As one of the most popular streaming platforms globally, YouTube provides many free music videos and playlists. However, streaming music videos consumes more data and occupies your device screen which hinders other activities. To address this, you might as well try to rip music from YouTube for offline listening.

In the following, for your convenience, this post will guide you through 4 workable methods to extract audio from YouTube on your Mac and PC. Also, considering that much of the music on YouTube can also be found on YouTube Music, the 4 solutions are equally applicable to how to rip music from YouTube Music.


Method 1. Rip MP3 from YouTube Music via YouTube Music Ripper

With an extensive library of over a million tracks, YouTube Music provides you with access to many songs found on YouTube. In this case, opting to rip MP3 from YouTube might not be as efficient as attempting to rip YouTube Music to MP3. This can be easily achieved with the assistance of a specialized YouTube Music ripper.

TuneFab YouTube Music Converter stands out as a reliable YouTube ripper, featuring an embedded web player for seamless song search and collection. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, it effortlessly downloads YouTube Music tracks to DRM-free MP3, preserving lossless sound quality for offline playback on most devices. The program is accessible to all users for free, irrespective of subscription status or the need for a YouTube Music account to rip MP3 from YouTube without unnecessary complications.

What Sets TuneFab YouTube Music Converter Apart:

● Features an integrated YouTube Music web player for a more intuitive audio ripping process;
● Rips YouTube songs into multiple DRM-free formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC;
● Enables batch extraction of YouTube tracks at a rapid speed up to 10 times faster;
● Rip Spotify songs, albums, playlists, podcasts, and even all songs from an artist's page.
● Retains original title, artist, and other ID3 tag information during the music ripping;
● Offers customizable output settings for sample rate and bitrate to cater to your preferences.

Now, let's move on to learn how to rip music from YouTube Music to MP3 in high quality.

Step 1. Download YouTube Music Converter

Download and launch TuneFab YouTube Music Converter by tapping the button below. Then you can choose to log in to your YouTube Music account or use it directly. Logging in enables the sync of your music library.

Login to YouTube Music

Step 2. Add Songs or Playlist to Rip

Select the tracks, playlists, and albums you want to rip MP3 from YouTube. And drag them to the red "+" button. TuneFab will detect files automatically and add them to the ripping queue.

Drag YouTube Music to Convert

Step 3. Music Output Preference Settings

MP3 is the default option to rip music from YouTube Music. Or you can open "Preference" from the "Burger" menu in the top right corner to customize your downloading output, including file location, audio quality, audio format, and so on.

Advanced YouTube Music Preference Setting

Step 4. Rip YouTube to MP3

When it comes to all settings done, click the "Convert All" button in the lower right corner to start ripping music from YouTube.

Rip YouTube to MP3

All ripped DRM-free songs from YouTube can be found on the "Finished" tab, where you can hit "View Output Flies" to locate the save path. Then you can transfer YouTube Music to MP3 players or other media devices for offline listening.

Finish YouTube Music Ripping

Method 2. Record Music from YouTube Music via Audio Recorder

To capture audio from YouTube, you can also try Audacity. Available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, Audacity is an open-source and free recording tool. It not only allows you to extract YouTube audio to various formats like MP3, WAV, and FLAC but also supports the integration of third-party plugins to refine your recording audio. If you want to seek the ultimate quality of YouTube music, Audacity is a method worth exploring. And here is how it works.


Audacity is inefficient, as it can only record one track at a time. To extract audio from YouTube in bulk, try TuneFab YouTube Music Converter instead.


Step 1. Install and launch Audacity from its official website on your computer.

Step 2. Change "MME" to "Windows WASAPI", which helps you to extract audio from YouTube of the highest quality. Then, head to "Audio Setup" > "Recording Device", and set your computer as the audio output device.

Set Windows WASAPI Audacity

Step 3. Open YouTube to play the music video you want to save offline. Then go back to Audacity and hit the "Record" button to capture YouTube audio.

Step 4. When a song recording is finished, you can stop the recording and click "File" > "Export" to save the audio as MP3.

