Have you felt wearying to find Listening History when updated your iOS System on iPhone?

Have you hankered for sharing the Apple Music playlists you have heard with your friends or followers?

Ergo, this post will show you the quick fixes on how to view and share Apple Music Listening History. Expect this settlement will boost your experience on listening to Apple Music.


Part 1. View Apple Music Listening History on iPhone

To view the previously played songs on iPhone with iOS 11 system seem to be easier said than done. In point of fact, it is not arduous when following the guide with me.

Step 1. Launch Apple Music

After launching Apple Music by taping the Apple Music on screen, you will espy the whole Library with your Playlists and Artists, Albums and Songs, Downloaded Music and Recently Added.

Launch Apple Music

Step 2. Tap For You

Right below your Screen, a button with a heart named For You will be recognized. At this moment, tap it and a new page entitled to For You. Scrolling down to discover the Column with the title Recently Played. Tap the right button See All in red. Consequently, a page with the Recently Played will just into your sight, which play the same functions of Apple Music Listening History as previously.

See All to the Listening History

Here and now, you have known how to view your Apple Music Listening History. As for the Apple Music Listening History sharing, come and learn about the next parts.

Part 2. View Apple Music Listening History on Computer

It is so easy to view your Apple Music Listening History with your Computer. 

Just click Preference and mark the Use Listening History to view your Apple Music Listening History on your Computer.

Click Preferences on Windows

Mark Use Listening History

Part 3. Share Apple Music Listening History on iPhone

After learning how to view your Apple Music Listening History, you can't wait to share the Listening History with your friends. In this part, this problem will perfectly settle down. Following with me!

Step 1. Launch Apple Music

Obviously, it is the first step you can follow the first move of viewing listening history.

Launch Apple Music

Step 2. Tap Your Profile

If you have no profile, you are supposed to create Apple Music Profile on iOS 11 on iPhone now.

After creating your profile, then you need to find some friends to follow, but how?

Read the Guidance: How to Follow Friends in Apple Music in iOS 11

After all above have done, you can tap your Profile or Your Head Figure to enter Your Account Page as follow. After that, you can tap the Start Sharing with Friends to share your Listening.

Tap Your Profile to Share with Your Friends

Step 3. Back to Profile to Tap Edit

After you prep all with the mentioned above steps, back to your Profile to tap Edit. After that, find the Shared Playlists and tap it to edit the listening history and playlists you have heard to your friends.

Note: Make sure to turn on Show on My Profile and in Search.

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