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Best Music Service Comparison: Amazon Music vs Apple Music

By Iris Holmes

December 19, 2017

Listening to music with music service is a chic among the folk. However, encountered with miscellaneous music services in these days, you may confuse about which you are supposed to opt to, especially when it comes to Amazon and Apple Music. They are the most popular streaming music media which have similarities and differences. This essay is going to tell you about the comparison between Amazon Music and Apple Music points by points with main points. And here we go!

Amazon Music VS Apple Music


The whole essay will tell the differences and similarities between Amazon Music and Apple Music. With these two main points, I hope you can understand them clearly.

Point 1. Music Library

Both of Amazon Music and Apple Music supports large capacity of Music Library. However, Apple Music holds larger music Library than Amazon Music.

Amazon Music: There are two choices of Amazon Music, Unlimited and Prime. Amazon Music Unlimited claims that they have "tens of millions of" music and the users of Amazon Prime Music Membership claims can enjoy 2 millions of music.

Note: As the user of Amazon Music Unlimited, the offline assess are allowed to download the music to devices. And Amazon Music Unlimited will have the newest alarm of your favorite singers when it releases.

Apple Music: Apple Music has 40 millions of music you can enjoy on all your devices by Apple ID. Apple Music provides on-demand music and curated playlists, and also allows users to download songs for offline listening.

Point 2. Price

Amazon Music: There are two price options corresponding to its services.

As for Prime Membership, there is two choice for you to enjoy Amazon Music, $10.99 payment for monthly using and $99 payment for annulling using.

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As for Amazon Music Unlimited, the price differs from the identity of the user.

Individual users cost $ 9.99 per month while the users with Prime Membership costs $7.99 per month. If users of Prime Membership want to use it for a year, just $79 for per year, cheaper than a monthly payment.

Family users cost $14.99 per month, the same as Prime Membership. If you want to use it for a year, just $149 for per year.

Eligible students can pay $4.99 for per month, cheaper than the individual as well as family payment.

Besides this, Amazon Music allows users to use the Amazon Music for 30 days trial for free.

Apple Music: In the light of your identity, Apple Music offers different prices for you to enjoy music.

Individual users pay $9.99 per month, family users with maximized 6 people pay $14.99 per months and student users pay $4.99 per month, which are the same as Amazon does.

However, what makes Apple Music different from Amazon is that it allows the users to take 3-months free trials before it requires payment.

Point 3. Devices

Compared with Amazon Music and Apple Music, the former is more widely available than the latter. Let me show you about this.

Amazon Music: It is compatible with wide devices, such as iPhone & iPad, Android Phones & Tables, Mac & PC, Echo, Web, automotive, Fire TV & tables as well as home entertainment.

Apple Music: It is just compatible with Cupertino's key products as well as Apple products which is narrower than Amazon Music.

Point 4. Voice Control

Both Amazon Music and Apple Music are allowed to play with its voice controller. However, what makes them different is that the former puts it into a tool and the latter put it into a program.

Amazon Alexa VS Apple Siri

Amazon Music: Amazon Music play with Amazon Alexa voice controls together will make you enjoy your music entertaining. When you are disappointed in a love affair, you can ask the controller to play music to cure your broken heart, like "Alex, play some songs about love affair" et cetera. However, it is more inconvenient than Apple Music provides for it is a huge tool.

Apple Music: Apple Music allows to play with its voice controller Siri. Siri is like an artificial intelligence robot applying to all the Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and so on. When you doing exercise or going out, you can ask "Siri, play Look What You Made Me Do" to listening to the Music from your iTunes Library or downloading songs on iPhone.

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Point 4. Voice Control

As for Amazon Prime Membership, users can enjoy bundled services provided by Amazon, such as Amazon Instant Video, Kindle Lending Library, and free two-day shopping. However, this is what Apple Music can't supply.

What's More

All the details above are the main difference between Amazon Music and Apple Music. However, what should be understood that all the music of Amazon Music and Apple Music are under protection. As an Apple Music users, you may want to listen to Apple Music without the state-above tool with which are compatible, like Alexa.

All you need is a tool that can break the protection of DRM from Apple Music, the TuneFab Apple Music Converter. It is a software that aimed at killing the protection of DRM from Apple Music by converting iTunes M4P music into plain MP3, AAC format within several minutes in batches. You can down the tool and follow the guidance step by step and get the MP3 files to import the MP3 Music into Amazon.

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Now, you the wise know the difference between the Amazon Music and Apple Music and easy to understand what you are going to opt in the future.

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