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How to Play Audible Audiobooks on Bose SoundTouch

By Tony Moton

June 29, 2018

"Can Audiobooks in iTunes be played on Bose Soundtouch 30? I am an avid listener of audio books. Mostly from Audible. I've synched my iTunes Library, and they are not available on the Soundtouch and they are not convertible to MP3 format. Is there a solution? I'm not likely to keep this system if I can't listen to the the audiobook files."

Bose-SoundTounch 30 Speaker

Actually, Audible Audiobooks are limited by DRM (Digital Rights Management), and they can only be played on a specific player. Nevertheless, Bose SoundTouch doesn't support Audible Manager and any other copyright protected audio files. The SoundTouch system supports several audio file formats including MP3, AAC (excluding protected files), M4A (including Apple lossless ), WMA, OGG (Spotify only). So, is it possible to play Audible Audiobooks on the Bose SoundTouch? Of course, the following will introduce an extraordinary way to make it possible.


Part 1. A General Overview of Bose Soundtouch 30

Bose-SoundTounch Wireless Music System

1.1 Less effort, more music

With Bose SoundTouch 30, You can listen to music on your own terms without worrying about which technology is best. The Bose SoundTouch speaker can play music directly from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. You can also connect the speaker to a Wi-Fi network and listen without using your cell phone at home.

1.2 Fast, simple control of all your music

With the SoundTouch application, users can enjoy their favorite music through Bose SoundTouch speakers. Bose SoundTouch lets you have full control over music listening experience through SoundTouch on a smartphone or tablet. You can browse popular music services like Spotify and Deezer, Internet radio or your stored music library. Bose Sound Tounch also allows you to easily change system preset, connect your favorite music with one key, and control one or more home near the SoundTouch speakers.

Part 2. How to Play Audible Audiobooks on Bose SoundTouch

As mentioned above, the main reason that Audible Audiobooks fail to be played on Bose SoundTouch refers to the DRM encryption added on them. As a result, I strongly recommend a third-party program to you. The TuneFab Apple Music Converter performs well in eliminating DRM restrictions and converting Audible AA/AAX into MP3 or other common formats. The software can run on both the Windows and the Mac computers, and allows you to convert audiobooks easily and efficiently with high quality and the fastest time. In addition, chapter information will be preserved in full in order to get a better hearing experience. Detailing steps to follow:

Step 1. Install and Download TuneFab Apple Music Converter

First of all, you need to download the program I described above. Click on the "free trial" button to get a trial version of the program. And make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your computer. When you run it, all your files in iTunes Library are automatically displayed on the interface.


Step 2. Select Audible Audiobooks You Want to Remove DRM

Before we start the conversion, add Audible Audiobooks to iTunes. After importing the Audible files to iTunes library, you can click on the "Audiobooks" in the left column, and you'll see all the audiobooks files on the right. Then, select the audible audiobooks that you want to remove DRM.

Choose Apple Music Tracks

Step 3. Output Settings

You can select the output format, customize the output file configuration file, and select an output folder in the "Output settings" section under the selection box. MP3 and M4A are recommended output formats. Then, click on the "Options" in the top left corner, and tick the "Metadata tags" option, you will be able to fully preserve the original chapter information.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Start Converting Audible Audiobooks

Now, click on the button "Convert", TuneFab Apple Music Converter will start removing DRM, and converting Audiobooks (AA/AAX) to MP3/M4A.


After conversion, you can enjoy iTunes audiobooks on Bose SoundTouch or any other devices. Then you can use SoundTouch to play audiobooks at home with your family that is really a great experience. With the help of TuneFab Apple Music Converter, you can actually realize your perfect listening experience. So download it and get moving!

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