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5 Solutions to Fix: The Spotify Application Is Not Responding 2019

By Iris Holmes

June 13, 2019

With millions of music available, Spotify is indeed a considerable and reliable music app for lots of users to drive themselves on enjoying music. However, the defeat like "The Spotify Application is not responding" will appear on Windows PC or Macbook, making your music enjoyment unpleasant. In order to help you fix the problem of "Spotify Application is not responding", we have done some research and have collected some feasible ways to fix the issue. Hence, right before you contact the Spotify community, give the following few solutions a shot.

Solution 1. Reboot Your Windows or Mac

If you met with the Spotify application is not responding, you can take the first move: reboot your computer and see if it is working. Sometimes, some weird problem or some problem hard to be solved will be fixed by rebooting your Windows, your Mac and even on your iPhone. However, if you have already rebooted your computer or devices, then you can go to the next solution in the following article.

Solution 2. Force Quit Spotify in Task Manager

Having restarting your computer but still have got Spotify application not working, you can go to see if the Spotify application is running in your Task Manager. When you have completed shut down the Spotify app, then you can get Spotify app running again. Here are the different step on Windows and Mac. Just pick up the suitable step of your computer.

For Windows:

Step 1. Use 2 Hotkeys to Enter Your Task Manager.

#1 Press the Hotkey "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del" (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and then click to Task Manager. And then a pop-up window will appear.

#2 Press the Hotkey "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Esc" (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and then a windows will pop up with the title of Task Manager.

Step 2. Find out Spotify app and then right click to the Spotify. Here are you have lots of options, like Expand, End task, go to details and more. Here, just click to End task to end the Spotify process in Task Manager. Also, you can just select the Spotify and then click to the button on the bottom right of the whole task Manager to see if Spotify desktop app is working or not.

End Spotify on Task Manager

For Mac:

Step 1. Press Hotkey "Command" + "Option" + "Escape" (Command-Option-Escape) to turn on the Force Quit Applications.

Step 2. On the main interface of Force Quit Applications, then you see the Apps that running on your Mac. And as you can see, there is a Spotify app. Now select the Spotify and then hit to Force Quit to end up the process of Spotify on Force Quit Applications.

Quit Spotify

Solution 3. Allow Applications Running Under the FireWall

Sometimes, the firewall on your computer may be shut down the Spotify running and leading to Spotify is not responding. If you failed to get it functioning, you can go to your Firewall and then check out Spotify is listed on the Whitelist. If Spotify is listed on Blacklist, please make sure to allow Spotify running on your computer.

Solution 4. Full Reinstall Your Spotify App

If you have forced quit or ended the process of Spotify and checked the firewall but still have the problem of Spotify won't open, there must be some error of Spotify app, like lacking software startup files. Then perform a full reinstallation of Spotify will be great for fixing Spotify application not working problem. Let's see how to make it.

Section 1. Fully Uninstall Your Spotify app.

For Windows Users [Including Windows 10 and Windows Others]

Following is the example of Windows 10. Please note that the method of Windows 8, Windows 7 or others is the same as Windows 10. If you are the Windows 8 or others, you can still follow the step below to make a full uninstallation of Spotify app.

Step 1. Make sure you have turned off the Spotify before you are going to process the full uninstallation of Spotify app. If you don't know how to do, see Solution 2.

Step 2. Go to the Control Panel of your computer. Here, you have the authority to adjust the settings of your computer, like User Accounts, Hardware and Sound, and also Programs.

Step 3. Now click to Uninstall a program. Then you will move onto the page of Uninstall or change a program, scroll down to find Spotify app and then right click to Uninstall Spotify.

Uninstall Programs

Step 4. When the whole installation is over, please delete the data from the folder of Spotify. Here is the file folder location below. Just enter the whole location path on your computer and then delete the file folder.

File Folder Location Path: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify

For Mac Users

Step 1. Please Make Sure that you have already quit your Spotify app from running on your MacBook. If you don't know how to completely quit, please go to take a look at the Solution 2.

Step 2. Open Finder > Applications, then you can see lots of applications folder stored under this folder. Scrolled down to find out Spotify app and then right click and click to "Move to Trash" and then you can finally uninstall Spotify on Mac. If you have downloaded from App Store, just delete it on your Launchpad.

Uninstall Spotify on Mac

Step 3. When you have successfully deleted the Spotify, please bear in mind to delete the related file folder as below.

Press the Hotkey "Command" + "Shift" + "G" (Command-Shift-G) to turn on Go to Folder and then enter "~/Library/" to open the Library Folder.

On the Library Folder, then you can enter Spotify on the Search Bar and then click to "Library" and then you can move all the related files of Spotify to Trash. Also, you can search "~/Library/Preferences/" or others to delete the related files folder of Spotify.

Step 4. Empty your Trash to make sure you have cleaned up all the file folder of Spotify.

Sections 2: Reinstall Spotify on Your Windows or Mac

Just choose your corresponding version of Spotify, and download Spotify from the link below:

Download Spotify App here: Download Spotify from All platforms

Solution 5. Shut Down The Internet Connections on Your Computer

If you have found out that all the listed above solutions don't feasible, you can try the final solution: disable your internet connections before you launching Spotify app.

Now, with 5 solutions listed on above, you can manually fix your Spotify not responding on Mac and Windows. Now it is your turn to fix your Spotify application problem now. Hope you can restart your Spotify and enjoy your favorite music from here.

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