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Book enthusiasts can't be more familiar with Audible as it obviously has become the most important source of fantastic audiobooks and podcasts. However, when you want to download your favorite audiobooks for stable offline playback or any other purposes, you may find getting audible books to your varied devices can be a challenge. In this article, full tutorials about how to download Audible books to PC, Mac, iPhone, Android will be listed. More importantly, there is also a bonus tip to solve the protected Audiobooks in AA/AAX formats problems at the end of this article.


Part 1. First Step: Buy Audible Books

Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service which offers millions of curated contents for you to pick up. After you sign in, you can purchase and download whatever titles you like. If you get an Audible Premium Plus membership, you are able to get benefits like the Audible Plus Catalog, credits, sales, and more. When you’re wobbling about whether to buy the titles in Audible, fortunately, you can freely listen to the first few minutes of an audiobook. Once you confirm the ones you want to have a full enjoyment, you have to pay for them. See how to do it below.

Step 1. Sign in to your Audible account in a browser on PC.

Sign in Amazon Audible

Step 2. Choose audiobooks you want to buy and click "Add to Basket". If you have an Audible coupon, you can click "Buy Now with 1 Credit" and your coupon will be automatically used for the purchase.

Add to Basket

Step 3. Check if relevant purchase details are correct, click on "Proceed to Checkout" and complete the purchase.

Audible Books Purchase

Once you complete the purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email. Then you can find the purchased audiobooks on your “Library” and download them to your PC or other devices.

Part 2. Full Tutorial: Download Audible Books to Audible App Supported Device

How to Download Audible Books to PC

Step 1. Download Audible App

For Windows users, if you want to download Audible books for offline playback on PC, you have to download the Audible app for Windows on Microsoft Store first.

Get Audible Windows App

Step 2. Launch Audible and Sign in

After you complete downloading the Audible app on windows, launch it and sign in.

Step 3. Customize Download Settings

When you successfully log in, go to "Library" and all titles will be displayed automatically. Click the "Settings" button at the bottom left column, then click "Downloads" to customize the following:

* Select high-quality download format

* Download your library by parts

* Choose your download location

* Automatically import downloaded titles to iTunes

Downloads Settings Audible

Step 4. Start Downloading Audible Books to PC

When you finish the download settings, click on the download icon, and then it will start the download process.

Step 5. Manage Downloaded Audiobooks

Now you can listen to them directly via the Audible app or import your audiobook to iTunes for better listening experience.

If you want to manage these downloaded files manually, you can find them in the "Internal Location" where they are saved by default. Normally you can navigate to the "Settings" icon > "Downloads" > "Download location" > "Open Download Location in File Explorer" to view all the downloaded items.

How to Download Audible Books on Mac

Step 1. Go to "Library" of Audible Website

For Mac users, you are allowed to download audiobooks via the official Audible website directly. Go to "Library" where all your purchased items will be listed.

Step 2. Click on "Download" button

Find the audiobooks you want to download and click on the "Download" button at the right of the audiobook.

Download Audible Books Mac

Step 3. Add Audiobooks to iTunes

After you finish downloading the audiobook immediately without using the Audible app, you can add the AAX audiobooks to iTunes for listening.

How to Download Audible Books on iPhone

Step 1. Click "Library" and Start Downloading

When you've installed the Audible app on your iPhone, just launch it and click "Library". You can see all the purchased items here and click the download icon to start downloading.

Download Audible Books iPhone

Step 2. Customize Download Settings

To better control the download quality of Audible books, you can change Audible download quality to "Standard" or "High" via "Profile" > "Data & Storage".

Audible Download Settings iPhone

How to Download Audible Books to Android

Step 1. Click "Library" and Start Downloading

On Android devices, just launch Audible and click "Library" where all purchased items will be listed. Then you can click the download icon to start downloading.

Download Audible Books Android

Step 2. Change Download Settings

If you want to change the download quality of Audible books for better control of the size of downloaded files, you can change Audible download quality to "Standard" or "High" via "Profile" > "Data & Storage".

Change Audible Download Settings Android

Through the brief tutorials above, you've already known the easiest way to download Audible books. On your PC, Apple iPhone, or Android phone, you can download Audible books on the Audible app. For Mac users, it's available to download audiobooks via the official Audible website.

However, you may find that although you've downloaded Audible books to PC, you can't play them on your MP3 player. That's because all downloaded audiobooks from Audible will be AA/AAX format since June 30, 2020, which is DRM protected. If you want to listen to Audible books on your own player software or any other device such as an MP3 player, Sony Walkman, PSP, etc., you need to convert the downloaded Audible books to MP3 format.

FAQ: Does Audible Work Offline?

If you are wondering whether if you can listen to Audible books offline, the answer depends. When you've purchased Audible books and downloaded them on your app successfully, you're able to listen to audiobooks on this app offline. But if you're under a terrible network connection and you forget to download audiobooks before, then you can't. What's more, all downloaded audiobooks can only be played on limited Audible-supported apps. Fortunately, now you can download Audible to MP3 via TuneFab Audible Converter, which enables you to listen to Audible books offline on any device.

Downloading Audible books to MP3 through TuneFab Audible Converter won't be a cumbersome process as it's super easy to operate. This versatile Audible book converter owns advanced technology to unlock encryption from Audible books, which helps it stand out among a wide variety of Audible converters on the market. It also supports other most popular and practical output formats-M4A, FLAC, and WAV, which will definitely bring you better Audible books playback experiences.

Main Interface

Outstanding features of this program you should never miss out:

Conversion with fast speed: Its conversion speed can reach up to 60X faster.

Batch conversion supported: It won't be time-consuming or tricky as this program supports batch conversion at one go.

Best sound quality and multi-format supported: It supports conversion with 100% original quality and its supported formats include MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV.

Better audiobook management: You can always perfectly keep the original chapter info and ID3 tags, which will help you never get lost amidst your sizeable audiobook collection.

Drag and drop feature: You are able to master the usage of this tool in seconds.

Technical support: The support team always stands by to help you better manage it.


Audible book now plays an essential role in our life as it is a significant way for us to gain curated content and enjoyment in our spare time. Hope tutorials above on how to download Audible books to PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android have solved your problems. If you want to download AA/AAX audiobooks into MP3, TuneFab Audio Converter should be the best choice. Any questions or advice to share? Please leave your ideas in the comments zone!

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