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For Amazon Music users, they can either purchase a single song/entire album in MP3 format directly from Amazon Music or opt for subscriptions like Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited. While purchasing tracks comes with ownership and subscription-based songs are subject to DRM (digital rights management) protection, you struggle with playing them on your default music player - Windows Media Player.

In this article, we present two methods - remove DRM from Amazon Music and download as MP3 files - to play Amazon Music with Windows Media Player. By following the methods outlined in this article, users can effortlessly enjoy their favorite Amazon tunes on Windows Media Player, thus enhancing their overall listening experience. Now, let's dive into the detailed steps and get more control over your listening experience.


Method 1. Download Amazon Music to Windows Media Player

For users subscribed to Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited, accessing their favorite songs is limited to Amazon Music's official software due to DRM restrictions. However, no worries. With the right tool, say, a music converter, you can get rid of the clutches of  DRM, download steaming songs from Amazon Music, and then transform them into formats compatible with Windows Media Player.

Best Music Converter

Time to bring out the Big gun, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter – the ultimate solution for unleashing the full potential of your Amazon Music experience. With this powerhouse converter at your disposal, you can first remove DRM restictions and download songs from Amazon Music, then conver them to MP3, so finally these files can be played onWindows Media Player. Speaking of this, you might wonder what the seed and quality are. Fear not, TuneFab ensures a 5X speed and lossless downloading quality, allowing for an advanced listening experience.

TuneFab: Stream Amazon Music on Windows As You Like

● Able to rip songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts from Amazon Music without DRM restrictions and play music on Windows Media Player.
● Convert desired trakcs to common formats that are compatible with Windows, including  MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc.
● Preserve the original sound quality of your tracks, granting the best listening experience.
● Get your selected files downloaded in batches at up to 5X faster speed, saving your precious time.
● Keep  all song details and manage them in the local music library.

Wth TuneFab Amazon Music Converter at your fingertips, you will never find yourself in a similar situation, asking how to download Amazon Music to Windows Music Player.

How to Download Amazon Music to Windows Media Player

Here are the steps on how to download Amazon Music to your Windows Media Player using TuneFab Amazon Music Converter:

Step 1. Launch TuneFab Amazon Music Converter and log in to your Amazon Music account by entering your email or mobile phone number and password.

Log onto Your Amazon Account

Step 2. Select the Amazon playlist or tracks you want to convert by clicking the Add icon.

Select Songs You Want to Download

Step 3. In the upper right corner, choose MP3 as the output format. You can also adjust the Sample Rate (HZ), Bitrate (kbps), and output location to your preference.

Customize Your Preference

Step 4. Hit the Convert All button to start downloading playlists from Amazon Music as audio files that can be played on Windows Media Player. TuneFab Amazon Music Converter works its magic at 5X faster speed, ensuring a swift and efficient conversion. Once completed, head over to the Finished section to access your newly converted songs. Okay, with these simple steps, your dream music tunes are well in place on Windows Media Player. Enjoy it!

Finished Downloading Process

Method 2. Move Purchased Amazon Music to Windows Media Player

If you have previously purchased songs from Amazon Music, lucky you! No DRM protections can hold your songs hostage. Follow the following straightforward steps to move your purchased Amazon Music to Windows Media Player.

Step 1. Head over to Amazon Web Player and log in to your Amazon account.Then, navigate to your Library and click on the Songs button, then hit the Purchased button.

Step 2. Select the songs or albums you've purchased and click Download.

Step 3. Opt for No thanks, just download music files directly and select Save to store your Amazon MP3 files (yes, you can download Amazon Music as mp3 files).

Step 4. Launch Windows Media Player on your computer and click Organize from the menu.

Step 5. Select Manage Libraries, then Music, and click Add in the pop-up window.

Select Manage Library

Step 6. Locate the folder where you saved your Amazon MP3 files and select it. Now, click Include Folder to add your Amazon Music files to the media player.

Clike Include Folder

Step 7. All right! Your imported music will appear in your library, ready for playback on Windows Media Player.

So what? Isn't it pretty easy to download music from Amazon Music to your PC?


From what has been discussed above, there are two ways to download AMazon music to Windows Media Player.

For those who have purchased songs directly from Amazon Music, Method 2 provides a straightforward solution to import your music library directly into Windows Media Player. However, for users subscribed to Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited, Method 1 offers a comprehensive approach. Leveraging the power of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter can help people bypass the restrictions of DRM, convert songs to other formats, and finally set their songs free. In this realm, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is second to none. So why still wait?

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