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Wisely Use Your Amazon Prime Music

By Iris Holmes

December 18, 2017

As a multifunctional streaming music service, Amazon Prime Music has gradually expanded its marker at home and abroad. As one of the users of Amazon Prime Music, you may wonder how to use it well. Here are some secrets of Amazon Prime Music which you don't know, so come and study how to use your Amazon Prime Music wisely.

Amazon Prime Music


Possessing over 2 million ad-free-edited songs, Amazon Prime Music as a streaming music service have a host of bright points is popular among the folks. You can get 30-day free trial before you pay for it. However, when you first use the Amazon Prime Music, it is better to know how to get the utmost use of it.

Tip 1: Use Amazon Prime Music with Sonos

As we all know that Amazon Prime Music can be used in iPhone & iPad, Android Phones & Tables, Mac & PC, Echo, Web, automotive, Fire TV & tables as well as home entertainment. However, we have already known that Amazon Prime Music can be used in its' Alexa A.I. assistant, how can you do if you have already owned Sonos.

Use Amazon Prime Music With Sonos

Here you can get the direction on how to use the Amazon Prime Music with Sonos. Let's take the iPhone for example.

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Step 1: Run the Sonos on your iPhone and tap the Add Music Services

Find and Tap the Add Music Services

Step 2: Adding your Amazon Prime Music as your music services

Add Amazon Prime Music as Music Services

Step 3: Add Amazon Prime Music Account to your Sonos

Add Amazon Music Account in the Sonos

After adding the Amazon Prime music, you can sign up trials or membership to realize the use of Amazon Prime Music in Sonos.

Tip 2: Use Amazon Prime Music without protection

Owing to the Amazon Prime Music are all protected by DRM, thus you may be restricted when sharing your music to others, and here I am going to introduce you a tool to you for better using the Amazon Prime Music, that is TuneFab Screen Recorder.

TuneFab Screen Recorder is not simply a screen recorder but also an audio recorder which offers you the chance to keep all the music from your streaming music or others online music by recording ways. It records all the music and converts into the MP3, M4A, AAC format. Thus, you can use the MP3 to burn a CD, share it to your friends, or make the ringtone for your cellphone. In this way, you are the wise to use the Amazon Prime Music in its true sense.

Tip 3: Use Amazon Prime Music by burning into a CD

After listening to the Amazon Prime Music, you would like to burn the playlists to a CD. Sincerely, you can use the Streaming Audio Recorder to assist you with burning to a CD. However, you can also use the Windows Media Player or iTunes to burn to a CD. Here I would like to show how to imprint CDs by Window Media Player.

Step 1: Download the playlists and turn on the Windows Media Player

Turn On Windows Media Player and Add Playlists

Step 2: Click the right corner bottom Burn and select the playlists

Click Burn to get Ready to Burn A CD

Step 3: Click the Start Burn to burn the music to a CD

Tip 4: Use Amazon Prime Music without network connected

You may come across an uninviting problem when your network is down or unconnected. Here you can know more tips about using Amazon Prime Music when network unconnected, here are tips to help you download Amazon Prime Music offline.

Having the above 4 tips on how to use your Amazon Prime Music, I hope you can start your amazing Amazon Prime Music journey from here! If you have got the different ideas or other questions, please let us know by sending E-mail to us or writing your comments in below.

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