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How Do I Burn Audible Audiobooks to CD

By Patrick Dyer

September 03, 2017

Burning Audible audiobooks to CD actually isn't so difficult to handle. If you want to know that, we will teach you two effective ways to burn Audible audiobooks to CD.

Some Audible audiobooks actually have been DRM encrypted calling for privacy prevention. These protected files thus can only be played on some specific devices or software, and cannot be easily copied and burned. That's why you cannot burn Audible to CD with the normal CD burner. If you want to burn the DRM-protected Audible files to CD, there are two available ways for you, one being the iTunes application, the other being a third-party DRM removal.


Part 1. How to Burn Audible to CD with iTunes

Audible has only authorized iTunes to burn the DRM-restricted Audible audiobooks to CD. So you can directly use your iTunes to burn quite a lot of Audible audiobooks to the CD without any difficulty. Here are some steps to use iTunes to burn Audible to CD.

Step 1. Download and install the latest iTunes version.

Step 2. Click the "Book" icon and then click the "My Audiobooks" option.

Step 3. Now right-click the audiobook title that you want to burn, and then click "Add to Playlist" >"New Playlist".

Add Audiobooks to Playlist

Step 4. Insert a blank CD into the CD drive of your PC and wait for recognition completion.

Step 5. Right-click the newly-created Audible audiobook playlist and then choose "Burn Playlist to Disc". Here you could adapt the burning settings. You can set them as follow.

  1. Preferred Speed:8x

  2. Disc Format:Audio CD

  3. Gap Between Songs:None

Step 6. All set, now you could click "Burn". But if your audiobooks playlist is longer than 80 minutes and you, iTunes will prompt when you need to add a new CD.

Yet you have used iTunes to burn Audible audiobooks to CD, but there are still some restrictions for this function.

1. You need to upgrade your iTunes to the latest version.

2. DVD or MP3 disc is not supported by Audible burning.

3. A bad inconvenience is that each audiobook can only be burned for one time with iTunes. That is, you cannot burn the once-burned audiobooks even if you lost the CD by accident.

Part 2. How to Burn Audible to CD with DRM Removed

So is there any way that can get rid of such annoying limits when burning Audible audiobooks to CD? Here a feasible way is to make those special Audible AA/AAX files available with the DRM stripped. From this point of view, you need to employ a professional DRM removal, TuneFab Audiobook Converter, and then you can use some ordinary players like Windows Media Player to carry out the burning process.

TuneFab Audiobook Converter performs excellent work in removing the DRM restriction and converting Audible AA/AAX to other common formats like MP3 / M4A. With Audible audiobooks free from restrictions, you can easily get them burned to CD. The software works on both Windows and Mac and presents you a pleasant conversion with the least loss of quality and time. Moreover, the chapter info will be fully preserved for better listening experience.

• Free Audible audiobooks from DRM;

• Convert Audible AA/AAX to available formats;

• Work at a 10X faster speed;

• Fully preserve chapter info;

Step 1. Install and Download TuneFab Audiobook Converter.

Step 2. Your iTunes audiobooks playlist will be synced to the Converter if you have once used iTunes on your computer. Click the "Audiobook" playlist and choose all the audiobooks you want to burn.

Add Audiobooks

Step 3. Select available "Output Format" like MP3 and M4A. Decide an output location from the "Output Folder" section.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Click the "Convert" button on the top, and TuneFab Audiobook Converter will quickly convert the Audible AA/AAX files with the least loss.

Convert Audiobooks to MP3

Step 5. Now you've got converted Audible files free to play and burn. Use your iTunes to burn Audible to CD, or other common CD burners can also do the CD burning process. This time you won't suffer any burning limits.

As it is, it's an easy matter to burn Audible audiobooks to CD. You can either directly use iTunes to do the Audible burning. Or you can try a third-party DRM removal like TuneFab Audiobook Converter to make your Audible AA/AAX files available to other media players that are capable of burning activity. Now burn your Audible audiobooks to CD and enjoy a splendid Audible listening experience on your self-created CD.

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