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Soundloaders Spotify downloader is an online music downloader that enables you to grab online songs and save music for offline listening. If you're a fan of Spotify, you might be familiar with this intuitive online tool. Handy as it is, Soundloader may come down with something from time to time. If you're in trouble with the Soundloaders Spotify downloader not working problem, this post is going to shine a light on the reasons why it happened and how to get it fix. Now, you might as well kick in.


Soundloaders Spotify Downloader Online Service Is Not Available Currently

Soundloaders Spotify downloader recently discontinued its online service and made the debut of its official app. That means you will have to download its software available for Windows and Mac, so that you can download Spotify links to MP3.

However, the Soundloaders application is merely a copy of the website with an identical interface as shown below. Moreover, since Soundloaders has shut down its online downloader so far, it's a pity that you cannot download Spotify music directly to Android or iPhone.

Soundloaders Spotify Downloader App

Why Soundloaders Spotify Downloader Fails to Download and How to Fix

Also, this newly born desktop app is far from fully-fledged, and you may therefore catch a bug for some reason. Here we will go over all the possible causes and related solutions in the following. You might as well grasp the ideas of how to fix Soundloaders Spotify downloader not working below.

Unsupported Spotify Content

The application just embeds the previous online Soundloaders Spotify downloader inside and makes no difference in terms of its functionality. Thus, it'll break down if you're trying to download an album, mix, playlist, or podcast from Spotify. Instead, it'll prompt you that enter a valid Spotify song URL. Don't be frustrated. Here's how to fix it.

Solution: Use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify albums/playlists/mixes/podcasts.

Soundloaders Spotify Downlaoder Not Working

Unstable Internet Connection

Another possible culprit is an unstable internet connection. The Soundloaders Spotify downloader app requires a smooth network to process your requests, so a dodgy internet connection will undoubtedly lead to Soundloaders not working.


● Reconnect to another Wi-Fi with a good connection if possible.

● Reboot your router and reconnect to the network.

● Connect to a mobile hotspot on a laptop.

Unstable Internet Connection

Unavailable Music in Your Country

The mechanism of how Soundloaders Spotify downloader works is that it'll match videos on YouTube according to your request and convert the audio to MP3. To be frank, it doesn't fetch and grasp data from Spotify in a direct way. Therefore, the Soundloaders Spotify downloader not working issue will pop up if the song you're looking for is unavailable or geographically blocked on YouTube.


● Use a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions.

Download Spotify songs directly via professional software.

Geo Blocking

Anti-Virus Software Interference

Soundloaders release the download of its app on the site rather than trustworthy app stores so that the installation package may be mistakenly detected as an untrusty file by your anti-virus software. Moreover, some anti-virus software may prevent applications from downloading data online. That's also why you may end up with Soundloaders Spotify downloader not working.


● Try to close the anti-virus software if you fail to install the app.

● Try to temporarily stop the performance of anti-virus software if you fail to download Spotify songs.

● Try a workable and trusted Spotify music downloader instead.

Anti-Virus Software

Software Bug

Being a newly released application, the Soundloader Spotify downloader app may not get in the groove all the time. As you may see in the properties, this is the very first version of the app and still waiting for some improvements. As a rule, you may have to catch a bug from now and then.


● Give feedback via [email protected] if you're facing bugs.

● Use professional software like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

Software Bug

Best Alternative Way to Download Spotify Songs/Playlists to MP3

TuneFab Spotify Music Downloader is the optimal solution if Soundloaders Spotify downloader is not working. By comparison, this fully-fledged software works like a charm to download the full catalog of Spotify directly including songs of all genres, albums, playlists, curated mixes, and podcasts. With its world's top-class technology, it ensures smooth sailing to download all your favorite tunes within a click.

📌 Let's Explore More Fantastic Features

Batch Download - Allow multiple tasks at once with an unlimited amount of downloads from Spotify.

Ultra-Fast Speed -Accelerate the process up to 5X faster and take minutes to download an album.

High-Res Listening - Ensure up to the lossless quality of sample rate at 48kHz and bitrate at 320kbps.

DRM Removal - Convert DRM-protected Spotify music to MP3, FLAC, M4A, and WAV for forever collection.

Easy of Use - Embed a browser direct to Spotify web player and the Floating button is a finishing touch.

Without Premium - Require no subscription to Spotify Premium or no need to sign in to your account.

This dedicated Spotify downloader always shines through when it comes to downloading songs from Spotify. Only by moving and clicking your mouse can it all be done.

STEP 1. To begin with, download and install TuneFab Spotify Music Downloader. Next, launch it afterward.

STEP 2. Access the Spotify web player inside the software and search for your desired songs/albums/playlists

STEP 3. Click the "Floating" button aside and then select songs. Now, click "Convert" to start saving offline.

Download Spotify Songs

To sum up, there are quite a few causes that may result in Souldloaders Spotify downloader not working. The root reason is that the Soundloaders app is still under development. In contrast with Soundloaders, TuneFab Spotify Music Downloader is a completely developed program that enables you to download all your favorite songs from Spotify and enjoy crystal-clear offline playback without premium. You'll definitely be a fan if you get down to it now.

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