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How to Use Apple Music Web Player to Listen to Music Online

By Catrina Jones

Updated on October 16, 2019

Want to play Apple Music on Windows PC or Mac but don't want to open iTunes?

Want to play Apple Music on non-iOS devices without using Music App?

Now you can make it come true by using the Apple Music web player, which is a beta version officially launched by Apple. With this web player, you can listen to Apple Music songs in all browsers like Google Chrome across all platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, etc. It's really a great feature for those who want to listen to Apple Music online without installing iTunes or Apple Music app.

If you haven't tried Apple Music web player yet, then take a look at this guide on how to play Apple Music song on web player step by step.


1. Listen to Apple Music Songs Online with Apple Music Web Player

Note: For Apple Music subscribers, you are required to sign in with your Apple ID to play the complete song in a web browser. Otherwise, you can only play 30 seconds of each song. If you want to sign up for Apple Music subscription, you still need to do it via iTunes on PC or Music app on your iOS devices.

Step 1. Visit the web-based Apple Music player at in any web browser.

Step 2. Click "Sign In" at the upper right corner to get the access to play full songs and add songs to your library.

Sign in Apple Music Web Player

Step 3. You can start streaming music by clicking at the song you want to play in the browser.

Play Apple Music on Web

Want to know more features about the Apple Music online player? Here're some highlights:


#1 The Apple Music web player looks exactly like the new Music app on macOS 10.15 Catalina. And the web app has the Dark Mode and Light Mode support, so it can adjust the theme based on whether your Mac is in Light/Dark Mode.

#2 You can get access to all your Apple Music songs, playlists and albums exactly like you do on iTunes or Music app. And it also supports features like "For You", "Browse", "Radio". "Up Next". You can play songs, add songs to library and listen to radio as well.


#1 Lyrics are not supported.

#2 Can't upload music to the web player.

Since it's just a beta version, the Apple Music web app might not be perfect at this moment and still has much functions to be improved. If you don't like using this beta web app, you can try out some unofficial web players we introduced previously in this article.

2. 5 Unofficial Web Players for Listening to Apple Music in Browser

1. Maeve – Free Web Player for Apple Music without iTunes

Maeve is created by a software engineer called An Tran. The reason why he decided to make a web player for Apple Music is simple - he was using Linux at working and he couldn't install iTunes to listen to Apple Music. So, if you are looking for a way to listen to Apple Music songs without downloading iTunes, Maeve is a great choice.

What I Like about Maeve

Fantastic tool to manage Apple Music collection: It has a useful navigation panel that lets you browse and access all music sections easily, including For You, Chart,, Album, Playlist, Songs, etc. With Maeve, you can create playlists, search playlist, shuffle play music and repeat songs.

It offers an interactive map that allows you to check out the top 100 charts by country or genre.

Customizable themes: You can select the preset themes, or you can create a personalized theme by yourself. integration: Once connecting to in Settings, you can scrobble your music to easily.

Artists/Songs blocking: If you don't like the artists or songs, just block them and they will be filtered out of any playlist you play.

Lyrics from Genius: You can view the lyrics in different modes: in a pop-up or in a full screen.


2. Musish – A Web Player That Has A Clean & Intuitive Design

Musish is an open-source Apple Music web player created by 4 developers: Brychan Bennett-Odium, aphaël Vigée, James Jarvis, and Filip Grebowski. It has a clean and intuitive interface that looks like it is designed by Apple.

What I Like about Musish

It is available on any computer that can run a web browser. You can use it on a computer which is running macOS, Windows or Linux.

Similar to Maeve, Musish offers you the For You, Browse and My Library sections which show you your recently played tracks, the top 100 playlists and recently added tracks, artists, albums, songs and playlists, etc.

It also features a mini player that lets you play, shuffle, and repeat song easily and lets you see lyrics as well.

Different from Meave, Musish provides you with 2 kinds of streaming quality: High (256 kbps) and standard (64kbps).


3. Apple Music Toolbox – A Secret Way to Listen to Apple Music in Browser

Apple Music Toolbox is an unofficial web client for Apple Music. It doesn't look like a proper web player but it's still quite useful when it comes to streaming Apple Music through browser.

It has the search box which lets you find out the song you like by searching for the name of the song, artist, album or playlist.

You can add songs to your library, copy song link, embed album and share music with Apple Music Toolbox.

However, this tool cannot be recognized as a full-feature web player because there are lots of functions not included in it. It can only offer you the basic function of playing songs on web or adding songs to a library and save playlist.

Apple Music Toolbox

4. ThinMusic – An Apple Music Web Player for All Modern Browsers

ThinMusic is an Apple Music web player created by Anant Narayanan. It is another tool that lets you play Apple Music songs, albums and playlists from all modern browsers.

You can browse the top playlists and search whatever songs you like in the Apple Music library. You can scrobble songs to

What’s more, you can add the songs into queue and play them in different way: shuffle play, play next, play last, etc.


5. Zachary Seguin Music – A Web Player for Apple Music Using MusicKit JS.

Zachary Seguin Music has the similar functions as the tools we mentioned above. It lets you view top charts, search music, add songs to queue, and select music playback quality (standard is 64 kbps and high is 256 kbps).

Zachary Seguin Music

That's it, the above are the best Apple Music web players that you can use to stream Apple Music song through a web browser. Which one do you like best? If you have other great options, tell us in the comments!

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