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To get you a convenient Spotify music playback experience, Spotify has provided offline playback to Spotify Premium subscribers, who can download any Spotify songs to enjoy without a network connection at all.

However, on its web player, you may find there's no download option, even if you have signed in the Spotify Premium account. Why would this happen? Can you download tracks directly from its web player? Today in this article, we solved this problem by using 3 different tools. Each of them can download music from Spotify web player easily. Some of them can even get Spotify music downloaded for free. Let's get into them!


Is It Possible to Download Music from Spotify Web Player

Unfortunately, Spotify limits its offline playback mode to its desktop software and mobile app users. This download feature is not available to the Spotify web player even if you have subscribed to Spotify Premium. Therefore, users can't download music from Spotify web player directly. On Spotify web player, you can only listen to the music.

To fix this problem, plenty of third-party tools can be helpful. Three methods are shown in the following to help you download from the Spotify web player. Just keep reading.

How to Download Music from Spotify Web Player via a Third-party Tool (Hot!)

Now that Spotify's web player doesn't offer a download option for all listeners, it is wise to turn to other third-party tools for help. With so many Spotify music downloaders, here we would like to recommend the one with the most features, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, to you.

With a built-in Spotify web player, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter enables you to drag Spotify songs and playlists to the downloading list. And then TuneFab Spotify Music Converter downloads the selected songs immediately, even save music without a Spotify Premium! Compared to other Spotify music downloaders, TuneFab won't require any special software or song link, which makes it the easiest one for downloading music from a Spotify web player.

Also, TuneFab guarantees original audio quality by offering 320Kbps and 48000kHz. This helps you have the best music playback experience offline (even for Spotify Premium subscribers, the music quality offered by the web player only reaches 256Kbps). Overall, if you want to easily download songs and playlists from Spotify web player with superior quality, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can be the best tool you should try.

Why Use TuneFab for Downloading Music from Spotify Web Player

● Downloads tracks, albums, playlists, podcasts, etc from Spotify web player easily.
● Helps both Spotify Free and Premium users to download music from Spotify web player without limitations.
● Offers the most popular formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, and ALAC.
● Provides up to 320Kbps and 48000hz quality to keep Spotify songs offline.
● Saves ID3 information while downloading Spotify Music for easier music management offline.
● Offers 35X faster speed to help you download Spotify playlists in batch quickly.

Then, also read this tutorial and learn how to use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to download music from the Spotify web player by dragging and dropping.

Step 1. Use Spotify Account to Sign in the Built-in Spotify Web Player

Firstly, download and install TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on your computer. Open the software and you should see the "Open the Spotify web player" button. Click it to go to the built-in Spotify web player. Now you should sign in using your Spotify Free or Premium account.

Step 2. Browse and Add Spotify Playlists to Download

After signing in the account, you can search for any Spotify music or podcast playlists to download immediately. Just drag them to the "+" button, and then the songs and episodes will be added to convert.

Choose Music at Spotify Web Player

Step 3. Select Format and Quality to Download Spotify Music

When you have selected the songs, now you can choose an output format as well as quality for them. Just choose "MP3" in the upper right corner to download these Spotify songs to MP3. If you prefer lossless quality, you can also go with FLAC.

Choose MP3 as Format

Step 4. Start Downloading Music from Spotify Web Player

Finally, just click the "Convert All" button and all your sleeted songs or podcasts will immediately be downloaded from Spotify web player as common media files for free offline playback. Once it finishes, you can click the button to play a song immediately.

Download Spotify Music on Your PC

How to Download Music from Spotify Web Player with Google Extension

Another way to make Spotify Music downloadable from its web player is using a Chrome browser. Here now brings a great tool: Spotiload Spotify VK Downloader. This Chrome extension was invented for ripping music from Spotify, including songs, playlists, podcasts, or albums.

