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There are many music streaming platforms today providing people with high-quality music playback online. Among so many options, Amazon Music, which attracts many listeners with its rich music library - over 2 million songs stored inside, also has a large user group.

However, just like other music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, you can only enjoy the offline playback function after paying for the Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited plans. Even if you finally find a local file of the downloaded Amazon music track, the unrecognizable Amazon M4A format can somehow hinder your playback. Perhaps you've already tried serval online tools to convert the Amazon Music but failed.

To solve the issue, we've found and tested two feasible methods to achieve your goals. Then you can get various Amazon Music content converted in a common MP3 format.


1. Download Amazon Music to MP3 via Amazon Music Converter

In fact, if you are not averse to installing software programs to the desktop, third-party Amazon Music Converter is always the best option to try.

Why Do You Need an Amazon Music to MP3 Converter?

When Amazon Music offers the download function to Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited, it still sets some limitations for people to use it. That said, people will meet the following problems while trying to download Amazon Music for playback offline:

* Only the purchased Amazon Music can be downloaded for playback.
* You can only use iTunes or Windows Media Player to play the downloaded purchased music files on computers.
* The music with Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited titles can't be downloaded to computers, so you have to use the Amazon Music app for downloading and playing offline.

Because of such limitations set by Amazon Music, it would be more convenient if we have a desktop tool to convert Amazon Music to MP3. So in the following, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter will be recommended to you for Amazon Prime Music DRM removal.

Key Features of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter supports Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Unlimited, Amazon Music HD, and also provides users options to download songs and podcasts for playback offline without any limitations. It will keep the original quality and also ID3 metadata in the converted Amazon Music file to make sure that you can have the same music playback experience after downloading the songs via the tool. In terms of ease of use, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter can help everyone to download Amazon Music songs with very simple steps.

Its Benefits

The main benefits that TuneFab Amazon Music Converter can bring to us include the following ones:

# One-stop for streaming and audio conversion - No matter you are a free user or a subscriber of Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited, you directly stream and download any Amazon songs, playlists, or podcasts with TuneFab Amazon Music Converter.

# Provides common audio formats for output - The most popular audio formats, including MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC are supported to convert Amazon Music so that the music files can be played on all devices you want.

# Keeps original quality and ID3 metadata - During the conversion, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter will keep the original sound quality and also ID3 metadata to download the songs, which make people enjoy the music playback and manage them offline with good experience.

# Offers fast downloading speed - TuneFab Amazon Music Converter will process the downloading to be 5X faster and also in batch, so even for a whole list of songs, they can be converted and downloaded with quick speed.

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How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 Using TuneFab Amazon Music Converter?


TuneFab Amazon Music Converter provides the simplest process to convert Amazon Music to MP3 for playing the songs offline, so you can bypass the restriction set by Amazon Music to download the songs. It brings great help to enjoy Amazon Music freely.

When you have installed TuneFab Amazon Music Converter on the computer, then the operations to convert Amazon Music to MP3 files will be very easy with its help. Now you can follow the tutorial here to start converting Amazon Music to MP3.

Tip: System Requirements of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter:
Windows 7 or later on 64bit required / Mac OS X 10.11 or higher.

Step 1. Enter Amazon Web Player and Log in

Open TuneFab Amazon Music Converter on your computer, then it will allow you to enter the in-built web player. Click the "Open the Amazon web player" button to enter and also log in to your Amazon Music account.

Tip: It is necessary to log in, or you can't convert the Amazon playlist using the software.

Log in to Amazon Music

Step 2. Choose Amazon Playlist or Songs to Convert

After logging in to the account, you can open an Amazon playlist, and click the blue "Add" icon to convert it. To convert one single Amazon song, you can also directly drag the song to the "Add" button for converting it.

You should note that TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is not supported to download Radio Stations and Amazon Original Video at present.

Select Playlist

Step 3. Choose Output Format as MP3

When the Amazon playlist is converted, you can choose the output format as MP3 by going to the Format menu in the top-right "Convert all files to".

Choose MP3 as Output Format

If you need to change the "SampleRate" and "Bitrate" of the songs, just go to the settings menu and find "Preferences". In the "Advanced" part, you can change these two options based on your needs.

Customize Settings

Step 4. Convert Amazon Music to MP3 Offline

Finally, just click on the "Convert All" button to start converting Amazon Music to MP3. TuneFab Amazon Music Converter will quickly process the downloading process for you, and you can get the downloaded MP3 Amazon Music saved on your computer for free playback at any time and anywhere.

Convert Amazon Music to MP3 successfully

Pros and cons of this method

* Easily download Amazon Prime Music to MP3, M4A, FLAC and WAV
* Rip Amazon Prime Music album/playlsts in batch
* Keeps original ID3 metadata information
* Convert songs in high-quality with adjustable sample rate and bitrate

* Only let you convert 3 minute per song for free

2. Convert Amazon Music to MP3 via Audio Recorder


Audacity is a professional audio recorder that helps people to record Amazon Music to MP3 with high quality. But the process of using the software and the time used on waiting for the recording would be more complex and longer. So by comparison, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is a better tool to choose.

Except for using an Amazon Music to MP3 Converter, a free audio recorder can also help us to record Amazon Music and save the files in MP3 for playback offline. Audacity is also a popular yet free tool you can try to capture Amazon Music to save as MP3 files easily.

Convert Amazon Music to MP3 successfully

How to Record Amazon Music with Audacity?

Now you can also follow these easy steps to learn using Audacity to record Amazon Music on your computer.

Step 1. Open Audacity on the computer, and go to "Devices Preferences" in "Edit". You need to set "MME" or "Windows DirectSound" as the "Host" here.

Select Host

Step 2. Then also go to "Recording" for turning off the "Software Playthrough".

urn Off Software Playthrough

Step 3. Now, start playing Amazon Music and click the "Record" button to begin the recording process.

Step 4. When the song is ended, stop the recording and convert the recorded Amazon Music to an MP3 file for saving offline.

urn Off Software Playthrough

Pros and cons of this method

* Provides the free recording function without paying any fee
* Supports Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux computers
* Offers high-quality audio recording function to record Amazon Music
* Allows to record music from other streaming platforms as well

* It cannot record several songs at the same time
* The functions would be difficult for new users to get started

FAQs About Converting Amazon Prime Music to MP3

Can I Transfer Amazon Music to MP3 Player?

Yes, but you need to convert Amazon Music to MP3 first so that your MP3 player can play the songs successfully. Actually, downloads from the Amazon Prime Music app are M4A files protected with DRM and even if you directly transfer them to your MP3 player, they can't be recognized. That is after you convert music to MP3 files using the method introduced in this post, you can transfer them to your MP3 player.

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Can I Download Music from Amazon Music to MP3 on Mobile Devices?

Currently, we can't find any apps that can convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3 directly on iOS or Android. If you prefer to enjoy Amazon Music as MP3 on your mobile devices, just convert them on your PC and then transfer them to your phone or tablet.


Even Amazon Music has brought limitations and inconvenience for people to listen to Amazon Music offline, both TuneFab Amazon Music Converter and Audacity bring help to remove the limitations. Just choose a suitable method and enjoy Amazon Music freely from now on.

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