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When we usher in the digital era, music plays an incredibly important role in daily life. As Amazon Music has brought countless high-quality resources for people to enjoy, a frustrating fact is a prohibition it sets for downloading the songs. For security reasons, Amazon Music utilizes DRM encryption to prevent unauthorized downloads of the streaming media, unless you purchase the songs, or subscribe to the premium plans.

Based on this, this post collects the basic understanding of the download function provided by Amazon Music, and the best program to help download Amazon Music to the computer in a batch. Please scroll down to read now.


Part 1. Where Do Amazon Music Downloads Go

To distinguish between Amazon Music free users and subscribers, Amazon Music has set the download function as a bonus for those who are willing to pay for the premium plans offered by Amazon Music. Accordingly, there provide the following 4 types of accounts identifying the subscription status of an Amazon user, including

  • Amazon Music Free (cost-free)

  • Amazon Music Prime

  • Amazon Music Unlimited

  • Amazon Music HD

For Amazon Music Free accounts, Amazon doesn't provide an extra download option to save the songs for offline listening, unless you have purchased them. As for the subscribers of Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, or HD plans, users can enjoy the "Offline Mode" utilizing the mobile applications of Amazon Music on Android and iOS.

And yes, for the desktop program or the web player, no matter you are a premium user of Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, and HD or not, the download option will not be provided.

Attention: However, if you are not a subscriber of these plans, but just purchase the singles directly, you have been permitted to download the purchased items offline on both Windows and macOS computers.

So where can we access the Amazon Music downloads after confirming to download them offline?

For the purchased Amazon Music songs: The songs can be downloaded on computers directly, and the downloaded audios will be stored in the My Music folder on Windows, while in the Music folder on Mac.

For the Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, and HD streaming content: The streaming music can only be downloaded within the mobile apps. Therefore, you ought to install the Amazon Music app on iOS or Android. By switching to the Offline Mode inside the app, you can access the downloaded songs for streaming without the Internet.

Nevertheless, because of the DRM encryption utilized by Amazon Music, the streaming music provided inside Amazon Music app can only be supported to playback inside the platform. Even you can access the download path to find the local audio files, it won't be able to process the playback utilizing third-party players.

Part 2. How to Download Music from Amazon Free / Prime / Unlimited on PC in MP3

Although Amazon Music sets restrictions for downloading Amazon songs on computers unexpectedly, we still have ways to figure it out. We have known that the DRM encryption is the core reason preventing Amazon Music downloads and playback, therefore, our target is to remove it!

Best Tool to Download Amazon Music to Computer

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is the best program with powerful functions to strip DRM encryption from Amazon Music, including Amazon Music Free, and the titles with Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited. It provides the popular encoders for exporting the streaming media, in that the offline Amazon audio files can be played in more flexible ways.

Here are the sparkling features that attribute to the high rank and popularity of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter:

  • Popular output encoders: the most popular encoders such as MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC are supported to encode the downloaded Amazon Music.

  • Original sound quality: for ensuring the awesome music streaming offline, the program saves the same high quality as the original sources without compression.

  • 5X speedy performance and batch conversion: the program can proceed to the Amazon Music conversion and downloading processes with 5X quicker speed. Equipped with the batch convert feature, it highly facilitates output productivity.

  • Retain original ID3 information: during the conversion, it will retain the full ID3 information for Amazon Music for people to check back after getting the downloads offline.

  • Customizable audio parameters: before proceeding with the conversion, the program allows people to adjust the parameter settings such as SampleRate and Bitrate based on personal preference.

Surprisingly, this professional Amazon Music Downloader only takes very easy-using manipulation to download Amazon Music offline. For beginners, the following procedures will generally show the correct way to utilize the program. Please check.

Step 1. Open TuneFab Amazon Music Converter and Sign in

TuneFab Amazon Music Converter provides a free trial to all new users. It is recommended to experience the features before making a purchase. Therefore, please install the program first and launch it. You ought to enter the main feed of the embedded Amazon Music Web Player for signing in to your Amazon account.

Amazon Music Login

Step 2. Select Amazon Music Playlist to Convert

When you sign in to the web player, please directly open an Amazon Music playlist, and click on the Add button to proceed to resolve it. Within seconds, the playlist will be generated in a new dialogue for selecting the containing songs to download in your preference.

Select Amazon Music Playlist

Step 3. Configure Output Encoder to Download Amazon Music

Subsequently, please select an output encoder for exporting the Amazon Music from the drop-down menu in Convert all files. For advanced settings such as SampleRate and Bitrate, please turn to Preferences for customizing under the Advanced tab.

Select Output Format

Step 4. Download Amazon Music to MP3

Eventually, directly click on the Convert All button for proceeding with the downloading process. TuneFab Amazon Music Converter will initiate to export the selected songs to local audio files of MP3 or other selected encoders.

Convert Songs from Amazon

You can turn to the Finished module for checking the complete download history and open the output destination for finding the downloaded Amazon Music files by tapping the View Output File button.

Download Amazon Music to Computer Successfully

Final Thoughts

Even though Amazon Music places restrictions on its download function, there still exists a solution to figure it out. TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is a perfect program assisting to resolve the restrictions that happened because of the DRM encryption. By exporting the songs to MP3, people can enjoy the high-quality Amazon Music playback offline freely from then on.

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