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Fixed: Apple Music Splitting Up Albums into Two on iPhone

By Catrina Jones

May 17, 2019

Has it ever happened to you that Apple Music keeps splitting random tracks from an album and then putting them in their own separate album? If the answer is positive, then you are not alone. A lot of iPhone users are having the same issue with their music albums. If you want to know why this issue occurs and how to fix it quickly, this guide is the right place for you.

Let's get started, shall we?

Why An Album Is Broken into Individual Albums on iPhone?

To find out the reason why an album splits up into two, I dig deep and read almost all related questions and answers in Google (trying to find out more details of the issue). It turns out that this issue happens under different situations. Here're what I found:

Situation 1. Songs from the same album have different artists

Situation 2. The Artist's name differs from Album Artist's name

If you are having the splitting albums issue, it might be caused by the metadata conflict. iTunes sorts and organizes your music library based on the Artist's name. When songs from the album have different artists, it will split up the album into individual albums according to specific Artist's name. That's why you will get the separated albums will different songs and different artist names.

Apple Music Splitting Albums

How to Fix Songs in the Same Album Separated on iPhone?

Way 1. Make Sure The "Album Artist" Name Is Identical in Both Albums

If an album is splitting up into two, but sharing with the same artist, check if the Album Artist tag is the identical between the separated albums. If not, you can delete and re-enter the Album Artist name to make sure both albums are using the same Album Artist and Artist tags.

Step 1. Find the separated albums in iTunes.

Step 2. Select the album > Right click the mouse > Select "Album Info".

Step 3. In "Details" > "Album Artist" tab, use the same Album Artist for the separate albums.

Step 4. After you rename the tag, the separated albums will be grouped into one album.

Rename Album Artist Tag

Step 5. Now you can sync combined album from iTunes to iPhone. The album should show as one in your iPhone.

Fix Apple Music Album Splits Up

Way 2. Check and Uncheck "Compilation" in iTunes

If the Artist tags are identical in both splitting albums but the issue remains, try method 2. This method is shared by other users in the Apple community and it worked somehow. Take a shot and see if it can help you solve the problem.

Step 1. Select both albums in iTunes and right click the mouse, choose "Get Info".

Step 2. In "Details" tab, check the "compilation" box and press "OK".

Step 3. Then select both albums again and uncheck the "compilation" box.

Check and Uncheck Comilation Box in iTunes

Way 3. Turn Off and Turn On iCloud Music Library

Turning off iCloud Music Library means all songs you've downloaded from Apple Music will be deleted. Then you can turn it back on and re-download the songs from iCloud.

Turn On and OFF iCloud Music Library

Way 4. Delete and Re-add the Music on iPhone

Another method that might work is to delete the separated albums from your iPhone, and then re-add them.

Delete Separated Album on iPhone

Done! If you have other methods that can fix Apple Music splitting albums issue, let me know in the comments!

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