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Before September 2015, you are just allowed to watch Disney Movies Anywhere like the following ways:

Linking your Disney Movies Anywhere to Movies Anywhere > Adding Movies Anywhere on Roku > Finding your Disney Movies Anywhere films on Movies Anywhere > Clicking and watching.

However, you may found out that it is complicated in spades and now you can free from this linking and adding and finding the procedure to watch Disney Movies Anywhere on Roku. It is remarkable news that Disney Movies Anywhere are landing to your Roku as a channel now! And thus, 2 ways are coming into being to watch Disney Movies Anywhere on Roku. Come and learn it now!

Disney Anywhere on Ruku


With the help of Disney Movies Anywhere landing on Roku, users can watch Disney Movies Anywhere on Roku with ease by 2 ways. Rolling your sleeves and join us to watch it on your Roku now!

Part 1. Watch Disney Movies Anywhere on Roku on Your TV Screen

Key Needs for Watch Disney Movies Anywhere On Roku:


Step 1. Finding Disney Movies Anywhere on your Roku

Turning on your Roku as well as your TV, you can catch sight of your Home Page of all your Channels and Settings. Scrolling down to the column entitled with Streaming Channels and you will enter to the Roku Channel Store where you can find the unpurchased channel you want. Keep scrolling down to find the column with the title of Genres and you can see the first option you are going to choose, Movies & TV. In this Movies & TV section, find out the Disney Movies Anywhere Channel.

Attention: If you have no Disney Movies Anywhere account, you should create your Disney Movies Anywhere on and then you can move on to this step.

Step 2. Add Disney Movies Anywhere to your Roku Player

After finding out the Disney Movies Anywhere Channel and select Add Channel. When you adding, if you have your PIN, you are allowed to enter your PIN to activate your adding channel procedure.

Step 3. Log in with your Disney Movies Anywhere Account and watch

After logging your Disney Movies Anywhere on your Roku Player, you can turn it on and watch it now.

Also, if you are accustomed to using your Mobile phone to add your Channel to your Roku Player, here is another direction to operate.

Part 2. Watch Disney Movies Anywhere on Roku via Your Mobile

Step 1. Launching the Roku apps on Mobile

Step 2. Tap the Channel Store and select the Movies & TV section

As stated above, channel store is the place you can stream your Channel you watch. After entering the Channel Store page, you can select Movies & TV section.

Step 3. Find Disney Movies Anywhere and add it

Also, you need to tap ADD CHANNEL to add your Disney Movies Anywhere and entering your Roku PIN.

Step 4. Back to your Roku Player to watch it

When succeed in adding your Disney Movies Anywhere, you are supposed to return to your Roku Player and see whether your Disney Movies Anywhere are succeeded in adding. If not, try to update your system. There is the action you can take, Setting > System > System update.

Alright, here are 2 ways you can watch Disney Movies Anywhere on Ruku. Hope you will enjoy all your Disney Movies Anywhere with your Roku.

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