Extract Audio from YouTube as MP3

Method 3. Capture Music from YouTube via Online Converter

In addition to the desktop YouTube audio ripper and recording tool, you can also try TubeRipper on PC or Mac to extract audio from YouTube as MP3 if you prefer not to download extra software. This online converter can rip MP3 from YouTube through a simple copy-and-paste movement of the video link. Moreover, it can capture YouTube to M4A, MAV, FLAC, and more, and also directly convert YouTube videos to MP4, providing a straightforward and free ripping solution.

In contrast to TuneFab YouTube Music Converter, TubeRipper may lack regular maintenance, leading to site crashes and audio quality issues. For smoother YouTube ripping, therefore, it's advisable to download TuneFab YouTube Music Converter and give it a shot first.

Step 1. Copy a video link from YouTube and paste it into TubeRipper on a browser.

Step 2. Click the "Arrow" button and select "Extract Audio", where you can choose MP3 or other common formats.

Step 3. Confirm your option and TubeRipper will start to download YouTube to MP3 on the browser.

Rip Music from YouTube via Online Converter

Method 4. Extract Audio from YouTube via YouTube Downloader

YouTube goes beyond music. It also hosts a variety of vlogs, courses, movies, documentaries, and other video content. If you're looking to rip these to MP3 for offline listening, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader can lend you a hand. This full-fledged program also achieves video extraction by simply copying and pasting YouTube links. However, what sets this YouTube ripper apart is its support for batch downloads.

Meanwhile, with the aid of hardware acceleration, it boasts download speeds of up to 6X faster. Even better, VideoHunter YouTube Downloader can bypass regional and privacy restrictions, allowing you to successfully rip videos that may be blocked or not publicly available.

Step 1. Download and open VideoHunter YouTube Downloader on your computer.

Step 2. Go to YouTube to copy and paste a bulk of video links you want offline playback to the download bar and click the "Analyze" button.

Step 3. Tick on the items you want to extract audio from. Then, choose the download type as "Audio," select the format as "MP3," and set the audio quality to the highest.

Step 4. When all presets are done, just hit the "Download" button. VideoHunter YouTube Downloader will help you rip YouTube to MP3 immediately.

Rip YouTube to MP3 with YouTube Downloader

FAQs About Ripping Music from YouTube

Can Music Be Ripped from YouTube Directly?

If you intend to directly rip music from the YouTube platform, the answer is negative. While YouTube offers an offline viewing feature, it only involves encrypted cached videos. This allows you to play content without internet connections but doesn't truly save music videos to your device locally. Thus, it is not possible to transfer playback across multiple devices.

If you're thinking of ripping songs from YouTube with a recording device, it's a feasible option. However, this method may introduce background noise to the output music. To address this issue, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter can help a lot. This software integrates with the YouTube web player. So you can find any music uploaded to YouTube and download it without quality compression.

Can I Extract Audio from YouTube Video on iPhone?

Certainly. Given that iOS devices don't have a dedicated YouTube ripper, you would first need to explore the 4 proven methods mentioned earlier to extract audio from YouTube on a Mac or PC. After that, you can transfer the extracted content to your iPhone using AirDrop or a cable for offline listening.

Alternatively, if you prefer to rip YouTube to MP3 without a computer, the built-in screen recording feature on iPhone or third-party recording apps are also viable options.

Can I Download YouTube Music to My Computer?

Of course. A subscription to YouTube Music can enable YouTube music downloads to computer. However, it's important to note that this official download method only allows playback on devices or software authorized by YouTube. Any attempts to access these downloaded songs on unauthorized devices will be restricted.

To achieve seamless and multi-device streaming of downloaded YouTube Music tracks, it's recommended to use TuneFab YouTube Music Converter. This software can download YouTube tracks in common formats like MP4, making them playable on any device and even without regional restrictions.


By reading the instructions above, you may have a clear idea of how to rip music from YouTube to MP3. With a dependable YouTube ripper, you can spare no effort to extract audio from YouTube on PC and Mac. Also, it is suggested to consider performance, stability, and listening experience when selecting a suitable YouTube audio ripper. Hence, TuneFab YouTube Music Converter comes highly recommended for your needs. Download it, and you can rip music from both YouTube and YouTube Music platforms in no time!

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