Amazon Music's library is definitely a music haven, you can easily create your personalized Amazon music playlists and even download your favorite songs from Amazon Music to your device for offline enjoyment. However, sometimes you may want to manage the songs to make the playlists stick to your current preferences, or spare the space on your device. Therefore, you may wonder how to delete music from Amazon Music. In this article, we're about to walk you through guides on deleting a song from a playlist, a downloaded track, or a recently played song from Amazon Music on PC/iPhone/Android. Without further ado, let's read on.


Part 1. How to Remove a Song from Amazon Playlist

Removing a song from your Amazon Music playlist is a straightforward process, ensuring that only your favorite tunes are on rotation. Before you begin, remember that any changes you make will sync across all devices where you use Amazon Music, keeping your playlists consistent no matter where you listen. This approach varies in terms of the device you're using - computer, Android mobile, or iPhone. We'll guide you through the specifics for each, making it a breeze to keep your playlist fresh. Let's dive into the details.

How to Remove a Song from Amazon Playlist on a Computer

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to remove a song from your Amazon Music playlist on a computer, applicable to both the website and the desktop application.

1. Open the Amazon Music website or desktop app. Navigate to the top of your screen and click on "Library", then select "Music" followed by "Playlists" to view your entire collection.

2. Browse or search for the song you wish to delete from your library.

3. Click on the tick icon next to the song and then choose "Remove from My Playlists".

Click Library on Amazon Music Website

How to Remove a Song from Amazon Playlist on iPhone/Android

If you are an iPhone or Android user, just follow the steps below on how to delete music from Amazon Music.

1. Go to the "Library" section and click on "Playlists".

2. Find the song you want to remove and tap the three dots.

3. From the menu that appears, choose "Delete" and confirm your choice.

Click Library on Amazon Music App

Part 2. How to Delete Downloaded Songs from Amazon Music

If your device nearly runs out of storage, you're probably itching to clear some Amazon downloads out. Let's walk through the steps to remove those extra downloads on different devices.

How to Delete Downloaded Amazon Music from Desktop App

If you're looking for a method to remove downloaded Amazon songs on your desktop, here's a step-by-step guide that'll have your library cleaned up in no time.

1. Open the Amazon Music application on your desktop and then head to the "Library" or "Playlist" section where your music is organized.

2. Locate the "Downloaded" icon. Then click on this to filter and only show the tracks you've downloaded.

3. For each song you wish to delete, click on the three dots next to the song title and choose the "Delete" option to remove the song from your downloads.

Click Library on Amazon Music Desktop App

How to Delete Downloaded Amazon Music from iPhone

For iPhone users to clean up their Amazon Music app by removing downloaded tracks, the process is also straightforward and efficient. Let's dive into how you can free up some space by deleting those no-longer-needed tunes.

1. Tap on "Library" located at the bottom of the app to access your music collection.

2. Look for the Gear icon situated in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap it and then toggle the "Offline Mode" on.

3. Scroll through your offline music until you find the song you want to delete. Then, tap the three dots next to the song's title and select "Delete from Device" to remove it.

How to Delete Downloaded Amazon Music from Android

For Android users aiming to tidy up their Amazon Music app by deleting downloaded songs, here's a concise guide to help you navigate through the process smoothly.

1. Tap on "Offline Music" found in the Menu at the top of the screen.

2. Locate the songs you want to delete and then tap the three dots.

3. From the options that appear, tap "Remove from Device". This action will delete the song from your downloaded music, freeing up space on your device.

Part 3 How to Re-Download Amazon Music as DRM-Free MP3

Sometimes you may have deleted songs from Amazon Music and want to get them back, but find your subscription has ended, which makes the download feature unavailable anymore. To handle this, you can turn to TuneFab Amazon Music Converter, a comprehensive Amazon Music downloader. It allows you to convert and download your favorite Amazon Music as MP3 in original quality, giving you access even without a subscription. Additionally, these Amazon downloads can be preserved with ID3 tags including titles, artists, and albums, making it easier for management.

Key Features of TuneFab Amazon Music Converter:
· Versatile Music Conversion - Convert Amazon Music songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts into MP3, M4A, WAV, or FLAC files, making your music portable across different devices.
· High-Quality Downloads - Maintain the original sound quality of Amazon Music, offering an offline listening experience that doesn’t compromise on audio clarity.
· Fast Batch Downloads - With the capability to download music in batches at speeds up to 5X faster, it saves time and simplifies the process of building your music library.
· Preserves ID3 Metadata - Keep titles, artists, albums, and album cover information for each song, aiding in the organization and management of your music collection.
· Customizable Audio Settings - Offer adjustable audio parameters, such as bitrate and sample rate, to tailor the output quality to your preferences.

Now let's see the detailed steps on how to redownload Amazon Music as DRM-free MP3 by using TuneFab Amazon Music Converter.

Step 1. Install TuneFab Amazon Music Converter software on your computer. Then launch it and log in to your Amazon account.

Log in to Amazon Account on TuneFab

Step 2. Find the songs you want to redownload and then directly drag and drop them onto the blue"Add" button for conversion.

Add Amazon Songs for Conversion

Step 3. Upon accessing the conversion list, you have the option to select MP3 as your desired output format for individual songs. Or adjust the format in a batch by navigating to the "Convert all files to" menu located in the upper-right corner.

Tweak Output Preference Settings

Step 4. Once ready, click on the "Convert All" button to start converting your selected Amazon Music to DRM-free MP3 files. When completes, locate your downloaded music in the output folder in the Finished section.

Convert Amazon songs with TuneFab

Now you can enjoy your Amazon Music tracks as DRM-free MP3, making them accessible on any device.

Part 4. How to Delete Recently Played from Amazon Music

Clearing your recently played list in Amazon Music can be a great way to keep your listening history private or simply start fresh with new recommendations. Before going into the steps, it's important to note that this action cannot be undone, so be sure you're ready to clear your history. Here's how you can delete your Recently Played from Amazon Music on any device.

1. Tap "Library" and choose the "Music" option.

2. In the "Recently Played" section, click on the three dots and select "Remove from Recently Played". This will remove the tracks or playlists from your history.

Delete Recently Played on Amazon Music

FAQs About Deleting Music from Amazon Music

How to Remove Multiple Songs from Amazon Music Playlist?

Removing multiple songs from an Amazon Music playlist can't be done in a single batch action. Instead, you must delete each song individually by editing your playlists. But this method is more convenient than deleting songs one by one from an Amazon playlist.

How to Delete All Downloaded Songs from Amazon Music?

If you want to delete all downloaded songs from Amazon Music and free up space on your device, follow these simple steps:

1. Start the app on your device.

2. Tap the Menu icon (upper left) and select "Settings".

3. Find and select "Manage Downloaded Music".

4. Choose "Delete All" and confirm. This will remove all offline songs from your device.


Different effective methods have been introduced to help you delete music from Amazon Music on different devices, keeping your music collection fresh and tailored to your current preferences. However, for those times when you've parted ways with your Amazon Music subscription but still long for your favorite tunes, or if you're looking to enjoy your music offline across various devices without DRM restrictions, TuneFab Amazon Music Converter is a reliable solution. Just have a try!

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