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M4V to MP4 Online Converter: Convert M4V to MP4 Online

By Laura Barnes

March 06, 2019

Copyrighted by DRM, M4V is a video file format which can be just played on merely devices, like iTunes, iPhone and other iDevices, while MP4 is a common video format. Considering that the population of MP4 file format, it is necessary to have a M4V to MP4 Online converter to convert M4V to MP4 online. 

For the sake of saving your time of convert M4V to MP4 online, the following post will introduce top 5 considerable M4V to MP4 Online Converters and its best alternative TuneFab M4V Converter for you. Keep reading and pick up the right one.


Part 1. Top 5 M4V to MP4 Converters Online

1.1. Convertio

Brief Introduction: Convertio is designed to convert one format to another for free. There are various formats for options and they are video, audio, document, image, ebook, and etc.. What makes it impressive is that you can convert more than one files at once.

Operation: Select M4V video from computer, Dropbox or Google Drive (you can also enter a URL) > Select MP4 as the output file format > Click "Convert" and wait for some times to convert M4V to MP4 > When conversion finished, download the converted video.



Brief Introduction: Covering all types of formats, is also a powerful tool to convert M4V to MP4 online. It offers some cool customized optional settings like choosing preset, changing screen size of the output video with the editing functions. What's more, the subtitles of videos will be preserved during the conversion.

Operation: Search for "M4V to MP4 converter" > Choose the M4V files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive (or enter a URL) > Choose a preset of the output vedio > Click "Start conversion" > Download the converted video.

Online Converter

1.3. Convert.Files

Brief Introduction: Convert.Files is a great tool to convert files to various formats, with popular feature like converting M4V to MP4 online. It's considerable to send you a download link in case you are not convenient to download the output video when the conversion is done.

Operation: Browse for your M4V file or enter its URL > Select MP4 as the output format > Click "Convert" to ger started to convert M4V video to MP4 > Download the converted video.

Convert Files

1.4. FileZigZag

Brief Introduction: FileZigZag supports a numerous number of media file formats. It's a simplified and clean online site to convert your M4V videos to MP4 format.

Note: You will receive a download link at email once the conversion is finished. As it's a must to enter your email address here, you should make sure you don't type into a wrong email address.

Operation: Select the M4V file from your computer > Select MP4 as the output format > Enter your email address >  Click "Convert" > Download the converted video.


1.5. Zamzar

Brief Introduction: Zamzar also requires you to enter your email address, before you are able to convert M4V to MP4. Apart from M4V to MP4, there're various output formats, supporting files of video, music, document and such.

Operation: Select the M4V file or URL you wish to convert > Select MP4 as the output format > Enter your email address > Click "Convert" > Download the converted video.


Part 2. Pros and Cons of Online M4V to MP4 Converter

The instruction of the top 5 online converters are very similar, even though the maximum file size is different. And to some extent they have common pros and cons. For your better understand about these 5 online converters, we have listed theirs pros and cons one by one.


• No programs to download or install

• Free file conversions

• All are very easy to use

• Freely convert between various formats


• Don't support DRM-protected M4V files

• Need enough time to upload the video before converting

• The conversion speed is usually slow, and completely relying on the Internect connection

• The converted videos require the Internet connection to download

• The quality of the output video is usually not HD

• Have the limitation of the file size (for most online converter the maximum file size will increase as you pay more for the membership)

To be honest, these online tools are very useful but they won't work if you want to convert DRM-protected M4V files of iTunes rentals or purchases, which are not able to be played on many devices. Therefore, if you want to remove DRM from M4V files, you need other solutions to achieve that. As far as I am concerned, TuneFab M4V Converter is the best way to remove DRM from from iTunes rentals or purchases. Let me show you how it works on the following part.

Part 3. Best M4V to MP4 Converter for Windows/Mac

TuneFab M4V Converter is an exceptional DRM removal software that supports both Windows and Mac. For iTunes users, it's a perfect tool to remove DRM from rentals and purchased iTunes video. Thus, you can play iTunes movies or TV shows on any devices or players without any limitation. What's more, the output video quality high quality with the superfast conversion speed, reaching up to 30X. Following, it is the step by step instruction of removing the DRM.

Step 1. Download TuneFab M4V to MP4 Online Converter

Download the TuneFab M4V to MP4 Converter and install it for free. When installation is over, then launch the program. Meanwhile it will starts iTunes automatically for you.

Note: The free trial version allows you to use the program for 30 days, and you can convert only the first 5 minutes of iTunes M4V videos to MP4. To enjoy the function fully, you can purchase the activation code for a lifetime of use. For free trial, please click "Continue" to keep enjoying the whole conversion.
Register TuneFab M4V Converter

Step 2. Add M4V Videos

Please make sure to download the M4V videos before converting. Click "Add Files" to add the M4V video. Then all the  downloaded M4V files will show up in the whole program interface. Select the video files that you want to convert and then click "Add" button to finish the whole adding progress.

Add M4V Videos

Step 3. Adjust Output Settings

At this step, you can set the Output settings like the audio tracks and subtitles and the output folder.

For setting the audio tracks and subtitles: Click the "Gear" icon to select the audio tracks and the subtitles.

For output folder setting: Click the "Option" to change the locations. If you don't reset it, the output folder will be set as default.

Now your video is ready to convert, so let's move on to the final step.

Adjust Output Settings

Step 4. Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

Click "Convert" and then you can enjoy M4V video in the playable MP4 file format. When the conversion is completed, you will get DRM-free video files. Hence, you can enjoy your iTunes movies or TV shows on any devices now, like Android TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, etc.

Convert iTunes M4V to MP4

All in all, if you want to convert DRM-free M4V videos to MP4, those 5 online converters are great options for you. But if you want to enjoy iTunes rentals or purchases unlimitedly, you should try out TuneFab M4V Converter as it's the best iTunes DRM removal tool. Anyway, I hope these tools will help you to enjoy your M4V videos freely. If you have other ideas, please write your comment down below to share it with me.

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