However, it doesn't work like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, which would directly extract the music from the web player and download them as common files for you. Spotiload Spotify VK Downloader just works to search for the matched songs contained in your Spotify playlists from, and if it successfully accesses the songs, you can download them. But when the Spotify songs are not available on, you will fail to download them offline.

Now, you can simply see the way to use Spotiload Spotify VK Downloader to download music from Spotify web player after you add it to your Chrome browser:

Step 1. Search for Spotiload in Chrome browser and then add it to your extension bar.

Step 2. Sign up an account and then sign in to

Step 3. Now open the Spotify web player and then select Spotify Music to play online.

Step 4. While the music is streaming, click the extension icon of Spotiload Spotify VK Downloader. If the song is downloadable, you can simply click the download button and save it from the Spotify web player offline.

If Spotiload Spotify VK Downloader tells you the songs are not able to be downloaded, you will need an alternative like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to download music from the Spotify web player instead.

Spotiload Spotify VK Downloader

How to Download Songs from Spotify Web Player Online

Apart from using desktop Spotify downloaders to save music directly from the web player, online tools excel in downloading music from Spotify links. Here we've picked one that's free and fast - Soundloader Spotify Downloader to help you download songs from Spotify web player online.

Soundloaders Spotify Downloader is a free online music downloader, which can download music from different streaming platforms online without installing any software or extension. All you need to do is to copy the URL of the Spotify song you like from the web player, and then paste it to Soundloaders Spotify Downloader to start downloading it. Here will also show you the way to use it.

Step 1. Open Spotify web player in the browser, search the song you'd like, and copy its URL.

Copy Song Link in Spotify

Step 2. Now, open your web browser and then go to the online Soundloaders Spotify Downloader. Paste the Spotify link to the search bar and click "Search".

Paste Spotify Song Link

Step 3. When Soundloaders Spotify Downloader starts converting the URL, just wait for a minute and the "Download song" button will be provided for you to save the music from the Spotify web player offline immediately.

However, Soundloaders Spotify Downloader also has limitations such as low output quality and no playlist download feature. For new Spotify users who only want to download several songs from Spotify web payer, Soundloaders Spotify Downloader can be a very convenient tool to try.

But if you're a regular listeners who have plenty of Spotify playlists to download in high quality, you will still need professional software like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to help.

FAQs about Downloading from Spotify Web Player

What are the differences between Spotify Web Player and Desktop Version?

Basically, Spotify offers the same Spotify content to you, including songs, albums, podcasts, etc., on its web player and desktop software. But when it comes to download options, storage space occupation, audio quality, etc, there are differences. For example, the web player only offers AAC 128kbit/s for Spotify free users and AAC 256kbit/s for Premium users, which is lower than that offered by an installed Spotify program. There is also no download option on its web player. These drawbacks may get in the way of enjoying music.

For detailed differences between Spotify web player and the desktop version, do check out: Which is better, Spotify Web Player or Desktop?

Can I Download Single Song from Spotify Web Player?

Not at all. Instead of downloading a single song by searching for it from Spotify web player via TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, you will need to add it to a playlist first and then directly download the single songs from your playlist just like using the download function provided in Spotify Premium.

How to Download Podcasts from Spotify Web Player at One Time?

Normally, a Spotify podcast playlist will contain lots of episodes. So it won't be possible for you to download them all at once using a Chrome extension like Spotiloader Spotify VK Downloader or an online downloader like Soundloaders Spotify Downloader.

But TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will help you do it with its quick and helpful batch playlist download feature. If you have frequent needs for downloading podcasts or playlists of many episodes or songs, it would be the best tool to help you save much time.

Download Spotify Podcast Episodes


It is not possible for you to directly download music from Spotify web player even if you have subscribed to its Premium plans. But still, there are other alternatives to help. Especially the professional software, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, which has added a whole Spotify web player inside, you can enjoy a very convenient Spotify Music download service to save songs in high quality without installing the Spotify app at all. Because the software is free to try, you can install it and try how it works now!

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