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Ultimate Guide: Solve DRM Protected Streams Are Not Supported Problem

By Patrick Dyer

January 20, 2018

That DRM protected streams are not supported on the device has recently assailed quite a few people. Users may feel strange that why their device fails to support these DRM-protected streaming files as others. Actually, these streaming media under the protection of DRM are only supportable on some specific devices or software with DRM authorization. Normally, common players like your system-provided Windows Media Player have not entrusted the DRM access. Pointing to the DRM-supportive problem, feasible solutions on how to play DRM protected files are given out for your convenience use.


Part 1. What's DRM?

DRM (Digital Right Management), broadly including any techniques about copyright control, intends to detach the ownership from control rights of digital content and entrusts the control right judgment to the computer program. In this way, it can completely prevent any piracy and illegal circulation of digital content by limiting the playback, copy, edit and similar activities. Well-intended it is, however, it also unreasonably forbids users' fair use for their purchased items. For them, it is so strongly defensive that they can only enjoy the music or movies on some special devices. To solve it, it's evident that you have to crack the fortification of DRM. Next, you will be introduced some feasible treatments to DRM-protected WMA/WMV, M4P, M4V, AA/AAX/M4B.

DRM-protected Streams

Part 2. Easy Solution to Remove DRM from WMV/WMA/M4P/M4V

1. M4P (.m4p)

M4P is an AAC audio format protected by a proprietary DRM technology created by Apple. Currently, encrypted M4P files refer to iTunes songs bought before 2009 and all Apple Music songs. Normally they can be supported by most iOS devices and iTunes. Here you are introduced to TuneFab Apple Music Converter to better solve the DRM encryption problem. TuneFab Apple Music Converter can easily remove the DRM from M4P files and give you multiple available formats like MP3/M4A to play M4P without iTunes.

2. M4V (.m4v)

M4V is an MPEG-4 file extension used in Apple iTunes Store for those TV episodes, full-length movies, and music videos. Yet M4V streaming video files display similar performance with MP4 files, some of them are not supportable on ordinary players like Android devices and VLC Media Player due to the protection of DRM. As for this, TuneFab M4V Converter is involved in this annoying issue as a professional M4V DRM removal. With a few simple steps, you can directly convert M4V to MP4 videos.

3. AA/AAX/M4B (.aa/.aax/.m4b)

AA/AAX/M4B is the most used in Audiobook product. More often Audible audiobooks are in AA/AAX format while M4B is the iTunes audiobooks format. Some audiobooks are also under DRM encryption to protect the digital content. Here TuneFab Apple Music Converter as we mentioned above can also settle down the encrypted AA/AAX/M4B audiobook format since this software can not only remove the DRM from audiobooks but also convert AA/AAX/M4B to other available formats such as MP3, M4A, etc. as you want. Moreover, it will fully preserve all the chapter info for your better reading.

4. WMA/WMV (.wma/.wmv)

WMA/WMV, Windows Media Audio/ Video, are developed by Microsoft as the alternative streaming formats respectively for MP3 and MP4 on higher compression ratio, sound quality, and picture resolution. For those encrypted WMA/WMV streaming files, there are several accessible ways. A most common way is to re-record DRM-protected WMA/WMV files and then use an ordinary converter to process recorded files. Most DRM converters operate in this way, like Soundtaxi, Tunebite. Or you can use lossless FairUse4WM or freeme2 +drmdbg as these are free, lossless and fastest DRM removal. Better still, DRM Media Converter is well-recommended for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. This powerful Converter can not only bypass the DRM of WMA and WAV streaming media but also remove the DRM of other formats including those we have mentioned above. Of course, you can use it to convert the decrypted DRM files.

If you have already bought the streaming media, why do you need to suffer the trouble of DRM? Try to use these best DRM removal software to free DRM restriction from your favorite streaming music and videos, and then you can easily enjoy supported DRM-decrypted streams on any device.

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