"Songs were available before but now are greyed out, why?"

Spotify Free or Spotify Premium users are always running into lots of problems when enjoying  Spotify Music. Outstanding issues like Spotify Error Code 4 and Spotify greyed out songs are always appearing continuously, limiting Spotify users to fully enjoy music. To bring you the joyous music experience, we have collected the reasons why are songs greyed out on Spotify and would like to share you with the how-to-fix solutions to fix the Spotify greyed out songs. But first, let's take a look at the reasons why the Spotify song greyed out.


Reasons: Why Are Some Songs Greyed Out on Spotify?

As we have searched and collected the issues that all the Spotify users have met with, we have found out that there are mainly four reasons why songs are greyed out on Spotify. See them with detailed as below.

Reason 1: Country Restrictions

If you have traveled to a new country, for example, from German to New Zealand, the songs even downloaded may be greyed out as the result of the region of the account, the licensing of record label or the request of the artists.

Reason 2: Longtime Downloaded Songs

Having downloaded the music on your local hard drive or on your devices, but you haven't listened to them for long times. Then the Spotify songs on your playlists will be greyed out.

Reason 3: Censorship Issue    

Sometimes, some songs are failed to pass the evaluation according to the different music audit system in different countries. And as a result, some songs will be available in some area while some not. So some greyed out songs will be on your playlists.

Reason 4: Network Connections

On the desktop, the greyed out Spotify Songs will result from the poor network connection of your computer, like the lack of bandwidth, or the suddenly switched-off WiFi of your computer. Besides the greyed out Spotify songs will be caused by the offline mode are unexpectedly opened on your iPhone and Android devices.

According to the reasons why the Spotify songs greyed out, we have found out some useful and considerable solutions to fix the Spotify songs greyed out. Let's take a look at what are they.

Solution 1: Use or Change Your VPN Network

VPN, short for Virtual Private Network allows you to enjoy Spotify Music even though you are in the area that Spotify doesn't available. To help you listen to the greyed out Spotify songs out of country restrictions, here we recommend you using the VPN Network. If you have already used it, then you can change to the different line on your VPN or change to another VPN tool.

Attention Please!

Normally, Spotify is available in most of Europe, most of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. Apart from these specified areas, Spotify is not supported.

When it comes to how to choose the suitable VPN, Plex VPN is the best considerable VPN tested by us for a long time. It is stable and with multiple lines from all over the world, like England, France, Singapore and more, on which Spotify Music is fully available. What's more, it allows users to have a free trial for testing. By using a VPN, you can select the line that Spotify is fully available and get rid of the greyed out Spotify songs issue.

Plex VPN

Solution 2: Re-Add Songs to Your Playlists [100% Feasible]

By re-adding songs to your playlists, you can manage to fix the Spotify Greyed out Songs problem caused by Reason 2 and Reason 3. This way is tested by our technical team and work effectively to fix the greyed out songs from Spotify. However, according to different reasons, the solution might be different. See the detailed below.

Users who meet with Spotify greyed out song out of Reason 2 can follow the solution below.

Step 1. Run the Spotify app on your PC or your devices and then go to the Search bar.

Step 2. Enter the name of the greyed out songs and then hit Search. Or enter the artists' name and find out the greyed out songs on the artists' page.

Step 3. Re-add the songs to the playlist that you have stored the greyed out songs.

Step 4. Delete the greyed out songs. Now, see, the problem is solved.

Users who meet with greyed out songs on Spotify out of Reason 3 can follow the solution below.

To fix this problem, downloading the Spotify music and importing it to your playlists are required. Here, we recommend TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a professional Spotify Music Downloader for Spotify Free users and Spotify Premium users to download Spotify music to multiple plain audio file formats, like MP3, M4A, FLAC and more. It consists of the function of customizing the music parameters, such as bitrate, Sample Rate and more. What's more, it allows users to convert the music under the default 5X conversion speed. You can dig out more when using it.

Let's see how it work on fixing Spotify songs greyed out.

Section 1: Downloading Spotify Music

Step 1. Run the VPN that we have already recommended on the first solution.

Step 2. Download and run the Spotify Music Converter on your computer.

