Generally, you might use both Amazon Music and Apple Music to listen to your favorite songs. However, each music platform offers its unique library. You may wonder if you could access all your music in one place. Sure! To achieve that, you can try to download Amazon Music to iTunes library.

In this article, we'll first provide methods to download and transfer Amazon Music to iTunes/Apple Music (including purchased and streaming songs), so you can listen to Amazon Music exclusive tracks through Apple Music. Additionally, we'll also offer a guide on how to import your Amazon Music playlists to Apple Music for easy access from the Apple Music app.


Starting from Feb 8, 2024, Apple officially launched the Apple Music app for Windows users to listen to and manage music from iTunes library. If you've installed the Apple Music app on your PC, you may transfer Amazon Music to it. If not, you can still download Amazon Music to iTunes.

Transfer Amazon Music to iTunes


Method 1. Download Amazon Music to iTunes Using TuneFab

Listeners nowadays prefer to stream Amazon Music rather than purchase songs. However, Amazon Music only allows you to download purchased music to MP3 for further transferring. The downloaded streaming music is DRM-protected and will be unavailable if your subscription expires. To get rid of such limitations and download Amazon Music to Apple Music, you need a reliable tool to help convert Amazon Music to DRM-free MP3.

Here we recommend TuneFab Amazon Music Converter, which is leading the pack in Amzaon Prime Music download service. This optimal software will remove DRM protection from streaming Amazon Music and get rid of any restrictions. It enables you to convert Amazon Music to common audio formats like FLAC with lossless quality. Then, you can transfer and play songs anywhere, let alone download Amazon Music to iTunes.

Amazing Features of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter

Convert Any Amazon Music content: songs, playlists, and podcasts;

Support various output formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC;

Up to 5X faster speed for accelerating the downloading process;

100% original quality to convert Amazon Music losslessly;

Maintain ID3 tags and metadata info of Amazon Music by default;

Batch convert to download the whole Amazon Music playlist at once.

Now follow the steps below to learn how to download Amazon Music to iTunes.

STEP 1. Launch TuneFab Amazon Music Converter, and click "Open the Amazon web player" to access the built-in Amazon Music web player. Now, you need to log in to your Amazon Music account for authorization to access your library.

Login to Amazon Music Account

STEP 2. Browse your saved songs, playlists, or podcasts in the Amazon Music library. To download them, simply drag the content to the floating "+" icon.

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter will recognize duplicate songs to avoid adding them twice, so don't worry that you would waste time downloading the same song added to different playlists.

Select Amazon Music to Download

STEP 3. Navigate to "Menu" > "Preferences" > "Advanced" to customize the output format for your Amazon Music downloads. You may choose MP3, FLAC, and other supported formats of Apple Music. Then hit "Save".

Adjust Output Preferences

STEP 4. Click the "Convert All" button in the lower-right corner. Then, it'll start to download songs from Amazon Music to your Windows/Mac.

Convert Amazon Music

STEP 5. Launch the iTunes or Apple Music app on your PC/Mac. Navigate to "File" > "Add File to Library" or "Add Folder to Library". Select the downloads and transfer Amazon Music to iTunes.

Import Amazon Music to iTunes

Besides, you'd better turn on "Sync Library" in your Apple Music settings, so that you can listen to imported Amazon Music in Apple Music across devices.

Method 2. Transfer Amazon Music to Apple Music via Amazon Music App

As Amazon Music offers on-sale singles for you to purchase for offline playback, you can download Amazon Music to computer after purchase. Unlike streaming music, you can directly add purchased Amazon Music to iTunes from the Amazon Music app. If you have had some Amazon-purchased titles before, follow this brief guide to transfer Amazon Music to Apple Music.

STEP 1. Launch Amazon Music on your computer. Navigate to "LIBRARY" on the top. Then, select the "Purchased" tab. The music you have purchased before will be listed here.

Check Purchased Amazon Music

STEP 2. Select the songs and click "Download". As a pop-up window leads you to install the Amazon app, simply select "No thanks, just download music files directly", and the purchased Amazon Music songs will be downloaded offline to MP3 files.

Download Purchased Amazon Music


A single song will be directly downloaded in MP3 format. If you have selected to download multiple songs at once, they will be downloaded as a .zip file requiring you to uncompress before accessing the MP3 audio.

STEP 3. Go to the "Dropdown menu" > "Preferences" > "Export Downloads to". Select your downloads and transfer Amazon Music to iTunes.

Import Amazon Music to iTunes Using App

STEP 4. Launch Apple Music. Navigate to "Settings" > "General". Tick "Sync Library" to transfer Amazon Music to Apple Music. Then you can enjoy the imported songs in Apple Music across devices.

Sync Library in Apple Music

Method 3. Transfer Amazon Music Playlists to Apple Music Online

Except for downloading Amazon Music to iTunes, you can also transfer Amazon Music playlists to Apple Music online. Thus you can enjoy your Amazon Music playlists using Apple Music.

With online transfer tools like Soundiiz, you can easily connect your Amazon Music account and Apple Music account and then transfer Amazon Music playlists to Apple Music. Here are the steps (The processes remain consistent whether you're accessing from a computer or a mobile device.):

STEP 1. Visit the Soundiiz web app through your browser.

STEP 2. Connect your Amazon Music and Apple Music accounts.

STEP 3. Select the Amazon Music playlists that you want to transfer.

STEP 4. Confirm your selection and transfer Amazon Music playlists to Apple Music.

Transfer Amazon Playlists

FAQs about Transferring Amazon Music to iTunes

Can I transfer my Amazon Music purchases to iTunes? How about streaming songs?

Yes, you can download your Amazon Music purchases to MP3 and then transfer Amazon Music to iTunes (for personal use only). As for streaming songs, you may need third-party Amazon Music converters for help.

How do I merge Amazon and Apple Music?

To merge Amazon and Apple Music, you can transfer your Amazon Music playlists to Apple Music. By doing so, all your preferred songs in Amazon Music can be viewed and listened to in Apple Music.

Does Amazon Music sync with Apple Music?

Till now, Amazon Music doesn't sync with Apple Music unless you download your Amazon Music playlist and transfer it to Apple Music manually.

But the good news is that Apple Music is testing the official "Transfer Music from Other Services" feature in its Android app. Perhaps shortly, you'll be able to easily transfer Amazon Music playlists to Apple Music through this feature.

Transfer Playlists to Apple Music

Final Words

If you already purchased some songs on Amazon Music, you can directly download them in MP3 and then sync the downloads from Amazon Music to iTunes with ease. However, if you want to download streaming Amazon Music to iTunes, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is the optimal choice to batch convert songs, albums, and playlists to MP3 without DRM protection. After that, you can sync as many songs as you want from Amazon Music to iTunes/Apple Music.

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