You may have noticed that there are no profiles after subscribing to Spotify. It is annoying, isn't it? So how to change the Spotify profile picture and set your beautiful picture as your Spotify profile picture? In this post, you will learn about the full tutorials on changing the Spotify profile picture. Read and learn how to make it.

Full Tutorials: 3 Steps to Change Spotify Profile Picture

Step 1. Log In to Spotify Desktop Clients

Please make sure to download the Spotify app on your computer or your Mac. After that log in Spotify with your Spotify Account and password. And then you will see the whole main interface of Spotify.

Step 2. Add Spotify Profile Picture

On the main interface, click to Your UserName and then you will enter your page. Here, click to your Head portrait and then an Open File Windows will be jumped out. Go to your profile locations and then Open for changing your Spotify Profile Picture.

Add Spotify Profile Picture

Step 3. Change Spotify Profile Picture

If you are fed up with the profiles that you have added, then you can remove or change Spotify Profile Picture. Right-click to the Profile, then you will see the drop-down list like Remove and Change. If you want to remove your Spotify Profile Picture, then you can click to Remove, and if you want to change Spotify Profiles Picture, then you can click to Change so as to change Spotify Profile Picture.

Change Spotify Profile Picture

Right now, you can easy to add, remove and even change Spotify Profile Picture with these 3-steps full tutorials. If you have any problems with using Spotify, please let me know by leaving a comment or contacting us. That's all, catch you later.

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