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How to Watch iTunes Movies on Android Devices

By Laura Barnes

Updated on September 19, 2018

"Can I watch my iTunes Movies on Android? How to stream iTunes Movies on Android? Having tried for so many time but still failed."

It is an annoying problem for the large majority of Android users who have already downloaded the iTunes Movies on PC but get sucks on the transferring iTunes Movies and watching iTunes Movies part. It is merely because all the media contents are encrypted by the FairPlay DRM protection, included iTunes Movies. Having butches of the iTunes Movies, TV shows and even music videos, is that possible to get iTunes Movies playable on Android devices? Knowing the urgency of the needs of watching iTunes Movies on Android devices, TuneFab provides its own answer to kill off this problem with TuneFab M4V Converter. Take your time with me!


Part 1. Get Ready to Watch iTunes on Android: Convert iTunes Movies

For getting ready to watch iTunes on Android with freedom, it is better to convert iTunes M4V movies to the general-use MP4 video file format under the help of the professional TuneFab iTunes M4V Converter, a powerful iTunes DRM removal. After converting, you can transfer DRM-free M4V video to your Android devices.

Striking Points of TuneFab iTunes M4V Converter

#1 Basic Point: Convert and remove iTunes DRM purchased or rented videos to the Android compatible video file format, MP4.

#2 Bright Point: Audio tracks and subtitles are perfectly kept as original, self-selected are also provided.

#3 Attractive Point: Superfast conversion speed provided by TuneFab, the fastest reach up to 30X.

#4 Ultimate Point: Maintain the original image quality even when converting batches M4V files.

#5 Terminal Point: Fully compatible with the latest iTunes without any patch and plug-in installed.

With so many highlighted points of TuneFab iTunes M4V Converter, you can easily convert and watch whatever iTunes videos on whatever Android devices, like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and etc.

Note: Your Rental iTunes Movies can just be converted on Mac and the converted function is not available on Window. Please wait for the function with patience.

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Convert iTunes M4V Videos in 3 Steps [GRAPHIC TUTORIALS]

Step 1. Download & Install TuneFab iTunes M4V Converter

Choose the compatible version for your computer and then click to the button "Try It Free" to get TuneFab M4V Converter downloading. When the downloading process is over, you can click to launch it and get the whole installation finished. When all is done, the main interface of TuneFab M4V will be shown as follow.

Launch TuneFab M4V Converter

Note: While you launching the TuneFab M4V Converter, iTunes will be opened automatically. So please don't shut it down which will help you better to proceed the whole conversion and add your M4V videos.

Step 2. Add Protected iTunes M4V Videos

In the main interface, click the "Add Files" button to load iTunes movies from iTunes library, and now your iTunes movies are listed out here. Choose the iTunes movie files you want to convert and click "Add" button.

Add iTunes M4V Files

Click to the "Gear" button to manually choose the subtitles and audio tracks for the converted M4V videos. If it is not be choosen, all the settings will be kept by default.
Select Audio Tracks and Subtitles
Also, the output file folder can be changed by clicking the "Option" button. If you don't want to change the location, just let it be.Choose Output Option

Step 3. Convert iTunes Movie to Android Compatible File Format MP4

The last step would be to click the "Convert" button to start the M4V to MP4 conversion. After the conversion done, you will be able to find the converted MP4 videos by clicking on the "History" button.

Convert iTunes Movie to Android Devices

Video Tutorial: How to Convert iTunes M4V Videos to MP4

After converting iTunes Movies to Android Devices, all you have to do is to transfer iTunes Movies to your Android. See how to manually transfer iTunes Movies and watch the DRM-Free iTunes Movies on Android in the next part.

Part 2. Transfer & Watch the DRM-Free iTunes Movies on Android

Having the DRM-Free iTunes Movies on your hand, there are 2 ways you can transfer and enjoy the DRM-Free iTunes movies on all kinds of Android Devices. One is adding these video to your Google Account, and the other is using the USB cable. Now, the detailed guide will be introduced as below one by one. Don't be absent and keep learning now!

Skill 1. Adding to Your Google Account

Step 1. Turn on the Browser and visit the Google Drive website(If you don't have the Google Account, please register first)

Step 2. Open a folder or create a new one by clicking to the "+ New" button.

Step 3. Drag the DRM-Free iTunes M4V videos to the Google Drive or click to the "+ New" button. Just waiting for the whole uploading progress finished, then you can watch iTunes movies on Android with ease.

iTunes Video on Google Drive

Skill 2. Using the USB Cable

Situation is different when you using different kinds of computer.

For Windows/Chromebook Users

Step 1. Unlock your Devices and then plug in the USB cable to the Android devices and connect to the computer.

Step 2. Tap the "Charge the device via USB" notification. Under the "Use USB for" tap "File Transfer".

Step 3. Open the file folder and drag the file to your USB file folder.

Step 4. When the whole transfer is completed then you can eject the USB from your Windows and unplug the cable to enjoy the iTunes video on Android.

For MacBook Users

Step 1. Download the Android File Transfer first on your Mac.

Step 2. Open the Android File Transfer to get ready to use it.

Step 3. Connect the Android Devices with the USB cable. When Connecting, the Android File Transfer will open automatically.

Step 4. Follow the above 4 steps on the previous section, that is the 4 steps from For Windows/Chromebook Users.

After you transfer all the DRM-free iTunes M4V files to your Android devices, you can begin to play M4V on Android freely. What's more, we list the most popular Android devices that people always choose to play iTunes M4V movies as followings:

1. Best Way to Play iTunes Movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

2. How to Watch iTunes Movies on Kindle Fire

3. How to Watch iTunes Movies on OnePlus 5

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