To download Spotify songs for offline streaming, except for subscribing to Spotify premium, many users will consider using a third-party Spotify downloader to help. Among so many recommendations, Sidify Spotify Music Converter can be a popular one many users will select. However, when both positive praises and critical comments of the downloader can be found, you wonder if you can trust and try it or not.

Hence, this review will focus on introducing Sidify Spotify Music Converter from its output music quality, efficiency, stability, and more aspects with details. Go through them before getting started to see if the downloader meets your requirements.


Overall Introduction of Sidify Spotify Music Converter

Mainly designed for Spotify music download, Sidify Spotify Music Converter delivers DRM stripping function to decrypt DRM encryption added on Spotify songs, and output music downloads in DRM-free common audio files of mainstream formats like MP3. It enables Spotify music streaming to be more convenient, which will not be limited by Spotify at all.

With Sidify Spotify Music Converter, you no longer need to keep subscribing to Spotify premium and can preserve all music downloads offline permanently without worry about expiration. In addition, after getting rid of DRM, all your downloaded Spotify songs can be transferred to any device and streamed to all media players even without the Spotify app installed at all.

Sidify Spotify Music Converter Features

To deliver users a more hassle-free music download experience, Sidify Spotify Music Converter is equipped with some small functions that can ensure better help. In the following, let's further go in-depth and see how the software can help.

Two Modes to Download Spotify Music

To ensure a more convenient experience to download Spotify songs, Sidify Spotify Music Converter has combined both the Spotify app syncing and web player modes. You can select connecting with Spotify app and then copy and paste to download exact single, playlists, or podcasts instantly.

Don't want to download Spotify app anymore? Don't worry! Another downloading mode available in Sidify Spotify Music Converter directly embeds the Spotify web player. Only by opening it in the software and then log in to your account, you can search for music from the web player or your library, then drag to download and convert Spotify songs to MP3 or more formats directly.

Select A Downloading Mode in Sidify

Customized Output Parameters

To let you play Spotify music at your desired quality, Sidify Spotify Music Converter offers customized options to let you freely adjust music parameters to download them in settings you like. The downloader offers 6 different formats to select from, which include MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC.

For music quality, you are able to choose from 128kbps to the highest 320kbps according to your own requirements. Basically, the higher quality you select, the larger file sizes you will get. You can now adjust the balance as you desire flexibly.

Selectable 1X to 10X Faster Speed

With hardware acceleration technologies applied in the software algorithm, this reliable Spotify playlist downloader also lets you download Spotify playlists at a faster speed to boost higher efficiency. You can choose to speed up the music download process from 1X to 10X faster in your requirements. Overall, it may only take you a short while to complete batches of songs download, which ensures high efficiency and is suitable for any of you who need to download more songs at once without wasting much time

More Built-in Tools Provided

Despite the basic Spotify music download function, there are actually some more helpful tools provided in the software to let you better many Spotify downloads. For example, the provided CD burner can help you burn Spotify songs to CD discs for saving; or you can use the format converter to convert downloaded Spotify music files to other formats and play or edit them flexibly.

How to Use Sidify Spotify Music Converter

The user-friendly design is also a highlight of Sidify Spotify Music Converter, as you only need very easy steps to download Spotify songs offline. Now, grasp the brief guide below and follow to download and convert Spotify to mainstream formats without hassle:

STEP 1. Launch Sidify Spotify Music Converter after installing the software. From the main interface, select a downloading mode to get started.


If you select the "Spotify App" mode, you will need to install the official Spotify software in advance to let Sidify Spotify Music Converter sync with it. For the "Spotify Web Player" mode, simply prepare your Spotify account to log in. No more Spotify app installation is needed!

STEP 2. For the "Spotify App" mode, once Sidify Spotify Music Converter is connected with the app, you are able to copy and paste Spotify URLs to download them with the software.

