When you are looking for a third-party Spotify Music downloader to convert Spotify to MP3, so that you can get Spotify songs to play more flexibly or use them to set as alarms, ringtones, or edit videos, you will see Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter on the recommendation list. But how well this software can perform? Can it bring good quality to download Spotify Music for me? Is it safe to use? You may come up with many questions and hesitate about whether to try it or not.

So in this article, this full Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter review will let you better know about the software before getting started. Now, keep reading to discover more details about it!


Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter Introduction

Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter is a music downloader designed for the Spotify streaming platform, which can unlock DRM protection added on Spotify songs, and then help you convert them to common audio files in popular formats such as MP3. Once you get Spotify songs saved in DRM-free files, it can be more convenient for you to enjoy the music playback - for example, you don't need to install Spotify on your devices anymore, and can directly play these Spotify downloads with almost all media players installed.

In other words, Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter can surely help you have a more enjoyable and friendly Spotify song streaming without being limited by Spotify officials at all!

Is Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter Safe to Use?

If you worry that Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter would bring in viruses on bundled malware to put your computers in danger. Don't worry! This software is completely safe to use.

Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter needs a very simple setup to complete the installation, without asking you to install any other software or extensions at all. Its clean user interface won't put ads, which may lead to the dangers of jumping to some fishing sites and cause privacy leaking.

Also, the software has developed an advanced security system to protect data privacy. It won't collect any personal information before asking for your permission. From all these aspects, you can find Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter is completely safe to use.

Another 100% safe Spotify Music Converter you can try: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Full Review

Key Features of Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter

To make sure that its Spotify Music download function can bring you a better experience, Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter has kept improving software performance regularly. Now by installing this Spotify playlist downloader, you can enjoy the following features offered by it.

Built-in Web Player Equipped

The new versions of Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter have added the official Spotify Web Player into the software. You don't need to install the Spotify app anymore but can directly sign in to the web player to select Spotify Music to download, which makes the music download stabler and more efficient.

Ondesoft Built-in Spotify Web Player

Common Output Formats Provided

This high-ranking Spotify to MP3 converter will remove DRM protection while dealing with Spotify Music downloads. Meanwhile, it offers 6 different formats to output downloaded songs, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and AIFF. They can be supported by most devices and also media players, making the playback of Spotify songs more flexible even without installing the Spotify app.

Output Quality At Lossless 320Kbps

To make sure having the best music playback experience offline, Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter also offers high output quality to let you save Spotify downloads at nearly lossless condition. It offers the highest 320Kbps to download Spotify songs. However, it is noted that only FLAC, WAV, and AIFF can keep music at high quality, and the other audio containers will compress songs and cause quality loss.

Customized Output Settings Ondesoft

ID3 Metadata Preserved

For the ID3 tags and metadata information of each Spotify song such as title, artist, album, and artwork, Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter can detect and save them together with the downloaded songs. It also lets you archive all your downloads by these tags automatically, letting you manage the offline music library more conveniently.

10X Faster Downloading Speed

Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter also ensures fast speed to let you download Spotify songs without wasting much time. Its acceleration technology can speed up the downloading performance to 10X faster. It won't take quite a long time even if you have lots of songs to download at once.

How Much Does Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter Cost?

It is noted that Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter Cost is not completely free to use. Although the software offers a free trial to let you try its function before buying, you will be limited to downloading only 3 minutes of each song during the first 30-day free period. To remove such a limitation, you will need to subscribe to its plans and activate the registered version of the software.

Here are 3 selectable plans offered by Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter Cost. You can choose the one you need to get started:



1-Month Plan

USD 13.95

1-Year Plan

USD 49.95

Lifetime Plan

USD 129.90

Best Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter Alternative: TuneFab

Although Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter offers an easy way to download Spotify songs for more convenient playback, according to some users' feedback, the software has unstable performance and may lead to download failures for unknown reasons. Also, the downloading speed sometimes will be slow, which doesn't match how it claims on the product page.

Therefore, when you find Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter not your preferred option, consider its best alternative, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to help! This software also delivers lossless 320Kbps music quality to download all types of Spotify Music with an embedded web player, then output them in common audio files of 6 different popular formats. For years of enhancement, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter ensures the highest success rate and also stable performance, and seldom fails the music conversion and downloading process at all. For the conversion speed, it can even reach 3.5 times faster than Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter, which can batch download Spotify songs at 35X quicker speed without wasting much of your time!

New Product to Try:

To offer a more convenient music download experience, TuneFab recently released a new product, TuneFab All-in-One Music Converter to help you download online music from Spotify and other more platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and so on. You can also try this software if you are a cross-platform music streamer!

Now, also check this simple TuneFab Spotify Music Converter tutorial to learn how it helps to download Spotify playlists only by very easy operations.

Step 1. After installing the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, open the software and then enter its built-in Spotify Web Played. You need to click the "LOG IN" button to sign in with your Spotify Music account.

Log in Spotify Web Player

Step 2. Then directly search for Spotify songs, podcasts, or playlists you want to download. Simply drag to the "+" button on the right side.

Add Spotify Songs to Download

Step 3. You can directly select an output format from the top-right "Convert all files to" menu.

Select Output Format

Or by going to the "Preferences" setting by clicking the hamburger-like menu button in the top right corner of the software screen, you can not only choose format but also adjust "SampleRate" and "Bitrate" to decide the output music quality by yourself.

Adjust Output Parameters

Step 4. Finally, simply press the "Convert All" button and TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will directly batch download the whole Spotify playlist for you at a quick speed!

Download Spotify Songs

In Conclusion

To conclude, Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter can surely bring you high-quality as well as fast speed to download Spotify Music for you. With a user-friendly UI, the software can be a really good option if you only need a basic music download function to save your favorite Spotify songs offline.

However, for the music download stability, the software can't ensure good conditions, and sometimes conversion failures will easily occur. As a result, if you want a smoother as well as faster performance to download Spotify songs without meeting any errors, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will be a better Spotify to MP3 converter you can try. Now, you can install it and start with the free trial without any cost!

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