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Solved: How to Enjoy Amazon Prime Music Offline

By Zoe Clarke

November 27, 2017

Amazon has offered you a series of paid subscription services including Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. Both of these two services provide users with millions songs to download and stream. But like Apple Music and Spotify, the songs from Amazon Prime Music are DRM protected. Is it possible to listen Amazon Prime Music offline on common device like MP3 player? Read on to figure it out.


Part 1. Introduction of Amazon Prime Music

Main Points of Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music, a music streaming service that is considered as one of the powerful competitors of Spotify. It offers you a 30-day free trial service and after that, you need to pay $10.99 per month to subscribe the Amazon Prime Music membership. Featuring more than two million songs and thousands of playlists and stations, Amazon Prime Music is a great choice to stream music on your demand. If Amazon Prime Music has successfully caught your eyes, keep reading and explore more features now.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music VS Amazon Music Unlimited

If you are already a member of Amazon Prime Music, then you only need to pay $7.99 per month to get the Amazon Music Unlimited service. If not, then it will cost you $9.99 per month to enjoy the music unlimited service. With Amazon Music Unlimited, you can find and listen to ten millions of songs that are released from recently popular artists. Anyway, more contents for you to free stream.

Part 2. How Does Amazon Prime Music Work Offline

"Every day I have to take a long drive, sometimes I fail to listen to music with my Amazon Prime Music membership due to the weak signal. Is it possible for me to download prime music for offline playback?"

Fortunately, an offline mode is provided by Amazon Prime Music when you are unable to connect Internet. That means you can totally listen to Amazon Prime Music offline. Next, we are going to talk about how to get the offline playback work.

First, download Amazon Music app

Prime Music titles are only available for download from Amazon Music app for iOS, Android and Fire tablets while desktop computers are limited. So, you need download Amazon Music app on your iPhone or Android devices first.

Note: Amazon Prime Music cannot be copied onto CDs and other external storage.

Download Amazon Music App

Second, authorize your device

On your account, you are allowed to authorize up to 10 different devices for using Amazon Music. At a time you can only authorize one Amazon Music to each device. Go to "My Music" or launch the Amazon Music app on your device, choose an Amazon account and sign in using information. When you play or download a song or an album, the Authorize windows will pop up, and then follow the instruction to complete authorization.

Amazon Music App Authorize Device

Third, download wanted songs

Select songs, albums or playlists that you want to download. The icon of three vertical dots will is the "More Options" menu, click it and tap "Download". Next to downloaded music you can see a Downloaded "checkmark" icon.

Download Amazon Prime Music

Finally, set offline playback

On the Amazon Music app, you can find music you've downloaded to your device by opening "My Music". Set "Offline Music Mode" via Settings, and it will only show the downloaded music. Note: Select "Recents" from the Amazon Music menu and open your "Recently Downloaded Songs" list so that you can access the recent downloads.

Set Prime Music Offline

Part 3. Bonus for Listening to Other Streaming Music Offline

We've known that Spotify and Apple Music also provide DRM-protected music for music fanciers to listen and stream. If you plan to try them when you can't find songs on Amazon Prime Music, or you are expecting new experience, you may encounter troubles that listen to Spotify and Apple Music offline. But TuneFab Apple Music Converter has solved those troubles when you want to listen to Spotify offline or change ways to enjoy Apple Music.

Now, we are sure that Amazon Prime Music can play offline though it is protected by DRM. The downloaded contents are stored locally, so you can listen in a weak Internet connection environment via Amazon Music app or Windows Media Player and iTunes.

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