Copy and Paste URL to Sidify

If you are using the "Spotify Web Player" mode, simply log in to this built-in web player and search for the songs or playlists you want to download. When you access them, you are able to click the "Click to add" icon and import them to the downloading list right away.

Search Spotify Songs to Download

STEP 3. Before starting to download Spotify songs, you can first adjust the parameters in requirements. Simply click the "Settings" icon on the left menu panel, and then you are able to customize format, bitrate, and sample rate as you desire.

Adjust Output Settings in Sidify

Step 4. When all settings are completed, simply click the "Convert" icon in the converting window, and then Sidify Spotify Music Converter will download all songs added to the list for you one by one.

Converting Spotify Songs in Sidify

Verdict of Sidify Spotify Music Converter

To sum up, Sidify Spotify Music Converter offers customized options to make your music download experience to fully meet your demands. For example, you can select a convenient downloading mode according to your requirements, or select parameters to output Spotify music in order to stream songs to fit your music playback habits. Overall, it is a helpful and reliable tool to remove DRM and download Spotify music offline.

However, Sidify Spotify Music Converter also contains its weaknesses. When it has added two modes to select, actually, the music download and conversion will turn out to be unstable because it will cause corruption and sometimes the software can fail to connect to Spotify's server, making download failures easier to happen.

In addition, the software can't process batch download. Even if you add all songs to the converting list at once, Sidify Spotify Music Converter can only process single track download each time, which will waste a bit more time when you get a long list to convert.

It is also noted that Sidify Spotify Music Converter is not a freeware. You will need to subscribe to its registered version in order to access the full download service and save complete Spotify songs offline. However, as Sidify Spotify Music Converter doesn't offer a monthly subscription like many other downloaders do, you will have to pay at least $59.95/year to unlock its full functions, which can be a bit more expensive to pay at once.

Best Alternative to Sidify Spotify Music Converter

If you consider a much stabler music downloader as backup to prevent Sidify Spotify Music Converter from failing the download someday, or you need a chaparral alternative to access full Spotify songs download service, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter should be the best option you shall not miss.

By integrating with the official Spotify web player, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter won't ask you to install Spotify app, which can avoid unstable software connection and lead to music download failures. Currently, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter delivers the best stability on the market, delivering a smooth performance to download Spotify songs offline.

More than being the best Spotify to MP3 converter, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter also offers optional mainstream formats and the highest 320kbps to save Spotify music offline in lossless quality. More than this, its downloading efficiency is also facilitated by multiple built-in hardware technologies that've been applied and perform to process batch playlists download at 35X faster speed, which is 3.5 times faster than Sidify Spotify Music Converter!

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter: Best Spotify to MP3 Downloader

● Integration with Spotify web player available for downloading all Spotify songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts of the best success rate;
● Decrypt DRM protection and provide mainstream, lossless audio formats to output Spotify downloads;
● Parameter customization settings are provided to output Spotify songs at your favorite streaming quality (up to 320kbps at maximum);
● Preservation of full ID3 info to download every Spotify track;
● Easily edit output music titles by tags and automatically sort downloads by folders according to different tags;
● Acceleration technologies applied to batch process Spotify playlists at 35X faster speed.

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TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

NOTE: TuneFab just newly launched the new product - TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter, which offers the same powerful functionality to download streaming music from Spotify and even more platforms within a single program without hassle. If you are using different music streaming services, this software can be the best downloader to help you grasp all music resources offline at once! Try it for free now!


To conclude, Sidify Spotify Music Converter offers more customized functions and allows you to download Spotify music offline with a smoother and more friendly experience. However, its performance stability and efficiency contain weaknesses. Also, the subscription cost to unlock its full download feature can be a bit pricey.

By comparison, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can ensure better downloading efficiency (35X faster batch downloading speed) and the highest success rate to download Spotify songs without any errors occurring, which greatly facilitates efficiency and won't cost you much effort even downloading a long list of Spotify playlists at once!

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