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How to Add Local Songs to Spotify

By Patrick Dyer

February 13, 2018

"I've got accustomed to Spotify. But can I listen to other songs on Spotify?" asked by a Spotify user.

Yet Spotify has offered a large music library up to over 40 million songs, there are still some voices that cannot be found there. So the question comes that how to add local songs to Spotify. Actually, Spotify itself supports uploading local music songs on your hard drive, but this only works for DRM-free songs since DRM limits the copy and process activity of the protected songs. Here we will tell you how to add your local songs to Spotify following the simple guide below. But if you also want to listen to DRM-ed on Spotify, we can teach you how to remove DRM restriction to make the protected audio available to upload to Spotify.


Part 1. How to Add DRM-free Songs to Spotify

Not all audio formats are supported by the Spotify. Normally songs in MP3 and M4A can be uploaded to Spotify.

First, you should get the local songs synced to the Spotify desktop client. In effect, Spotify can scan all the music tracks on your hard drive. But specifically, these songs are saved in recognized files named "Windows Media Player Library", "iTunes Library", "My Music", Downloads" and etc. But what if you have saved the song in a designated file? A direct way is to drag the songs to those recognizable files mentioned above. But here we can try another simple way.

1. For Windows, click "Edit" and select "Preferences" in the dropdown list. For Mac, directly choose "Preferences".


2. Scroll down and find the "Local Files" option. Then click on the "Add Source" button.

3. Next, it will pop up a "Browse For Folder" window. Navigate to the file that you save the songs. Select it and click "OK". 

Add Source

Now you've got the whole music file added to the Spotify. But if you still need to upload the DRM-ed songs to Spotify, you need to get DRM removed to be available to Spotify. Let's see how to make it in the next part.

Part 2. How to Add DRM-ed Songs to Spotify

DRM restriction is specially encrypted on the media file to defend the copyright of the digital content. As such, DRM-ed songs can only be played and processed on certain authorized device or software, for example, playing Apple Music on Apple-branded applications like iTunes. In this case, if you want to add them to Spotify, you need to use a DRM removal to crack the DRM and hence receiving a DRM-free song for Spotify. Here we take Apple Music for example.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is what we introduce to do the DRM-removing job. Besides, it will simultaneously convert M4P Apple Music to other available formats like MP3/M4A. This software also features a clear interface similar to iTunes that benefits your operation, plus with a lossless and high-efficient conversion. If you want to add Apple Music to Spotify, this software will be a great helper to get Apple Music DRM-free.

• Effortlessly remove the annoying DRM;

• Convert encrypted M4P songs to MP3/M4A;

• Preserve all the ID3 tags;

• Work on both Mac & Windows;

Step 1. Run TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Download and install the software. Run it and it will sync with the iTunes on your PC. See the main interface as below.

Apple Music Converter Main Interface

Step 2. Select Preferred Songs

Click "Music" category at the left side and then select all the music you like.

Choose Local Songs

Step 3. Choose Output Format

Come to the bottom "Output Settings" area. You can select MP3 in "Output Format". There are also other 7 choices including M4A, AC3, M4R, AIFF, FLAC, MKA and AU that can be supported on other devices. Determine the "Output Folder" for the convenience of afterward search.

Select MP3 Format

Step 4. Start to Convert DRM-ed Apple Music

Click the green "Convert" button, and the Converter will quickly get DRM removed and convert the songs to DRM-free files.

Convert Apple Music

With these four simple steps, you get DRM-free Apple music and so you can add them to the Spotify according to the ways above. There are also DRM-ed music songs and the way is true of them. With a DRM-removal, you can easily add DRM-ed songs to Spotify.

Bonus for Spotify Music Users

After learning about how to add local files to Spotify, you may curious about if there is the way to add your Spotify Music to iTunes or other devices. The answer is certain when you have a Spotify DRM Removal. Thanks to the TuneFab support team, you can employ TuneFab Spotify Music Converter in removing DRM from and converting to the non-DRM protected file format, like MP3, FLAC and so on. Then you can import these DRM-free files to other devices even iTunes.

Video For TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

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