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Spotify DJ Mode: How to Use Spotify to DJ Your Party

By Tony Moton

August 03, 2018

Everybody loves party! We all love to DJ our own party especially when the party is memorable, for example, our wedding ceremony. How to use Spotify to DJ your party? Here are three different ways for you.


Part 1. Use Spotify to DJ at Your Party

Step 1. Log in Your Account on Spotify for PC

Download Spotify on your PC and log in to your Spotify.

Log in Spotify

Step 2. Create New Playlist

After signing in, find the "..." option on the top-left. Then, click "File" > "New Playlist" to add new playlist to your Spotify account.

Spotify Add New Playlist

Step 3. Add Music to Playlist

Now, it’s time to pick up songs and fill in your new playlist. You can search for new songs or import local music files from iTunes or other app: Spotify can automatically add songs from your computer or iTunes. But if your local files are empty after you click on "Local Files", you need to manually add a source to import files.

Add Local Files to Spotify

Hit on "GO TO PREFERNENCES" and scroll down to Local Files section. You can click on the "ADD A SOURCE" button and browse to find the computer folder that includes your local songs. After that, make sure that the toggle is enabled and shown green.

Import Local Files to Spotify

Step 4. Crossfade Your Songs and Play

Now, the party playlist is ready. To play the upcoming track without any gap in music, you need to set up crossfade. Go to "Edit" > "Preferences" and scroll down to "Playback" section. Enable "Crossfade songs" option and scroll left or right to choose the times.

Crossfade Songs

Part 2. Professional Spotify DJ Apps

If you are a professional Spotify DJ, I believe a DJ app that works perfectly with spotify, Djay Pro 2, will meet your demand better. In this part I will show you how to use Djay Pro 2 to DJ Spotify music on Mac.

Step 1. Install Djay Pro 2 on Mac

First of all, visit Algoriddim official site to download Djay Pro 2. You have to purchase the program before downloading. You can also download Djay software. It’s for free but it is only available on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Djay Pro 2 for Mac

Step 2. Run Spotify DJ Software

Launch Djay Pro 2 after installing. Follow the instruction to set the inputs and outputs of your controller/audio box as instructed. After setting up, you will see the main Djay Pro interface.

Djay Pro-2 Set-up

Step 3. Play Spotify Music with Djay Pro 2

1. Find the Spotify logo in the lower-left of the interface  of Djay Pro 2 and click on it.

2. Then, fill in your email address and log in your Spotify account. Spotify Premium plan is required if you want to mix music from Spotify catalog.

3. You will see your Spotify playlist shown in the interface, just drag the songs on any deck as you wish to play it.

Djay Pro 2 from Spotify

Now, you’ve entered Spotify DJ mode on your mac. There are many awesome functions for you to DJ your songs, let’s say, Effects, Sampler, AI Automix and more. Just take your time and try them one by one.

Part 3. Play DJ music with TunesFab Spotify Music Converter

In the following part, I would like to introduce you another way to play DJ music freely and simply with Tunefab Spotify Music Converter.

Step 1. Download TunesFab Spotify Music Converter

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the perfect choice sto download Spotify music for free, customize audio parameters such as bit rates and sample rates, convert songs to MP3, WAV, FLAC and M4A and save ID3 tags of your audio clips. With the help of this awesome music converter, you can play Spotify songs to more platforms. The step of it is extremely simple. Just download a copy of the program and read on:

After installing the program step-by-step as instructed, launch the software. Now, you will see the window as below.

Main Interface

Note: DRM restriction should be removed first or we can't play music offline or convert Spotify music to MP3 format. But how to remove? Take it easy, TuneFab Spotify Music converter can help you out. What you need to do is sit tight and wait.

Step 2. Add and Spotify Songs to Convert

Click "Add Files" in the upper-left corner and drag songs from Spotify. You can also copy and paste links into the search bar. Click "Add" to start the process. Tick all the songs that needed to be converted into MP3 format and hit on “Add”.

Add Spotify Songs

Step 3. Set MP3 as Output Format

Hit on "Option" button and choose "Advanded" in the pop-up window. Pick up "MP3" in the drop-down list in the "Format" section. After converting Spotify music to MP3 format, you can copy and play these songs on other devices.

Select Output Formats

Step 4. Start Converting Spotify Songs

Now, everything's ready, just hit on the "Convert" option and you can start the conversion.

Start Converting

That’s it. You can find the most practical way to use Spotify to DJ your party. Leave your message to share with us which method you prefer or let us know if you need any assistance.

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