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Solved: How to Transfer Spotify Music Playlists to Apple Music

By Tony Moton

October 05, 2018

As music accompanies us more in daily life, music services show their diversity by providing high-quality music, large quantities of tracks, and user-friendly customization. Among all the music services, Spotify and Apple Music tower above the rest for their refined streaming music and massive collections of various genres. However, many may wonder how to transfer Spotify music playlists to Apple Music when they decide to go to Apple Music.

Indeed, if you have generated a bunch of well-organized playlists on Spotify before, it could be annoyed if you can't transfer them to Apple Music for playback. To solve the problem, this post will provide you with 2 methods to transfer playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. In addition, we take the other circumstance into consideration just in case: transfer Apple Music playlists to Spotify. Read ahead to get the methods with ease!

Apple Music VS Spotify


Part 1. Differences Between Spotify and Apple Music

Both Spotify and Apple Music are dominant music streaming services around the world, attracting considerable fans who speak highly of the service they have enjoyed. However, differences lie obviously out there. Let's take a look at the major disparities between these two top-rank music services.

1. Music Library

Spotify has got 30+ million songs catalog with 20,000 new songs added every day, while Apple Music has around 45 million songs which is a larger than that of Spotify. Moreover, Apple Music has an integrated iTunes Library that syncs songs between different devices no matter it is ripped from a CD, uploaded to iTunes Match or purchased from iTunes Store. It will keep your music and library tidied up.

Apple Music iTunes Library

2. Music Discovery

Every music streaming service has its music discovery features, offering more melodious songs for its users. However, it seems that Spotify has done a better job. Features such as Release Radar, New Music Friday, Secret Genius, Discover Weekly can recommend hot songs that you probably love according to your playing history.

Spotify Discover Weekly

3. User Interface

It is obvious that Spotify wins the battle again when it comes to the user interface. The interface of Spotify is more intuitive and you can find the exact feature you want with ease. However, Apple Music has made some optimization ever since iOS 10 and iOS 11. The layout become more streamlined experience which will be appreciated by a music enthusiast.

Spotify User Interface

Both Apple Music and Spotify have their pros and cons, you can find your ideal music streaming features according to your all demands.

Part 2. Two Methods to Transfer Spotify Music Playlists to Apple Music

Method 1. Transfer Spotify Music Playlists to Apple Music with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

The first way to transfer Spotify music playlist is to use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. First of all, you should understand that Spotify's default OGG format is protected by DRM protection. Therefore, it's necessary to use a Spotify DRM removal to unlock the DRM before transferring the music to other devices or platforms. As its name indicates, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a powerful software enables you to convert Spotify music into various DRM-free music formats like MP3, M4A, etc. What's more, this converter can convert a bunch of tracks at a time, which is to say, this feature enables you to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music with ease. Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to have a free trial!

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Follow the instruction of installation and the launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of Spotify on your computer. Once you launch TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, Spotify will be activated simultaneously.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Main Interface

Step 2. Add Spotify Music Playlists to the Program

Click the "Add Files" button at the top left of the main interface and then you can add files to the converter in two ways:

#1. Drag to Add

Go to Spotify and then drag and drop the playlists that you want to transfer to Apple Music to the blank area of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Besides, you can also drag single songs, albums, artists, tracks, etc. to the converter.

#2. Copy URL to Add

The other way is to copy the links of the Spotify playlists and then paste it into the search bar respectively. To find out the URL, you can go to Spotify and then right click the playlists that you like, after which a drop-down list will appear and you are able to choose the option.

After the selection, don't forget tapping on the "Add" button at the lower right part.

Add Spotify Music

Step 3. Pick up the Spotify Music Playlists to Converter

In this step, tick the checkbox to select the Spotify songs that you are fond of, and then click "Add" one more time.

Add Songs to Spotify Music Converter

Step 4. Select Output Format

Now click "Options" > "Advanced" and choose an appropriate format for Spotify songs. MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC are available for you to choose from.

Select Output Format

Step 5. Select Output Folder

Go to "Options" > "General" > "Select…" and you are able to save the converted songs into a specific folder on your computer. Otherwise, they will be saved in the default one.

Change Output Folder for Spotify Songs

Step 6. Convert Spotify Playlist

After all the necessary settings, click "Convert" to transfer Spotify playlists to local files, which can be moved and played on any devices as you like.

Convert OGG into MP3

After all the songs are converted to your computer, then you can import these songs to iTunes and then play them on Apple Music.

Method 2. Transfer Spotify Music to Apple Music with Stamp

Stamp is a capable music transferring software that is welcomed by both Spotify and Apple Music users. The software can seamlessly transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music with simple steps.

Stamp Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

Step 1. Visit this website: Exportify.

Step 2. Click on "Get Started" and log in your Spotify account to export Spotify playlists to CSV file.

Export Spotify Playlist to CSV

Step 3. Go to Stamp website and download Stamp on your computer. There are different plans that you can choose. For the basic version, you can use it on Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS and Android for free but it only enables you to transfer 10 songs or 1 playlist per session. For Android, iOS and Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux), the price goes to $9.99. If you choose the bundle plan, you need to pay $14.99 to transfer unlimited songs and playlists on all the operating systems mentioned above.

Stamp Price

Step 4. Select the CSV file you just exported in Exportify and add it into Stamp.

Step 5. Just sit tight and wait till the program automatically transfer all your Spotify music playlists to Apple Music.

That's it. All the playlists in Spotify can be transferred to Apple Music with these simple steps. If you are transferring a playlist containing a plenty of songs, you should note that the process might be a little time-consuming, just wait patiently and it will be automatically copied to Apple Music.

Part 3. Bonus: Transfer Apple Music Playlists to Spotify

If you want to turn to Spotify from Apple Music for a new experience, then you might need to transfer Apple Music playlists to Spotify. To meet you demand, TuneFab Apple Music Converter is highly recommended. It is specialized in converting Apple Music to DRM-free formats and then the users can play them on any devices or platforms as they like. After convert Apple Music to DRM-free format and save them on your computer, you can upload Apple Music playlists to Spotify for further listening. Download the converter on your computer and give it a try.

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter

After you download TuneFab Apple Music Converter, then follow the instruction of installation. Then launch the program. Please install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. If you open the program, then iTunes will be launched as well.

Main Interface of TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Select Apple Music Playlists

Browse and select the playlists listed in the left side on the interface. Click on it to check the songs in it. Or you can type the name of the song or playlist into the search bar at the top to find the music you want. Tick all the music you want and move on.

Choose Apple Music for Converting

Step 3. Adjust Output Settings

At the bottom of the interface, you will see the "Output Settings" option. There you can reset the output format, output folder, bitrates, sample rates and more advanced settings. MP3, M4A, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, M4P and more formats are supported. Just choose the one you like.

Select Output Formats and Folders

Step 4. Convert Apple Music Playlists

After you finish the general settings, click the "Convert" button to transfer Apple Music Playlists.

Convert Apple Music for Spotify

Note: You can also customize the conversion speed by clicking "Options" to enter preferences option menu. Customize the speed by dragging the bar from 1X to 16X as you wish.

Custom Conversion Speed

In summary, both methods provided above are effective and useful, you can select either one as you like. The major difference is that if you transfer Spotify to Apple Music but also want to play Spotify music on other devices for free, then TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is your best choice; if you just want to convert playlists of Spotify to Apple Music, then you can use Stamp to have the task done.

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