, M4A and more. In order to make it playable, MP3 is the best options. If you want to edit the music metadata, then go to Metadata and then manually edit the metadata for the converted files.

Besides this, you can go to "Options" to customize the conversion speed from 1X to 16X. We highly recommend choosing 5X conversion speed for avoiding some errors.

Choose Music Output Format on Mac

Step 4. Convert Apple Music to MP3

Now just one step then you are closer to burn Apple Music to CD. Click to "Convert" to get the Apple Music converted. When the conversion is over, you can click to "Explore Output File" to check if your music is fully converted.

Converting Apple Music to MP3 on Mac

#2 Burn Apple Music to CD on Windows/Mac

For Windows: Download ImgBurn Here: ImgBurn for Burning CD on Windows

For Mac: Download ImgBurn Here: Burn for Burning CD on Mac

For Windows Users

Step 1. Download and run ImgBurn on Windows and pick up the "Write files/ folder to disc" as the Burn CD mode.


Step 2. Import the Converted Apple Music Folder by Clicking to "Browse". When the file folder has imported, then you can move onto the next step.

Add Folder to ImgBurn

Step 3. Hit the Folder-to-Disc button to start burning Apple Music to CD. If there are any pop-up Windows occurred, keep clicking to "Yes" and then get the whole burning progress to proceed.

Confirm Folder

Just wait for the whole progress finished and then you can enjoy Apple Music on CD and get it playing when you driving.

Burn CD on PC with ImgBurn

For Mac Users

Step 1. Download and Run Burn on Mac then you can see the main interface of the Burn tool.

Step 2. Choose Audio as the Burn CD mode. Click to "+" button to add the converted music for burning Apple Music to CD. When it is over, select the Burn CD type from the MP3 disc, Audio CD and more. Here you can choose Audio CD or MP3 disc and then click to "Burn" to burn Apple Music.

Add Folder to Burn

Step 3. On the pop-up Windows, just select the burning Speed as "Maximum Possible" and then click to "Burn" to burn CD on your Mac.

Set Parameter on Burn

Now just a few minutes then you can successfully burn Apple Music to CD and enjoy Apple Music on whatever CD or DVD player at ease.

Burn CD on Mac with Burn

Congratulation! You have made it! Is it feasible for burning Apple Music to CD and better than Windows Media Player and iTunes, isn't it? Be free to contact us if you have any problem. Go and play your Apple Music with your CD now!

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