“HOW do I change my alarm music to a song that's in my Amazon Music library?” - Reddit User

Getting up is not an easy job. You might already get bored with the default alarm sound, which makes you even more sleepy or tired. For this reason, you might want to change it to your favorite song on Amazon Music, trying to get some refreshments and energy for the morning. But how to set Amazon music as an alarm? Don't worry, this post will share detailed guides on setting Amazon music on multiple devices, including iPhone, Android devices, and even 3 popular types of smart speakers. Just read on!


Can I Find an Alarm Clock App Compatible with Amazon Music?

No. There is not a single Alarm Clock app that Amazon has cooperated with, which means there is no direct way to connect Amazon music to any alarm clock app. But normally, alarm clock apps allow you to upload custom music as ringtones, giving you an opportunity to import Amazon music as local files to your clock app.

Before you take any further action, here is a catch: Amazon Prime music is DRM-protected, which means it can only be played within the official app. It might be bad news, but you can convert these Amazon music to plain music files by using an Amazon music converter, which can help you remove the DRM from Amazon Music without hassle.

How to Download Amazon Music as DRM-Free MP3 for Alarm

Now you know that all you need is an Amazon music converter to help you get rid of the DRM restrictions. Among the tools on the market, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is highly recommended here, for it assists you in downloading Amazon music to MP3 with super fast conversion speed and enjoying lossless-quality playback offline. Therefore, you can get a marvelous ringtone to wake you up, imbuing freshness into a new day. Below are more remarkable features of TuneFab.

Access Amazon Resources: It can help you download Amazon songs, albums, and playlists.
Various Output formats: Multiple audio formats such as MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV are available to choose from.
Fast Download speed: 5X download speed as well as batch conversion function are supported.
Retain ID3 Tags Information: It can automatically preserve information like song title, album, artist, and album cover for better classification.
Keep the Original Audio Quality: You're free to adjust the audio parameters such as bitrate and sample rate at up to 320 kbps, and 44.1 kHz to get the almost lossless sound quality.

Apart from the above features, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is also equipped with a user-friendly interface, enabling you to finish the conversion within a few clicks. Let's now look at how this software is designed for you.

Step 1. Log in to Your Amazon Account

When you have downloaded and installed TuneFab Amazon Music Converter successfully, then you can log in to your Amazon account. It can automatically identify your location and adjust your language settings accordingly.

Log Into Amazon Account

Step 2. Search for Your Favorite Music

With the embedded web player of Amazon Music, you are allowed to directly browse the music library to find the song you like. For easier operation, you can drag the song/playlist title to the blue + icon, and then all the songs will be added to the converting list.

Select Playlist for Converting

Step 3. Choose Output Format

In the converting list, if you want to make all the songs converted to one identical format, go to “Convert all files to”, and then select any mainstream formats like MP3, M4A, FLAC, or WAV.

Alternatively, to set the output format for each song, you can go to the "Output Format" button located behind each title.

Choose Output Format

Step 4. Convert Amazon Tracks

When the above things are done, click  “Convert All” button to begin the conversion process. Then just wait for a while, you can check the downloaded music under the "Finished" section.

Convert Amazon Tracks

How to Set Amazon Music as Alarm on Mobile

Now that when you have finished downloading Amazon music to the compatible MP3 format, you can then proceed to transfer these DRM-free files to your mobile devices like iPhone or Android mobiles for alarm use. The following part will teach you how to set Amazon music as an alarm respectively.

Set Amazon Prime Music as Alarm on iPhone

To set your downloaded Amazon music as alarm ringtone on your iPhone, you need to transfer the downloaded songs to your device via iTunes or Finder on your computer. And then follow the specific procedures below.

1. Tap your Clock app and then head to the Alarm tab.
2. Go to the + icon in the top right corner to initiate a new alarm.
3. Select an appropriate time and select Sound.
4. Under Sound, select Pick a song and go to the Amazon Music songs you like.
5. Choose the song and tap Back, then tap Save to confirm your settings.

Set Amazon Music Alarm on iPhone

Set Amazon Prime Music as Alarm on Android

Likewise, to set Amazon Prime music as alarm, you'd better transfer your downloaded Amazon music files to your Android device first. Then you can straightforwardly set Amazon music files as an alarm sound on the preinstalled Clock app. Here is the tutorial.

1. Open the Clock app. Tap Alarm at the bottom and press the + icon to begin setting a new alarm.
2. You can type the name of it and then tap the Alarm sound to change your alarm source.
3. Tap Ringtone and tap the + icon to locate Amazon Music songs you have just converted.
4. Choose the wanted track and tap Done to go back to save your settings.

Set Amazon Music Alarm on Android

How to Use Amazon Music as Alarm on Smart Speakers

In addition to setting the alarm on your smartphones, you can also set an Amazon music alarm on smart speakers, especially popular ones like Amazon Echo and Sonos. All of these mentioned allow you to set up Amazon Music as your customized alarm tone. If you are interested in this, just check the content below.

Use Amazon Music as Alarm on Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo comes with a Digital Assistant Alexa, which provides many functions, including a wake-up alarm. What's more, Amazon has also made an easy connection between Amazon Music and Alexa. For this reason, it will not be difficult for you to use Amazon Music as an alarm on Amazon Echo.

Set Amazon Music Alarm on Amazon Echo

1. Find the Alexa program and click it to launch.
2. Find the button of More at the bottom and then choose Settings in the pop-up window.
3. Locate Music & Podcasts and tap Link New Service to choose Amazon Music.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Amazon account to Alexa.
5. Now you can set a music alarm on this smart speaker to wake you up.

Use Amazon Music as Alarm on Sonos

Sonos, a smart speaker that Amazon has partnered with, allows you to directly link Amazon Music to it, bringing the convenience of using Amazon Music as alarm. If you're a Prime member or Amazon Music Unlimited member, you can set Amazon Music's alarm system on Sonos with the below instructions.

1. Launch the Sonos and go to Settings > Service & Voice.
2. Under Music & Content, select Add a service and press Add to Sonos to link your Amazon account.
3. Go to the Settings tab again and tap System > Alarms to create an alarm on Sonos.
4. Tap New Alarm and pick a song from Amazon as the alarm tone.

Set Amazo Music Alarm on Sonos


All in all, this post has given you the most detailed tutorial on how to set Amazon Music as an alarm, so as to better wake you up or remind you something in time. No matter if you want to set an Amazon Prime music alarm on smartphones or smart speakers, the very first thing is to make sure the Amazon songs you like are converted to DRM-free files, and the tool highly recommended here is TuneFab Amazon Music Converter, for its ease of use, stable performance, and excellent converting speed. Don't hesitate to download it now!

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