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2 Easy Ways to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music

By Iris Holmes

October 03, 2019

What can you do if you want to unsubscribe your Spotify account and then move onto Amazon Music? Probably, your answer to this question is go to the Spotify account, find out all the playlists and songs on Spotify and then add them one by one to your new Amazon Music account. However, this manually way to transfer Spotify playlists to Amazon music is not the best option. To make it easy to transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music, we would like to give you the 2 easy but feasible way to transfer Spotify playlists to Amazon Music.

The first way is to transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon music is using the third-party software to load your playlists and then transfer to your Amazon Music account, and the other way is to download the Spotify Playlists and then upload to your Amazon Music. Let's begin with the first part, transfer Spotify playlists to Amazon Music via Stamp.


Method 1. Transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music with Stamp

To transfer Spotify playlists to Amazon Music, we can get the utmost out of some third-party transfer software, like Spotify to Amazon Music transfer. Here we highly recommend a multifunctional music transfer for all sorts of streaming music app, like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more. And the name is Stamp.

4 Steps to Transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music

Step 1. Download Stamp to Choose Spotify Playlists

Click to the link Stamp and then get it fully downloaded on your computer. Follow the instructions and then get it installed on your computer, then run it. When it is opened, you can catch sight of the whole main interface of the Stamp.

Now, on the main interface of Stamp, choose Spotify as your music source and then log into your previous Spotify account and then move onto the following step.

Choose Spotify

Step 2. Choose Amazon Music as Your Destination Music Services

After choosing the Spotify as your music source, now you will be lead to choose your destination music. On the main interface of Stamp, click to Amazon Music and then log into your Amazon Music account.

Choose Amazon

Step 3. Waiting for Fetching Songs from Spotify Playlists

When you have done to choose the music sources and destination, you can see that the whole Stamp is working on fetching songs from Spotify.

Fetching Spotify to Amazon

Step 4. Transferring Spotify Playlist to Amazon

When it is done, you can just wait for the whole transferring from Spotify Playlist to Amazon. When it is over, then you can go to Amazon to check if your playlists are fully transferred.

Transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon


There are some limitations if you transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon. List 2 of them below.

#1 Some songs will be failed to transfer because some songs will be not matched, as you can see in the screenshot above.

#2 Some error will have occurred when transferring. Under this situation, you need to restart the transfer manually.

Basic on this situation, you need to find out the Spotify songs that fail to add to Amazon one by one by manually. So how can you make the full Spotify Playlists transferred to Amazon? You can try another way to transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music, that is download Spotify Playlists and then upload to Amazon for transfer. Now, let's move onto the next part to see how to make it.

Method 2. Download & Transfer Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music

To download Spotify Playlist to MP3, you need to get some Spotify Playlists downloader for help. Here, we recommend a powerful Spotify music downloader, namely TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter allows Spotify Free and Spotify Premium to download Spotify Music, playlists, albums and more to commonly-used music files, like MP3, M4A, FLAC and more. Besides this, you can self adjust the music parameter like Sample rate, bitrate with all the metadata kept. What's more, you can customize your conversion speed, reach up to 5X conversion speed.

Section 1: 3 Steps to Download Spotify Playlists

Step 1. Add Spotify Music to TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on your computer and then install it. When it is over, run TuneFab Spotify Music Converter for getting the music to convert.

Click to "Add Files" button to add Spotify Music to the Converter. You can drag and drop the Spotify Playlists onto the converter, but also you can copy the URL from Spotify and then paste it onto the converter. When it is done, click to Add again.

Add Music to Spotify

Step 2. Choose Output File Format and Folder

Click to Options and then you can choose output file format and folder. On the Advanced options, choose your music file formats as MP3 along with the music parameters like Sample rate and bitrate and more. And on the General options, choose the converted file folder for keeping your converted Spotify playlists.

Set Music Parameter

Step 3. Convert Spotify Playlist for Getting Ready to Transfer

Click to Convert and then you can get Spotify playlists fully downloaded on your computer. Waiting for several minutes, if it is a batches conversion.

Converting Spotify Music to MP3

When you have fully downloaded the Spotify Playlists, you can upload Spotify Playlist to Amazon, and Amazon just allows to upload 250 songs free cloud space. However, your purchased music from Amazon Music won't be included in the upload music limits.

Section 2: 3 Steps to Upload Spotify Playlists to Amazon Music

Step 1. Download Amazon Apps on your Computer

Log into your Amazon account on Amazon Music website and then onto the main interface, click to the button above with your Username to Download Desktop App.

Download Amazon Music

Step 2. Enter to Amazon Music Preference Page

When the Amazon Music app is fully downloaded, then you click to install it. When it is over, log in your Amazon account to enter your Amazon Music library.

Go to the top right corner with your username of Amazon, and then click to the download-arrow button to choose Preference to enter the Preference Page.

Enter Amazon Music Preference Page

Step 3. Upload & Transfer Your Spotify Playlist to Amazon Music

On the General Settings page, scroll down to the part called Automatically Import Music From. Click to the Select folder button to load Spotify Playlists. When you have selected, your Spotify Playlist will be automatically added to Amazon Music.

Upload Spotify Playlists to Amazon

Up till now, you have got 2 ways to transfer Spotify Playlist to Amazon Music. How do you feel about the music transfer between Spotify to Amazon Music? Is it easy and feasible to transfer the Spotify Playlist to Amazon Music, isn't it? If your answer is postive, just go and share this post with your friends. Besides if you have any question toward these 2 ways, just feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post.

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