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[Solved] How to Download Audible Books to any MP3 Player?

By Kelsi Gillan

Updated on December 08, 2020

Nowadays, the popularity of audiobooks is on the rise. This can be due to many reasons. On the one hand, audiobooks are easily accessible. Simply browse through the Internet, you can find as many audiobooks as you wish from sources including Audible, Google, and Kobo. On the other hand, listening to an audiobook can be more immersive and intimate than reading, especially when you have a good device to play audiobooks.

In fact, your MP3 player is also a great option for playing audiobooks. If you are an Audible frequent user, some MP3 players are even designed with Audible audiobook support. Therefore, simply download Audible books to an MP3 player, and you can listen to your audiobooks whenever you want and wherever you are. But what if your MP3 player is not an Audible-ready device, does it really mean that you can't use it to listen to your Audible book collection?

Well, in this article, you will find some practical methods to play Audible audiobooks on MP3 players.


Part 1. What are Some Audible Compatible MP3 Players?

It is a well-known fact that Audible company utilizes DRM (digital rights management) to protect audiobooks from being pirated. And as a result, you can only listen to Audible books on authorized devices. Also, Audible audiobooks are uniquely formatted as .aa or .aax files which makes it difficult for MP3 players to recognize these audio files.

But don't get frustrated by the DRM. To give users an easy and convenient listening experience, the company launched the Audible app which is compatible with many devices even some MP3 players are included. That said, if your MP3 player supports the Audible app, you can handily download Audible books to the MP3 player and even directly stream the audiobooks onto the compatible device.

You can listen to audiobooks on the following MP3 players:

* Apple iPod (Touch)

* Creative MP3 Players (Zen)

* SanDisk MP3 Players (Sansa, Clip Jam, Clip Sport, and Clip Voice)

* MP3 player powered by Android (check if the Audible for Android application is provided)

If your MP3 player is neither available on this list nor able to find the Audible app and recognize the Audible format, then the optimum choice is to remove Audible DRM and convert audiobooks to supported formats. Part 3 will provide you with a powerful tool to download and convert Audible books.

Part 2. 4 Quick Steps to Transfer Audible Books to MP3 Player (Audible-Ready Devices)

The following are some quick tutorials to help you download audiobooks to Audible-ready MP3 players. If you own an iPod or other MP3 players that support Audible formats, keep reading this part to learn more details.

Note: iPod Touch owners can directly download the Audible app from the App Store. After logging in to your Audible account, you may select and download your purchased Audible audiobooks with no hassle. Simply launch the Audible app and then go to Library section > Tap a specific Title > and then tap the small arrow icon near the cover art of the audiobook to start downloading. When the title is download, you can tap the Downloaded tab to find your downloaded Audible books.

1.How to Download and Transfer Audible Books to iPod

Assisted by the iTunes software, your Audible audiobooks can be smoothly downloaded to your computer and effortlessly transferred to your iPod for playback as well.

Tools You'll Need:

* iTunes (Mac Catalina users should go to the Books app)

* Your iPod

STEP 1. Connect Your iPod to your computer via USB cable, and launch iTunes. (You may have to "Allow Access" when iTunes opens.)

STEP 2. Once your iPod device appears in the sidebar, click the device icon at the top of iTunes.

STEP 3. Select Audiobooks from the left-side menu.

Select Audiobooks From iTunes Sidebar

STEP 4. Check the box next to Sync Audiobooks then choose either All Audiobooks or Selected Audiobooks. After that, click the Eject icon to the right of your device name when your audiobooks are downloaded and transferred to your iPod. Now you can enjoy your Audible books on the iPod.

Note: If you select All Audiobooks, iTunes will automatically add the audiobooks whenever you plug your iPod into your computer. But if you check the Selected Audiobooks box, you can manually move specific audiobooks onto your iPod by clicking and dragging them from your iTunes Library and dropping them on top of the iPod on the left-side menu.

Manually Sync Audible Books to iPod

2.How to Enjoy Audiobooks on Audible-Compatible MP3 Player

As long as your MP3 player is an Audible-ready device, you can easily download any of your preferred Audible books with the help of the AudibleSync app or Audible Download Manager which are apps provided by Audible.

Tools You'll Need

* Audible-compatible MP3 players

* Audible Download Manager (works on Windows 7/8.1)

* Audible app/ AudibleSync app (Both work on Windows 10)

The following steps will illustrate how to transfer Audible books to SanDisk MP3 Player using the AudibleSync app on Windows 10.

STEP 1. Download and install the AudibleSync app on your Windows computer. And then sign in to your account on the app. Within seconds, you will be brought to your Library.

AudibleSync Library

STEP 2. Click the Download icon next to the title you want to download. Once the download process is finished, the Download button will no longer show.

Download Audible Book

STEP 3. Connect the Audible supported MP3 player to your computer, and click on the device icon on the left side of the screen.

