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5 Fast Ways to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Deezer

By Vicky Lewis

July 07, 2018

Spotify is a music streaming service which provides DRM-protected content including music and podcasts with the Free and Premium version provided. While Deezer is a music streaming service which allows users to listen to music content from record labels. If people are using both music services, sometimes they may need to transfer music playlists from Spotify to Deezer for better enjoyment. To get the goal done, it is advised that they can follow the tutorial to transfer Spotify playlists to Deezer easily.

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Part 1. Quick Solution to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Deezer

If you want to transfer Spotify Playlists to Deezer successfully and quickly, you need to utilize a third-party software. Thus, here I would like to introduce you a powerful tool to transfer Spotify playlists to Deezer - TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, with which you can easily and professionally convert songs, playlists in Spotify to DRM-free MP3, M4A etc. and download the Spotify MP3 files to Deezer.

You can use the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter with the following features:

˙ Download any songs from Spotify freely;

˙ Remove DRM and convert the Spotify music into plain formats;

˙ Download and transfer Spotify music on all devices;

˙ Save ID3 tags and metadata;

˙ Customize audio parameters.

˙ Customize conversion speed, 1X to 5X.

Step 1. Start TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

After installing Spotify on your computer, get access to the music library. Then, launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and Spotify will be activated automatically.

Main Interface Mac

Step 2. Add Files

Click "Add Files", drag songs, playlists, albums, tracks, etc. from Spotify. Or select the songs you want to convert on Spotify,  as well as copy and paste the song link to the search bar. Click "Add".

Add File Mac

Step 3. Pick Up Songs to Transfer

Choose the songs you like and then click "Add" again.

Drag and Drop Spotify Songs Mac

Step 4. Adjust Output Information

First, change the output format. Click "Options" > "Advanced", then choose the output format from the 4 audio formats (MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC). Additionally, you are able to change sample rate and bitrate before conversion.

Select Output Formats Mac

Second, change output folder. Click "Options" > "General", then click "Select" to change the output folder to save the converted songs.

Choose Output Folder Mac

Step 5. Shift Spotify Music to MP3 or Other Formats

Click "Convert" and start converting Spotify songs. You need to wait minutes if you have a bunch of songs to convert.

Converting Spotify Music Mac

Step 6. Check the Conversion Process (Optional)

When the conversion is done, you are available to check if any songs being forgotten by clicking the button of "History" to find out.

Spotify Music Converter History

Part 2. Other 4 Ways to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Deezer

The other four ways that could be used to import songs from Spotify to Deezer will be introduced as below. These methods can also help you to get the music files on Spotify for easy enjoyment on Deezer. Find and check it.

Method 1. Use Soundiiz

Soundiiz is a playlist converter for several music streaming sites. And it is simple but provides you with a wide range of choices. The website supports YouTube, Deezer, Spotify and so on. You can accomplish the transferring of Spotify to Deezer. For the purpose of getting the results in line with requirements, you'd better follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Click this website to visit the platform.

Soundiiz Main Interface

Step 2: Login both your Spotify and the Deezer account, the website will redirect the user to the official websites to complete the login process once "Connect to Spotify" and "Connect to Deezer" buttons are clicked.

Login Spotify And Deezer Account

Step 3: After signed in, select the playlists you want to transfer from Spotify and then choose Deezer as the destination. The transferring will be done by the website so that you can share the Spotify playlists on Deezer without any trouble.

Drag Files From Spotify

Method 2. Try Spotizr

Spotizr is also the easy and fast way to transfer Spotify playlists to Deezer. Unlike Method 1, Spotizr doesn't require you to sign in with your Spotify account. Instead, to continue the task, what you only need is a playlist URL. Just keep following the below simple steps to transfer the music.

Step 1: Click and visit the URL of Spotizr to trigger the process.

Step 2: Copy and paste the Spotify playlist URL to the bar designated for the same purpose.

Transfer Spotify with Spotizr

Step 3: Click the "Import" button so that you are redirected to Deezer login page. By logging in your Deezer account, the playlist you select will be automatically transferred to your Deezer account.

Connect To Deezer Account

Method 3. With Mooval

Mooval is another online website that helps you move your playlists from Spotify to Deezer. With Mooval, you just need to comply with the following simple guidelines so as to get the best outcome without a hitch.

Step 1: Click the URL of Mooval and visit the website.

Step 2: Done the "Select export service" and "Select import service", then click "Connect" to allow Mooval to connect your Spotify and Deezer account.

Connect Spotify And Deezer Account

Step 3: Click "Continue" to get your data read so that you can access the data on Spotify or Deezer account.

Read Data From Spotify Or Deezer Account

Step 4: Mooval starts analyzing the playlists.

Move Playlists via Mooval

Step 5: Click "Move" to transfer playlists from Spotify to Deezer.

Method 4. Via SongShift

SongShift is an iOS application that can easily shift playlists between Spotify to Deezer. It is free to move playlists containing under 100 tracks, and charges £3.99 to unlock the full version.

Step 1: Download SongShift.

Step 2: Launch the application and then tap "Begin New Shift".

Step 3: Select Spotify as source and Deezer as the destination.

Step 4: Add the tracks to an existing playlist or create a new one.

Step 5: Start moving your playlist.

So, here are the ways to transfer Spotify playlists to Deezer or you can do it on the other way around. You can choose any one according to your need and preference. Among which, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is of high recommendation, which can transfer music easily and without losing quality. With such simple ways, you can listen to as many popular songs as you want online or you can just save Spotify music to your computer so that you can listen at any time.

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