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Spotify is a top-level streaming music service around the world, offering 90 million tracks for users to listen to. However, only Spotify Premium members, who pay $10.99 per month for a subscription fee can enjoy all music and download the music for offline playback. It might be a little bit expensive for you to afford it for years. But there are some available workarounds that can help you crack Spotify Premium and even Spotify downloads.

To begin with, let's take a look at what Spotify Premium can do:

1. Enjoy the whole library of Spotify, which contains 90 million songs
2. Skip unlimited tracks while listening to music
3. Download the tracks for offline playback on 3 authorized devices
4. High-quality music tracks
5. Get rid of Ads in the App

Are you interested in the privileges above? Just read the following content and learn how to hack Spotify Premium for free.


Part 1. Hack Spotify Premium Offline Feature on PC - MP3 Download

After learning the above Spotify Premium privileges, you can't wait to experience these advanced features. However, it also has many defects. For example, even if you subscribe to the Spotify Premium membership, you still can't keep the premium privileges forever unless you keep renewing. Also, the songs downloaded from Spotify are coded under the restriction of DRM. You cannot copy or move them to other places.

Therefore, to hack the Spotify download function and listen to songs on Spotify with no ads, the first method here is to try a powerful third-party tool - TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. Working on both Windows PC and Mac computer, it is a powerful Spotify downloader that helps you download music from Spotify for free as MP3 or other regular formats. After that, you can add the downloaded songs to your playlists and enjoy them offline without actually subscribing to Spotify Premium.

Key Features of TineFab Spotify Music Converter:

● Convert Spotify songs to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF
● Batch download Spotify single songs/albums/playlists
● Download songs up to 320kbps at 35X fast speed
● Keep all ID3 tags including the song title, artist, and cover art
● Define the file title for the output audio and automatically archive them in folders.

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab on Computer

Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, and follow the instructions for installation. After logging into your Spotify free account, you can directly access the built-in Spotify Web Player.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Interface

Step 2. Tweak Output Settings for Converting

Click "Preferences" and then "Advanced", and choose one from four provided formats, such as MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, ALAC and FLAC (Here we choose MP3 as an example).

Choose Output Format on TuneFab

Go to "General", you can change the default output folder and output presets for audio file title and folder archive. If you don't make any changes, then it will store all the converted Spotify music by default.

Adjust Output Presets on TuneFab

Step 3. Start Converting Spotify Song to MP3

Click the "Convert" button to start converting the songs to MP3. If you have added a bunch of songs, just wait for a second to get the process done. When the conversion is finished, you can go to the folder to check these songs, or play the downloaded songs directly on the "Finished" tab.

Converting Spotify Music to MP3

Once you finish downloading, you can upload the downloaded local songs to Spotify, making them a playlist to enjoy them offline without ads, and successfully hack Spotify Premium offline feature.

Part 2. How to Crack Spotify Premium on Android

Want to get Spotify Premium free hack on your phone? In this part, you will learn 3 ways to hack Spotify and get the Premium for free on Android phones.

Hack Premium of Spotify with Spotify Premium MOD APK

Spotify Premium MOD APK is a modified version of the original application by some developers. With it, you can use most features of the Premium subscription, and you don't need to update the application since it is the final version now.

However, it should be noted that some server-side features still require payment or a Premium plan to use. In this case, if you want a one-stop solution to get Spotify Premium free forever, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter mentioned above may be a better choice.

Step 1. Before you download the app, you have to uninstall the original Spotify.

Step 2. Download the app on the website above.

Step 3. Open the app and log into your account when the installation is finished.

Spotify Premium Mod APK

Get Spotify Premium for Free with Spotify Lucky Patcher

Spotify Lucky Patcher is a tool that can hack in-app currencies, resources, and any other item that usually requires you to spend some real money using a credit card. And Lucky Patcher enables you to get all of that free. Therefore, you can use it to hack Spotify Premium for free. Sadly, Spotify Lucky Patcher is still only available on Android phones. If you have an Android phone, you can follow the steps below to listen to Spotify for free.

Step 1. On your mobile device, you can download Lucky Patcher and then install it. After installation, tap to open it and then choose the Spotify icon.

Note: Unlike TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, you need to install Spotify Lucky Patcher from unknown sources on your device, which may cause security risks to your device.

Step 2. Tap on "Open Menu of Patches" and then "Custom Patch", which you need to apply. Next, open the Spotify app, if the "Shuffle All" option disappears, then the process is completed.

Step 3. Go to the "7 Days Trial" option and then tap on the subscription button. Then go to the "Settings" option of your mobile device to change the date. Just set the date back to whenever you want. Now you have Hacked Spotify Premium successfully and you can enjoy the advantages of Premium for an extended period.

Spotify Lucky Patcher

Get Spotify Premium Free Hack with Spotify xManager

xManager is a free app developed by a team on GitHub in 2020, designed to make it easy for people to manage and listen to free music on Android devices. After the software update in February 2023, the features are well improved, and you can easily hack Spotify Premium to enjoy the services by downloading and installing the corresponding Spotify software version. Here's how to achieve this.

Tips: This app can help you hack Spotify Premium on your Android phone, but you'll need a lot of technical work to make it happen. If you find it too complex to finish, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can be the alternative to download Spotify songs in bulk as local files with one click. Then, you can transfer them to your phone or any other device without limits.

Step 1. Visit xManager's official page, then tap "Download" to install it on your Android device.

Step 2. Launch xManager, find and join their Telegram Server to download the desired Spotify version.

Step 3. Close the Spotify app, go back to xManager, and select "Refetch and Reboot". Then you can run the Spotify app again, and you'll find that you have unlocked its Premium features.

Spotify xManager

Part 3. How to Hack Spotify Premium on iPhone/iPad

Just like Spotify MOD APK on Android introduced above, Spotify++ is also a modified version of the Spotify Premium hack that can help you unlock Spotify Premium service for free to download Spotify songs to your iPhone. Install it and run it on your iPhone/iPad, and you'll easily get Spotify free hack.

Before starting, it should be noted that if you have downloaded Spotify with an account signed in, you'd better uninstall Spotify on your iPhone first when you propose to try the following ways for unnecessary errors.

Note: You can follow the steps to clear your Spotify memory: "Settings"> "Safari"> "Clear History and Website Data". Next, go to "Settings"> "General"> "Profile" to check if there's anything related to Spotify.

Use Tweakbox to Hack Spotify Premium for Free

Step 1. Open Safari and visit the web of Tweakbox.

Step 2. Install the installer mentioned above on your iPhone.

Step 3. Go to the home screen, and open Tweakbox for loading.

Step 4. Search for Spotify++ on the Tweakbox app.

Step 5. After you install Spotify++, you can log into your Spotify account and Spotify Premium for free.

Hack Spotify Premium for Free with Tweakbox

Hack Spotify Premium with

Step 1. Open Safari and visit

Step 2. Search for "Spotify++" on this website.

Step 3. When you see the result, click "Get" next to the app icon.

Step 4. Touch the "Share" icon on Safari, and select "Add to Home Screen". Then you can open it.

Search for Spotify ++


As you can see, there are various approaches in line with different devices. But you are highly recommended to take the first measure – using TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to get Spotify Premium free hack. Using unofficial apps to access premium free is likely to lead to your account being hacked or causing other security issues. But TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is 100% clean and safe, providing you with more individual assistance to hack Spotify Premium and enjoy its content without worries.

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