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How to Play Apple Music via HomePod

By Iris Holmes

March 22, 2018

Released on 23rd January 2018, the white, space grey and round smart speaker HomePod is heated on sale among 3 countries: the United Kindom, the United States and Australia, developed by Apple Inc. Running with the iOS system and integrated with Siri, HomePod will appeal to the Apple Users who want to have a roundly music experience as well as humanized services. So a problem occurred. How to get your music, what I am saying, the Apple Music playing through HomePod? Take your time with the following article and trust me, you won't regret it!

Homepod and Apple Music


Part 1. Introduction to HomePod

As the preface stated, the HomePod is the smart speaker coined by Apple Inc., with audioOS system and Siri integrated. However, it is better to know about its functions and more detailed information for better using and operating it. All the detailed information will be divided into several parts, so stay with me one by one then you will get the picture.

Memory & Storage: HomePod carries 1 GB LPDDR3 RAM memory with the storage of 16 GB, whilst Amazon Echo 256MB LPDDR1 RAM memory 4 GB storage.

Accessible System: Apple users who using iPhone 5s or later, iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation, iPad Air or later, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPod 6th generation with the iOS 11.2.5 or later system running can enjoy directly peer-to-peer when WiFi connected.

Facade: It is designed with a seamless mesh fabric with the aim of providing aesthetic and acoustics music experience in a cylindrical shape. What's more, a touchscreen on the top of it will make it easier to schedule with your Apple Music.

Price: The prices vary from country to country. When HomePod are sold at the prices of US$349 in the United States, those in the United Kingdom requires GB£319 and Australia A$499.

Available Services: Speech control on playing music, texting message, voice calling, setting Timer, getting news about news, sport, weather, and traffic, chatting with Siri, and even controlling your room's lights.

Note: All of these features are just allowed to the Apple users. In other words, Android users are unavailable when trying to use HomePod. Moreover, Apple Music Subscriber can enjoy the whole services that HomePod offers and the user who still in 3 months free trial. But those who not subscribe to Apple Music will fail to enjoy HomePod services.

Thus, how does HomePod showing all above amazing services for us? How does Apple Music playing with HomePod on earth? Time to move to the next part with the settings and detailed guidance about it.

Part 2. How Can I Listen to Apple Music by HomePod?

Set Your HomePod First

When you want to do whatever services you want, the first thing you are supposed to and must to do is that setting your HomePod first. Similar to setting your Apple TV, you need to get closer to your HomePod with your iPhone. The following is the whole guidance on setting your HomePod.

# 1. Holding your iPhone near to your HomePod, a mini-windows will pop-up from the bottom of your iPhone.

# 2. Onto the small window, tap Set Up.

# 3. Select the place where you place your HomePod. If you want to one set your HomePod, HomeKit Room is your option.

# 4. Enable your Personal Requests, which give the authority to Siri in reading your Messages, accessing your Reminders and Notes when your iOS devices connected to the networks. Also, you can choose not now, but here I suggest to tap on enable if you want to get the utmost of your HomePod.

# 5. Tap Agree to the Terms and Conditions, which is the basic operation when you get started with using any kind of services.

Set HomePod 1

# 6. On the Accounts and Settings Page, tap Transfer Settings with the aim of using your iCloud account, Wi-Fi, and other settings on your iPhone to configure your HomePod.

# 7. Enter your Apple ID Password to identify your identity.

# 8. Following the statement appeared via Siri. When it is over, you can get started to play music and enjoy other available services that HomePod and Siri bring to you.

Set HomePod 2

Listen to Apple Music via HomePod

When setting up with your HomePod, you must be can't help trying to enjoy music first. There are some common knowledge about the operation on the top of the HomePod. Learn it first then you will be convenient to listening to Apple Music on HomePod.

Different touch-taps have different meanings, and I will introduce you with one by one.

One Tap: Play or Pause the song that you are hearing.

Double Tap: Play the next song or track.

Triple Tap: Go back to the previous track.

Touch and Hold the top of HomePod: Activate Siri and then you can talk with Siri.

Tap or Hold Plus: Sound volume Up.

Tap or Hold Minus: Sound volume Down.

After knowing about some tricks on operating your HomePod. It is time to know how to play your Apple Music on HomePod now!

Apart from the conventional speech which you can play Apple Music with Siri, there are also different phrases to play more Apple Music, like playing music with Genres, Moods and Radio. Let's see how it works.

Siri on HomePod

Saying something like the following, you will enjoy different songs from your Apple Music.

For Genres:

"Hey Siri, play some rock songs."

"Hey Siri, play R&B music."

"Hey Siri, I want some Hip-pop songs."

"Hey Siri, create a radio station based on Linkin Park."

"Hey Siri, play the heated song from 1998."

For Mood:

"Hey Siri, I feeling sad, give me some cheerful songs."

"Hey Siri, I want some relaxed songs."

"Hey Siri, play some romantic songs."

"Hey Siri, I am cooking now, I need some songs about cooking."

"Hey Siri, I need some calm down songs."

"Hey Siri, I want to sleep, need some song for bedtime."

Moreover, if you want to further use the HomePod, the following statement are always working.

"Hey Siri, skip forward 30 seconds."

"Hey Siri, increase the volume to 50 percent."

"Hey Siri, I want to hear the live version of this song."

"Hey Siri, turn on repeat."

From above, you can easy to get rid of playing Apple Music without any touch of your HomePod. However, if you are fond of the Apple Music you are listening to and want to share these songs with your friends, it is hard for you to share these songs with just say something. The situation goes even worse when your friend isn't Apple Music member. However, things go differently when you meet TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

In virtue of TuneFab Apple Music Converter, all you need to do is to add these songs to your iTunes first and then utilize TuneFab Apple Music Converter to help you remove the DRM protection from your Apple Music by converting Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, and etc., and further share these songs with your friend. It is a professional converter which can break DRM from your Apple Music in high quality within several minutes in batches conversion tasks.You can follow the following 2 guidance as follow then you can enjoy Apple Music through HomePod more professional.


Flash Tips: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3

Share Apple Music Songs Using AirDrop in iOS 11

Now, it is your turn to set about playing Apple Music on your HomePod at once! However, you might have another question, "Can I also play my iTunes Music on HomePod?" Definitely, you can! And I am going to share with you with one more best tip about what exactly the Music you can play on HomePod in the next part.

Part 3. Tips: What Kinds of Music Can Be Stream to HomePod

So Kind as Apple Inc., there are 6 kinds of music you can stream to HomePod directly. I am going to show you one by one. HomePod users, attention please!

Apple Music: 45 million of songs are allowed to stream on HomePod with Siri based on the fact that you have already subscribed to Apple Membership.

iTunes Music: All the purchased contents, like songs, albums and audiobooks, are allowed to play on HomePod by saying "Hey Siri".

iCloud Music Library: All the upload contents are also can be played by asking Siri on HomePod, including the music you have imported from CD, Apple Music, or the subscription of iTunes Match.

Beats 1: Podcasts from Beats 1 can be played on HomePod.

Podcasts: Podcasts from iTunes can be listened to on HomePod when saying Hey to Sir.

AirPlay: The users of HomePod can use AirPlay to play all the audio from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV as well as your Mac.

Now that you have got all the essential material about playing Apple Music on HomePod, it is your time to enjoy your Apple Music on HomePod. Any questions when you using your HomePod, you can turn to TuneFab support teams for further help by sending an E-mail or just leave a comment as below. Enjoy your Apple Music and your incredible Music experience on HomePod!

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