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How to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 Losslessly

By Catrina Jones

Updated on June 23, 2019

iTunes Store is a great place for renting and purchasing digital movies online. However, the rented or purchased movies you download from iTunes Store are M4V videos which are encrypted by Apple's FairPlay DRM. That said, your iTunes M4V movies are locked up, so you can only play them on iTunes or Apple devices authorized with the Apple ID that was used to purchase the movies.

If you are considering playing these M4V files with your Plex server or keeping HD copies of your movie rentals, the first thing to do is convert iTunes movies to MP4.

What Makes It Difficult to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4?

First of all, M4V format is developed and used by Apple to encode videos files in iTunes Store. To prevent privacy, Apple has added FairPlay DRM protection in the M4V videos so that others won't be able to edit, convert or play the movies without permission.

You can find many M4V to MP4 converters available in the market, but 99% of them are only capable of converting DRM-free M4V videos to MP4 format, such as HandBrake. Just 1% of the M4V converters can remove DRM and smoothly convert iTunes M4V to MP4, TuneFab M4V Converter is one of them. I'll be showing you how to convert iTunes movies to MP4 in an easy way.

Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 with TuneFab M4V Converter

How to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 in An Easy Way

TuneFab M4V Converter is specially designed for converting iTunes movies, TV shows and music videos to high-quality MP4 videos. This software can import all your iTunes movies automatically as long as the movies are stored in your computer's internal hard drive. It can keep the subtitle, audio tracks and original video quality in the output MP4 files. It's super easy to operate as well.

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab iTunes M4V Converter

When the iTunes movies converter is installed, please run the program and iTunes will be launched automatically. You will see the M4V Converter's main interface as below.

Step 2. Load iTunes M4V Movies

Click on "Add Files" button to preview and select iTunes movies you want to convert to MP4, then click on the "Add" button to import the videos into the program.

You are able to select multiple videos at one time because this M4V converter supports batch conversion.

Download and Install TuneFab iTunes Movies Converter

Note: TuneFab M4V Converter only convert protected iTunes movies. All your movies must be downloaded and stored in your computer.

Step 3. Select Audio Tracks and Subtitles (Optional)

You can manually choose the subtitle and audio track you like to preserve in the converted video. If you don't choose any of them, then all original subtitles and audio tracks will be saved by default.

Select Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Step 4. Convert iTunes Movies to MP4

Now click on "Convert" to start converting M4V to MP4. When the conversion is done, all converted files will be saved as DRM-free MP4 files. You can transfer them to any device you like for offline streaming.

Convert iTunes M4V Movies to MP4

Video Tutorial on How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to MP4

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