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"Why Spotify keeps playing songs not on my playlist? It is annoying."

Spotify users are always meeting the problem above when they are enjoying their Spotify playlists on Spotify app, leading to the music experience is annoying. The reason why the Spotify keeps playing songs not on your playlists is that the Autoplay functions are unexpected turned on. So what is Spotify Autoplay? How does the Autoplay impact Spotify Music experience? In order to make you know about the Spotify autoplay and fix the Spotify keeps playing Songs not on my playlists, we are going to share you with this post about Spotify autoplay and the way to turn off autoplay on Spotify. Come and learn it now.

Brief Introduction: What Is Spotify Autoplay?

Spotify Autoplay is a general function for Spotify Free and Premium to enjoy and dig out more music which is not on their playlists. With this function turned on, users are able to enjoy similar songs when their music, playlists or albums ends, which might suit your taste. However, this humanized function maybe cause some bad feelings and music experience, like automatically playing the Spotify songs that are not on the playlists.

So, how to fix "Spotify Keeps Playing songs not on my playlist"? Just go and turn off the Autoplay on Spotify and then you can get this annoying problem fixed. Now, let's go and see how to turn off the Autoplay on Spotify.

How to Fix "Spotify Keeps Playing Songs Not On My Playlist" by Turning off Autoplay on Spotify

Step 1. Enter Spotify Settings Page

Open the Spotify app on your Windows or Mac. Hit the Spotify app to run it on your computer. Click to the Down-Arrow buttons to pick up the Settings options. On the Settings page, you are allowed making any changes when using Spotify Music.

Step 2. Turn off Autoplay on Spotify

Now, scroll down to the bottom of General Settings, there is an option called AutoPlay. Now just press the button to turn off Spotify Autoplay, then you fix the problem of "Spotify Keeps Playing Songs not on my playlist".

Turn Off Spotify Autoplay

Now, you can enjoy the Spotify music without any interrupt and free from the problem of "Spotify Keeps Playing songs not on my playlist". However, if you are the music lovers with extensive interests in music, you can also turn it on. Start here, to enjoy your incredible Spotify music experience.

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