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While subscribing to Apple Music, you can only choose Individual Plan for $9.9/month, Family Plan for $14.99/month, and Student Plan for 4.99/month. Some Individual subscribers complain that they need to spend almost $120 a year, it's a little expensive for them.

But have you heard that Apple Music has quietly added a $99 annual subscription plan? That means by getting Apple Music annual subscription, you can save almost $20 each year. Let's see how to get the secret $99 annual subscription plan now.


Part 1. How to Get Apple Music $99 Annual Subscription

Though Apple Music offers a secret $99 annual subscription, Apple Music has hidden the annual subscription option, so you won't see it unless you go hunting for it. Now let me show you how to get Apple Music annual subscription easily.

For Apple Music Subscribers:

For Apple Music individual subscribers, you can easily change your subscription plan to the secret $99 annual subscription by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Music app on your iOS device and then tap the "For You" tab at the bottom to go to For You screen.

Step 2: On the upper-right corner of the screen, tap the profile icon or your photo to go to the Account screen, then tap "View Apple ID". After that, you might be asked to enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

Step 3: Scroll down, tap "Subscriptions" and then Apple Music Membership options to see Apple Music options.

Step 4: Now, you are supposed to find four options on your screen, including Family (1 Month), Individual (1 Month), Individual (1 Year), and Student (1 Month). To change to Apple Music annual subscription, choose Individual (1 Year) and confirm your selection.

Change to Apple Music Annual Subscription

While you see a tick icon next to the Individual (1 Year) option, that means you have successfully changed to the annual subscription, so just tap Back on the upper-left corner of the screen.

For Those Who Don't Subscribe to Apple Music:

However, if you have not joined Apple Music before, you won't see the annual subscription option when you start to subscribe to Apple Music, so you need to join Apple Music at first and then change to an annual subscription. If you don't know how to subscribe to Apple Music, then you can follow the below guide.

Step 1: First of all, download and install the Music app on your iOS device.

Step 2: While you first launch the Music app, you can see an offer to subscribe to Apple Music. Then tap the trial offer to get started.

Step 3: After that, you can only find Individual, Family, and Student subscriptions but not a secret annual subscription. Just select one of them.

Step 4: Next you are supposed to enter your Apple ID and password. If you have an Apple ID, then tap Use Existing Apple ID and enter your Apple ID and password, if not, tap Create New Apple ID to create one.

Step 5: At last, validate your billing information if required, then add a valid payment method and tap join. Also agree to the terms and conditions if prompted.

Subscribe to Apple Music

After joining Apple Music, you can easily follow the above step-by-step guide to change your subscription plan to its annual subscription.

Part 2. Comparison Among Apple Music Subscriptions

As Apple Music offers Family (1 Month), Individual (1 Month), Individual (1 Year), and Student (1 Month), you might want to know the differences among these subscriptions so that you can choose a suitable Apple Music subscription.

Family (1 Month):

To get a Family subscription, you need to pay $14.99 for one month, but the Family subscription allows up to six people (device) to get unlimited access to the entire Apple Music catalog, music recommendations, and iCloud Music Library.

By setting up Family Sharing, you can add new people by inviting them to join your family group. In a word, Family subscription has the highest cost performance.

Individual (1 Month):

Individual Plan is $9.99/ month. As its name suggests, this plan only enables one person to enjoy all of the benefits of Apple Music. Therefore if your family members would not like to join Apple Music, then you can totally select the Individual plan.

Individual (1 Year):

Except Individual (1 month), Apple Music also offers a cost-effective Individual plan, $99 annual subscription, which makes it possible to save almost $20 for one year. If you want to enjoy music from Apple Music for a long time, then just change to Apple Music's annual subscription after joining Apple Music.

Student (1 Month):

Though Student Plan is the cheapest subscription, not all of you can get a Student subscription. Only students enrolled in degree-granting universities and colleges can select this plan. But please note that 48 months later, your subscription will be automatically changed to its individual plan.

The four Apple Music subscriptions are shown as above, you can choose one of them in accordance with your demands.


For those who subscribe to Apple Music with Individual (1 month) now, I suggest that you change your subscription to Apple Music annual subscription for saving your money. But you won't find the annual subscription option when you first join Apple Music, if so, subscribe to Apple Music and then change to the annual subscription.

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