Note: Spotify app will be launched while Spotify Music Converter running. Please don't shut it down for the whole conversion.

Step 3. Go to the Spotify app to search the greyed out songs. As you can see, you will find out the song are available, but when you closed the VPN, then it will turn into the greyed one. To help you listen to these songs, you need to use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to help you convert the music and then import the music to Spotify.

Step 4. Choose the songs and add the Spotify Music to convert.

Not only can you copy the playlists/songs link from Spotify and paste it to the converter to get the music converted, but also you can drag the music and drop it to the main interface of the converter to get the music converted. While added, songs, playlists, or albums will be simultaneously added to the converter. 

Add Music to Spotify Converter

Step 5. Choose file formats and output folder.

Now click to "Menu" and "Preferences", then you can see the General and Advanced settings.

By clicking to "Advanced", you can choose the sample rate and the output file formats.

Select Output Format

By clicking to "General", you can select the output folder to store your converted music for re-adding the songs to your playlists.

Choose Output Folder

Step 6. Click to "Convert All" or "Convert X Items" and get the greyed out songs playable. Just waiting for several minutes, you can get it from the file folder that you have set.

Convert Spotify Music to MP3

Section 2: Re-adding Spotify Songs

For PC users:

Step 1. Go to the Spotify app and then find out and click to the down-arrow button on the top right corner of the Spotify app, next to your name of Spotify.

Step 2. From the drop-down lists, click to Settings to enter the Settings Page.

Step 3. Scroll down to the Local Files, press the button to Show Local Files.

Step 4. On the bottom of Local Files, here is a button of Add A Source. Click to it and then you can select the file folder that stored the converted music.

Please don't worry if you have multiple songs need to be added, Spotify allows you to add multiple music sources.

Step 5. Now, just go to the Local Files and find out the converted songs and then add the music to the playlists that consist of the greyed out songs. And now you can enjoy Spotify greyed out songs at any time anywhere.

Import Songs to Spotify

For Mobile users:

iPhone users: Launch iTunes and go into the iTunes interface. On the main interface of iTunes, click "File" and hit "Add File to Library" to choose your files to add into iTunes library. Or you can follow the tips below to transfer the music to the iPhone. Then you can enjoy the greyed out songs on your iPhone.

Add File to Library

Android Users: Just use the USB cable to connect your Andriod devices to computer and then transfer the music to your Android devices to enjoy the greyed out songs at ease.

Now, you can get your greyed out songs playable by re-adding music to your Spotify app. However, if you are in the bad network condition, here you need to follow the solution below.

Solution 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Depending on the different devices you are using, we are going to share the different ways to check the Internet Connection with you all.

For PC Users:

Step 1. Check up your internet connection

Clear up any existed or potential internet barriers of your PC by going and checking the "Network & Internet Settings" are normal on your pc, make sure your PC can surf the net smoothly. Besides, you can also move Spotify Music into White List of the Internet Connection Firewall.

Step 2. Change Spotify setting

Launch Spotify then enter "Settings" section to set "Show unavailable songs in playlists" ON.

Show Unavailable Spotify Songs

For Cellphone Users:

If you are using the smartphone, you should OPEN the cellular data usage for the Spotify app: choose "Settings" > "Cellular" > "Scroll down" to the Spotify app. After that, internet connection problems can be settled down.

Solution 4: Clear Spotify Cache or Reinstall Spotify App

Sometimes, some problem of Spotify will be caused by the large caches existed on your iPhone or Android devices. And sometimes, some troublesome problems will be killed by reinstalling your Spotify app. Following is the way to clear up your Spotify cache that you can follow to clear the Spotify cache from your computer or devices.

Full Guides for Clear Spotify Cache: Quick and Easy Tips to Clear Spotify Cache


So, above is the completed solution on how to fix Spotify songs greyed out the problem. You can choose the suitable solution according to your specified problems, among which TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is an efficient and easy-to-use converter to fix the problem. With the help of it, you don't have to think about the VPN or internet connection problems and even country restrictions. Just a few clicks then you can listen to any Spotify songs you like. Come and share your feeling with us!

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