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How to Add Audiobooks to iTunes

By Iris Holmes

December 16, 2017

Has it happened to you? You've got other audiobooks and desire to add to your iTunes for listening. Here are tips I am going to introduce on adding audiobooks to iTunes. Go ahead and start to add now.


There are two kinds of audiobooks you may want to add to iTunes. The one is Audible audiobooks, and the other is MP3 audiobooks. Thus, this essay is going to tell you about two ways to add your Audible audiobooks to iTunes as follows.

Part 1. Add Audible Audiobooks to iTunes

If you are the user of both Audiobooks as well as iTunes, you can use a simple way to add Audible audiobooks to iTunes. All you are supposed to do is with your Audible Download Manager. With this manager, you can easily download and add Audible Audiobooks to iTunes.

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Add Audible Audiobooks to iTunes

Step 1. Running the Audible Download Manager first

After running the Audible Download Manager, click the General Settings and you can see selection bar entitled with iTunes, and now you can click a mark of it.

Mark iTunes in General Settings

Step 2. Move on to iTunes and click the Account column

After setting the iTunes on your Audible, iTunes on your computer will launch automatically. You can click the Audiobook Playlists of Audible.

Click Audible in Audiobook Playlists on iTunes

Step 3. Click the Account column to check the downloads

After clicking the Audible Playlist, you can click the Account column to check your audible downloads by Clicking Check for Available Downloads.

Check for Available Downloads of Audible

After downloading the Audiobooks of Audible in iTunes, you can listen to Audiobooks of Audible now. And to that extent, you can add your Audible Audiobooks to iTunes.

Part 2. Add MP3 Audiobooks to iTunes

However, if you have some audiobooks in the format of MP3, you can utilize the below ways to add MP3 Audiobooks to iTunes.

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Step 1. Click the File column

After clicking the File column, you can click Add File to Library by adding your MP3 Audiobooks to iTunes.

Add File to Library

Step 2. Get information of your MP3 audiobooks

After adding the files to your iTunes Library, you can find the audio tracks and right-click to Get information of your files. On the Options column, you can set the "Audiobook" as "Media Kind".

Set Audiobook as Media Kind in iTunes

After setting all the audio tracks of your audiobook, you can listen to your MP3 format of audiobooks on your iTunes.

Up till now, you have learned about the ways to add your Audiobooks in two ways, Audible Audiobooks, and MP3 audiobooks. Hence, you can enjoy not only iTunes' Audiobook but also other audiobooks at your own will.

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