It's understood that Apple Music is all protected by DRM, created by Apple Inc. with the purpose of protecting Apple Music from copying and being privatization. In the meantime, Apple Music allows you to try it for three months. You may want to keep all your Apple Music before your Apple Music subscription invalid. How to keep your Apple Music valid? How can you rip your Apple Music? Here are two ways you can rip your Apple Music songs, come and get it first!

Rip Apple Music


Speak frankly, there are two skills you can rip Apple Music because we can break the DRM from the songs. The first is converting Apple Music into MP3 and the other is recording and saving as MP3. As for the precise details, I am going to tell you in the following two parts. Don't get distracted and read carefully.

Method 1. Keep Your Apple Music by converting into MP3

To break Apple Music from DRM, you can convert it into MP3. You may ask how you can break Apple Music from DRM. I am going to tell you that you can use a magic tool to realize it. It is TuneFab Apple Music Converter that helps you convert your Apple Music into MP3.

Point 1: Miscellaneous options of output format to opt

TuneFab Apple Music Converter allows you to convert Apple Music into MP3 with the objective of killing the protection of Apple Music. There are sundry conversion speeds you can choose, the maximum of which is 10X. You can just turn on the software and let the conversion process running and finish. Here is the step-by-step instruction you can obey.

Point 2: Superfast conversion of converting process

TuneFab Apple Music Converter knows your time is valuable and don't allow you waste your cherished time on converting your Apple Music, and thus it offers you the rapid conversion speed, reach up to 10X. Hence, you can choose your conversion speed and convert it to batches.

Step 1. Running the program

After downloading the program on your computer, run it and you can see the whole Music Library.

Launch Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Selecting your Music and select your music "Output Settings"

On the homepage of the program, you can select your music. After selecting your Apple Music songs, you can select the "Output Settings" which you love.

Specify Output Format

Step 3. Click the Convert button

After selecting your music output settings, you can click the "Convert" option to convert your Apple Music songs.

Convert Apple Music to MP3

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However, there is also another way you can keep your Apple Music down which you can record it and keep it as a tool, that is TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Method 2. Keep Your Apple Music by recording and saving as MP3

TuneFab Screen Recorder is designed for keeping your Apple Music in recording way. You can turn on your iTunes along with your recorder. With this recorder, you can easy to keep Apple Music to your liking.

Step 1. Launch the software on your computer

When launching the software, you can click the Audio Recorder button to get ready for recording.

Screen Recorder Interface

Step 2. Set your audio file format

When shifting to your audio recorder, you can click the "Settings" to set your record file formats and output folder.

Note: Please turn on your system audio and microphone.

Select Output Format in Settings

Step 3. Click on REC to record your music

When getting ready, you can click on REC button to get ready to record your music with easily.

Change Location of Output Files

Video Tutorial: Keep Your Apple Music by recording and saving as MP3

So far, you have learned about 2 ways to rip your Apple Music without any constraint. Owning these 2 edge tools you can easy to rip your Apple Music for convenience. You can free away from your limited period of your Apple Music subscription. Enjoy your unblocked Apple Music journey from here.

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