Click Device Button

Now click on Activate Device. You may need to enter your Audible/Amazon account information to proceed.

Click Activate Device

STEP 4. Click on Copy to Device or just simply drag and drop the title into the device, and then your desired Audible books will begin transferring to your MP3 player.

Audible Book Downloading

Note: The Audible for Windows 10 app is also an alternative for AudibleSync that works wonderfully for Windows 10 users. To know more about transferring audiobooks to MP3 players with the Audible for Windows 10 app, you can check this article: How do I transfer my audiobook to my MP3 player on Windows 10?

Windows 7/8.1 users may turn to the Audible Manager app. After installing the app, go to the menu bar and click on Device > Add New Device to add your MP3 player to Audible Manager. And then right-click your MP3 device name and choose Activate… from the menu. After that, you can select and transfer your preferred Audible books by clicking the Add to Device button to complete the process.

Pitifully, there is no Audible Manager available for Mac computers. In order to transfer Audible files using a Mac, you must first activate the MP3 player on a Windows PC using Audible Manager.

Part 3. How to Download Audible Books to MP3 Player and Listen Anytime? (The Universal Method)

As it is mentioned above, few MP3 players can recognize the protected Audible AA/AAX format. However, when I browse through some Audible forum, questions like "Can I convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 files?" can be frequently seen. It really seems that many people want to play Audible books not only on the already compatible devices but also on popular MP3 players such as Sony Walkman or FiiO MP3 player.

Good news for you. It is possible to play Audible books on an MP3 player on the condition that you remove DRM from Audible. And a useful tool – TuneFab Audible Converter can help you convert Audible AAX books to popular formats including MP3, M4A, WMA, and AAC without having to worry about DRM or file compatibility. But remind that it is considered legal to break DRM only for your own use, and you must not share the resultant files with others.

The instructions below should help you get your Audible book collection in MP3 audio format and let you freely enjoy it on an MP3 player, be it famous or little-known.

STEP 1. Import Purchased Audible Books to iTunes

In addition to getting rid of Audible DRM, TuneFab Audible Converter is actually designed to remove iTunes DRM and Apple Music DRM. Therefore, to make the best use of this converter, you should import your Audible books to iTunes first.

Note: Mac Catalina 10.15 users should open the Apple Books app and import their Audible audiobooks.

* Import Audible books that are locally saved on your computer:

Launch iTunes, and select the Audiobooks tab on the upper left corner of your screen. From the menu bar, choose File > Library > Import Playlist…After that, you may be required to authorize iTunes to access your Audible account, then enter your account and password to continue. And then your downloaded Audible books will be imported to iTunes.

* Import audiobooks on your Audible Library:

This needs help from the Audible app. When the Audible app is installed on your computer, run the program. Log in to your Audible account and click the Library icon from the sidebar. All your audiobooks will be presented in this section. Select an audiobook and right-click the title, choose Import into iTunes.

Audible App Import to iTunes

You may receive a pop-up that asks you to download the book. Click OK, and authorize your account so that the title can be successfully downloaded and imported to iTunes.

Confirm Download and Import to iTunes

STEP 2. Select the Audible Books You Want to Convert

Download and install TuneFab Audiobook Converter, and then run the software. Your iTunes will automatically relaunch again but you don’t have to close it.

Click to open your "Audiobooks" playlist from the sidebar. And then all your audiobooks will display on the right panel. Check the box beside the titles that you need to convert. TuneFab supports batch conversion so you can conveniently convert AA or AAX files.

Select Audible AA AAX Books

If you choose an audiobook title and then switch to the "Metadata" tab, you may also edit your Audible book information.

Edit Audiobook Metadata

Note: If you don’t want to lose the special features built into Audible files, for instance, the chapter information, we advise you to choose M4A as an output option.

STEP 3. Customize Your Output Settings

Choose your desired output format from the "Output Settings" section below. You can also customize the profile settings according to your preferences.

Choose Audiobook Format

STEP 4. Convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3

Once the customization is done, click the "Convert" button on top of the menu bar and TuneFab Audible Audiobook Converter will begin to convert Audible AAX to MP3. Windows version supports change conversion speed to its maximum 10X faster that can save you more time.

Converting Audible AAX to MP3

When the conversion process is over, you can enjoy the Audible audiobooks in MP3 format on your Sony Walkman MP3 players or any other MP3-compatible devices.

Audiobook Conversion Finished

Final Words

Compared to music files, audiobooks do require more space because an audiobook can last for 5 or even 50 hours. Therefore, an MP3 player will surely be worth an investment if you are an avid audiobook listener. Due to the fact that not all MP3 players are Audible-compatible, you need the right tool to convert Audible books to MP3 or other DRM-free audio formats. And TuneFab Audible Converter is a trustworthy tool that makes it easy for you to play Audible books on MP3 players. Do give it a try!

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